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The Merchant Leeches of X'yeth

by John Hare

Continuing the idea of X'yeth weaponry & other things some of the twisted items they might sell might include

Phasing Cloaks: help improve AC & saves vs directional attacks (not area), but are useless against ethereal creatures
Phase Arrows: which discount any armour except magical pluses from items by shifting back and forth between the ethereal plane and Mystara
Bags of Holding: which actually stores things in a Leech tower, thus the leeches could help themselves to what is there, or add some sort of extra stuff
Vials of Dreamgas: this is a diluted version of the sleep gas contained in the globes which mixed with other ingredients allows the user to contact the Leechers from anywhere in Mystara (in effect allowing the Leeches to insert suggestions into the user's mind) and arrange for a portal to be set up or ask several questions dealing with certain specific topics (ethereal creatures, other planar creatures, such as weaknesses, habits, etc)
Staff of the Leech: this is similar to a staff of striking except that it can strike ethereal creatures and it stores lifeforce. It can be easily recharged at any leech tower (where they drain the lifeforce stored in the staff and hand it out again... for a fee :)
Rings of Protection: these rings are all +2 in power, but in addition 1% of all damage done goes into a container in one of the leeches towers. Bad thing is because of this mystical tie between ring and container the wearer has an increased chance of meeting ethereal creatures

Basically the idea behind the majority of items the Leeches sell would benefit them or couldn't be turned against them.