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Wyrmsteeth Range

The Wyrmsteeth Range runs all along Norwold from Heldland to the northern Strait of Todstein parallel to the Final Range. Few humans live in this inhospitable territory, where jagged mountains and rocky outcroppings dominate the landscape. The peaks of the Wyrmsteeth rival with those of the Icereach Mountains, reaching 20,000 feet at the highest points. Perpetual glaciers cover the mountains, providing the woods and vales inside the mountain range with fresh water year-long. Forests of pines, evergreens, and huge sequoias house hundreds of beasts, from the small rodents to the swift deer and the daring ibexes, from the great grizzlies and the feral mountain lions to the voracious rocs and the deadly wyverns. At the top of this natural chain lie obviously the unchallenged masters of the Wyrmsteeth range, the dragons, who have always lived here ever since mankind was but a thought in the Immortals' brains. Tribes of humanoids also dwell in the area, although they were subjugated by the wyrms long ago. The real size of the draconic community is unknown to everyone but the great wyrms, and rumours have it that they live in gargantuan subterranean cities that only dragons are able to locate. These same rumours also tell of great riches amassed in the heart of the mountains, but few of the adventurers who yearly brave the Wyrmsteeth ever return with concrete proof of these tall tales.

HOPELAND (Protectorate of)
ODINIA (Plains of)
WYRMHART (Barony of)
WYRMSTEETH (Draconic Kingdom of)