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A potential excuse to run module X6

by Patrick Sullivan

1. If the party still has that cleric of Odin you mentioned, it could be a mission from him. Odin knows that there must be some sort of powerful object fuelling the precognitive abilities of modern Yavdlom, and he wants to know what it is. Unfortunately, he cannot in the present, and he wants the party to travel back in time to investigate whether this power source may have had anything to do with the tremendous changes that have occurred in the region over the past few centuries. How you'll get them back in time is a more difficult matter. Once there (then?), the party will find the message in the bottle and, being good heroes, respond.

2. An immortal ally of Yav (or Yav himself) sends the party back. Perhaps the ancient tales of the Yavdlom people tell of the group of brave adventurers who liberated the city of Tanakumba and made it safe for the return of their ancestors from exile on the Immortal's Arm. Perhaps the description of this party exactly matches that of your party. Arguments could be made that Yav is an ally of almost any other immortal of time, particularly since he was probably sponsored by Khoronus, and all of these immortals should have access to a reasonably reliable time-travel artifact.

3. If the party has the ability to do some underwater adventuring, they could find the bottle with the message, as per X6, signed the first day of spring. They have no way of knowing that this bottle is actually hundreds of years old. When the party arrives (and they'll have to come by ship), there will be no city unless the party looks down. You should probably make up your own description of the city, with plenty of aquatic inhabitants, but the city should be considerably more damaged that any of the three are described as in X6. Earthquakes and centuries underwater will have taken their tool. Assuming that the characters explore the city, they'll find that an earthquake has opened an underwater cave in the well room, through which the party can access the artifact buried beneath the sea. This can be their way back in time to play out X6, and it could also win them the friendship of Yav.