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Additional thoughts about Withcraft

by Robin

Their origin lies much deeper than the Secret Craft of Witchcraft reveals. Witches originate from far before the Rain of Fire, before the magic in the world was affected by the Technomagic of the Aliens, They wielded magic from Nature, chaotic and violent, but also gentile and soothing. in effect they were the otherside of Nature-magic wieldr; Druids...who are more Lawful and about growth, and preservation....witches on the other hand , also feel the power of the storm, the magic of the Planet, the force of the planes, the energy of the celestial bodies...maybe only the witch truly knows how nature works.

As I suggested earlier, magic was affected (and thus altered by the radiance on a global level, but as the Radiance is slowly inevitable depleting, the effects of the Radiance become weaker and the natural unaffected magic will return (just like radiation; everything is affectec and altered, trying to survive, but after generations of the species and lots of time, more and more plants and animals return to an unaffected form--this is proven on test sites, and locations like Tsjernobyl---eventually the nature will resote itself).

I feel that it is the Witches (spread Worldwide and not only in Glantri) who slowly rediscover the original unaffected magic, which creeps into normal affected magic. As such I do think the destruction of the Radiance will not cause all magic races to die, but even they will eventually adapt (although many casualties will surely come to pass).

Belcadiz Witches on Brooms...yes I do think that, however there are several forms of Broom use; one out of Tradition using nonmagical brooms but using special ointments enabling to fly, and hence I created another ability belonging to their Secret Circle Crafts.

Brew flying ointment (2nd Circle): The witch may brew enough ointment per week for one human-sized individual to fly (as per the fly spell, only at 480’/160’ speed). The flying duration is 1d4 hours plus a number of turns equal to the witch’s level. The ointment must be smeared over the recipient’s unclothed body to work. The ointment stays functionable for 2 weeks in temperate climate, 4 weeks in cold, and 1d4 days in hot climates. On a roll of 01 on 1d100, the ointment will also give severe and hallucinations to the one covered with it, lasting as long as the ointment does. These hallucinations are very real, and may be able to place the victim in deadly circumstances. Only due immobilization and waiting the effects to wear off can the person be saved. Witches use this potion when they have no access to a Broom of Flying, but still use a non-magical broom out of tradition. To differentiate themselves from using a real Broom of Flying they place the non-magical broom backwards(stick forward, twigs backward) like commonly suggested to be used in witch folklore (see here)

I also think that harbouring their origin, connection with Nature, knowledge of magic, Baba Yaga existing as an Immortal (or Immortal-becoming), witches will have much more power in a political sense in Glantri (but also in other nations) than suggested in Gaz3