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X9 Locations in Red Steel

by Håvard

The Plot:
I read through the module real quick the other night. You are right, there is very little in terms of plot. That's not necessarily a problem with a module, but it will make this project more of a challenge. The plot is basically exploring the SC, and a few examples of what might motivate the characters to do this are provided in the module. The adventurers start out in Slagovich, but soon make it to the Savage Coast:

The Map:
Let's compare the locations marked on the map from X9 with the updated maps:

1) New Hope Outpost
This corresponds to the Old Fort of Cimmaron County.

2) Native Village
Somewhere upriver from location 1, I figured this is somewhere in the Sierras Desperadas, right between Gnoll and Goblin territories. I'm wondering if the natives here (who are cannibals) should be replaced by one of these goblinoid races. (more on "natives" later though).

3)Second Chance Outpost
This corresponds to the Free City of Dunwick. At the time of X9, it is simply a small outpost run by some religious order.

3a +b) Twin Islands
The Twin Islands (Ihlas Gemeas) are settled according to RS, but according to X9, T-Rexes hang out here.

4) Lawful Alliance Camp
This corresponds to Louvines, the capital of Renardy. In X9, it is described as a Lupin camp. I guess the camp grew since then.

5) Neutral Alliance Camp
This corresponds to Wickerton (Wiskerton), a town in Bellayne. In X9, it is a Rakasta/Human (Pagan) camp.

6) Aranea Lairs
This is not far from either Huuzu or Azrath Castle in Herath.

7)Peaceful Outpost
This is an outpost inhabited by "Natives" and Clerics. It corresponds to the city of Shahay, Herath.

8) Gold Camp
This is somewhere upriver from location 7. Possibly close to the town of Shaai, Herath.

9)Aranea Lair
This is somewhere along the Widow River in Western Herath.

10) Forbidden River Outpost
Near Ugmar in the Dark Jungle. This outpost has been destroyed by a Gargantuan White Ape which stalks this jungle.

11) Egg-laying Grounds
Corresponds to the Old Tortle Egg-Laying Grounds on the Orc's Head peninsula. Tortles have constructed protective fortresses here.

12) Gold Camp
This corresponds to Ajuma, Jibaru. It is home to "natives".

13) Phanaton Settlement
Corresponds to Tucua, Jibaru.

14) Lost City of Risivar
This corresponds to Risivar, the capital of Wallara. I guess it aint lost anymore?

15) Caymen Compound.
This corresponds to Gurr'ash, the capital of the Gator-Men

16) Seaview Outpost.
Corresponds to seaview outpost. In X9 the Outpost has been destroyed by fire. Apparently it has been reconstructed by AC1010.

It is actually surprising how close Bruce kept to X9. He has simply turned the various camps and such into nations. This supports the idea that X9 should be moved back in time to a period when the SC nations had not yet been founded and when the Thyatians and others were exploring the area for the first time.

I'm still not clear on all these references to "natives". Are those people remnants of the old Oltec population or should they be changed to non-humans in an updated version?