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Expanded spell list for druids

by Big Ulf

Hey, anyone ever wonder (like I do) why Growth of Plants is a MU spell in the RC, and the fact that Druids don't have a version of same on their spell list?

Druids can use the 3rd level spell Growth of Animals (as it's on the Cleric list), which is kinda the same thing - growing living objects.

I'm going to give them the spell at the same level as an MU but for balance's sake I'll want to remove a 4th level spell or add one extra per level for Druids to cast.

I have a copy of D177, forgot the new Druid class (particular to the region discussed in the Princess Ark article) was there, along with the Druidic Knight. Also suggests in that article that those Druids automatically get Charm Plant at 10th level - they don't have that in their spell list either, while MUs do. Someone was drunk in the edit room...

I'm pretty old-school so have decided the following: to make it a nice even number to roll (unlike the MU table), I added 2 more spells to each Druid casting level. All PH spells are Druidical from the 1st edition AD&D Player's Handbook.

1st: Entangle (as per level 2 MU spell in the RC), Pass Without Trace (PH p. 55)
2nd: Feign Death (PH p. 56), Trip (PH p. 57)
3rd: Protection from Fire (PH p. 58), Summon Insects (PH p. 58)
4th: Growth of Plants (as per level 4 MU spell in the RC), Hold Plant (PH p. 59)
5th: Repel Insects (PH p. 60), then originally Wall of Fire (PH, p. 61) - although could consider subbing Ironwood (Dragon 177) in for the Wall.
6th: Fire Seeds (PH p. 62), then originally Wall of Thorns (PH, p. 62) - although similar to above, could sub in Seasons (Dragon 177) for this Wall.
7th: Charm Plant (as per level 7 MU spell in the RC), Reincarnate (PH, p. 64). Could use Fire Storm (PH) instead of Reincarnate, but I like the idea of Druids being able to Raise Dead and also Reincarnate from the woodland table seen on PH p. 64.

Anyway that gives them 6 per level and adds in 2 spells that should have been in their list in the RC, IMO...and I think you could argue that Charm Plant should be a level 6 Druid spell, putting Seasons into level 7.