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The Witchfinder Cometh - The Writ of Vanya

by Sean Meaney

Witchfinder Ruthven Ghoulburn looked about. Here was a city where ancient hatreds were sorted out on the street and the mob ruled. There could be no mistake: here was a den of witchery and evil.
The Artifact in his hand pulsed with awareness.
Ruthven walked across the crowded market place toward the church of Karameikos. Around him the crowd parted and melted away.
Ruthven nodded to himself. Such was the way of things.
The tall Paladin of Vanya looked at the great wooden doors and hefting the eye of Vanya, placed his hands against the their wooden form.
"Invo Vanya Writus!" The wood smoked as Vanya's fire burned across the surface. People about him fled in panic.
As the smoke cleared, Vanya's Holy symbol could be seen scorched into the wood. With it was a writ from the Synod of Freiburg, their seal burned into the wooden document.

Writ of Vanya
Unto this kingdom have we dispatched Paladin of Vanya for it is become corrupt with witchery, heresy, and concealed horrors.
All faithful of Vanya are commanded to route out all witchery, sorcery, and heresy that the faithful of this land may know the embrace of Vanya's Bosom.- issued by the Synod of Freiburg, this year of our Lady Vanya one thousand and twenty.

Note: The Eye of Vanya has the ability to scribe a Symbol known as a writ of Vanya on any surface. All clerics and followers of Vanya looking upon the writ must make save vs spell or form angry mobs and attack wizards and those clerics who are not clerics of Vanya.