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The Merchant Leeches of X'yeth

by John Hare

Wands of Lifeforce

Taking this a step further the Leechers (or their proxies) do have a weapon which drains lifeforce. It is a blue rod about 3' long and when it strikes an intelligent creature it violently rips away life energies and stores some of it into the vial in the hilt. It does 2-8 hp damage per strike, half of which goes into the vial in the hilt, the rest is lost. When the vial reaches 10 hp worth stored it must be changed as it will not hold any more lifeforce and the wand will not do any damage. Changing the vial is one action. Generally only one leech in a tower has one of these wands.

Globes of Sleep

Either the Leeches are immune to sleep or they animate their hosts (which then are immune to sleep) one the most effective defences the leeches have are globes of blue glass which have green vapours inside. When broken these vapours expand and fill a 10' cube and requiring all within to save vs. paralysis or fall asleep for 5-10 rounds. The vapours quickly evaporate after one round of exposure. Elves get a +2 bonus to this save. This allows the leeches to capture those put to sleep to ensure that no lifeforce is wasted. Generally most leeches have 1-3 of these globes at all times.