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Excerpts from The Nahmeh

by Ripvanwormer


In the name of al-Kalim the Peacemaker and the Eternal Truth.
All praise to the Immortal Guardians.

How can you disbelieve in the Immortal Guardians when you were lifeless and they brought you to life? Ptahr sculpted you out of Qeb's clay moistened with the waters of the Old Man of the Sea, blown as rain by Zephyr, baked with Tubak's sunlight.

Did the Guardians not create the most handsome and clever of men, Farid, who had no trouble convincing attractive women to sleep with him? Was Farid not a faithful wingman who gave his good friend Suleiman al-Kalim excellent dating advice, even if he was never as successful in love as Farid?

At the Battle of Cinsa-Men-Noo, did Suleiman al-Kalim himself not assure his men that faithful Farid fought bravely until the end of the battle and did not, as jealous liars would have it, soil himself and hide in his tent? Who would doubt the great al-Kalim?