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Lathan's Gold PC's updated

by Robin

I updated the Lathan's Gold PC's (in their statistics and equipment) to reflect that (or similar) adventure(s) and the Great war. and gave them a wee bit more historic personality and Karameikan foundation. Let it be useful to thee

Elrem Nessumsar Of the Everast Clan
Chubby blond bearded, braided hair &beard out of practicallity)DW6 to now DW10, Male
ST13 due training, IN16, WI10, DX11, CO16, CH7 ALNG
9HDHP63(incl +2/HD bonus)
Equipment; Dwarven Plate +2, Dwarven Shield +2, War Hammer+1, scroll of Communication to the Dwarven Court(mostly responded by the leading general
Languages; Thyatian (common), Dwarf(neutral), Medusa, Mermen, Gnomish, Goblinoid, Kobold
Skills; Know Terrain, Outdoorsman, Non-Human Cultures (Thanegioth), extra skill slots; +1(base=4)+2 (Intelligence)+2 (Level5&9)=+5
he's certainly an unusual dwarf. As such, his original mission might have been due to his unreliable character (for a dwarf). Indeed it's said he would be disgraced if he didn't come back in 35 days (unusual, and might be due to the fact that he wasn't trusted to return).The Great War and the temporary going underground of the Dwarves radically altered the Quest of Elrem. During the retreat of the dwarves from surface politics, Elrem is likely stranded in Specularum with little or no communication with Rockhome. He is likely working on his own at this point, rather than being an envoy of Rockhome.With the return of the Dwarves from below and a new King, he was given a second chance, and a scoll of communication to deliver information directly. The search for new Dwarven locations to settle is now lower on the Agenda, and the gaining of Knowledge (political, but also foes & friends)for the new King Everast XV takes precedence. You have made friends in karameikos. You have made a profit out of the wealth on the Isle of Dread, and have a smithy in Mirros with a profit of 150gp/month

Brother Octave (Octavius Herialdus of the Church of Karameikos--especially dedicated to Korotiku the Trickster) Brown hair, White cut beard, Male
C9 ST10, IN16, WI14(due magic and age), DX 10, CO11, CH13
HD9, Hp42, AL LG Hide in shadows ability due Immortal
Equipment Elven Mythril Chain (50% weight) +1, Gnome Shield (+2 due size), Mace of Obhnok (effects unknown retrieved from Lathan's gold adventure finds)
Spells; 3, 3, 3, 2
Languages; Thyatian (common), Traladaran (lawful), Bromdinag(Cloud Giant), Merrow(mermen)
Skills; Boating, Survival (Ocean), Religion (Sea of Dread region). extra skill slots; +1(base=4)+2 (Intelligence)+2 (Level5&9)=+5
Returned after locating a spider temple in the Sea of Dread, you returned. Your knowledge was enough for the Church of Karameikos to absorb your diminishing order when returned.(see The Church of Karameikos) Your skills and knowledge were welcomed in Mirros by Patriach Oliver Jovett, You have an earning of 100gp/month out of the temple, but are fee lodging and basic food/clothing free.

Kuat the Dragonhearted (Kuat Affame of an Tanagoro Island Tribe in Sea of Dread)Dark Skinned male
ST16, IN13, WI10, DX10, CO13 (due a few years of training)CH10. ALNG
Languages; Thyatian (Common)Tanagoro(Neutral), Pearl Islander. Ierendi
Skills; Non-Human Cultures (Sea of Dreadincluding; Kna, Kopru, Sea Giant, Merrow(Mermen),?), Survival (Ocean), Boating. Cultural extra skill;Swimming . extra skill slots; +1(base=4)+1 (Intelligence)+2 ( Level5&9)=+4
Weapon Mastery Expert Sword Due above mentioned training, adventure and war background
HD9, hp 68(incl+1/HD bonus)
Traldar Plate mail+1, Merrow Shell shield+3, Nsword +2 (grant water breathing once a day to wearer)
Discovered the Aquapopulus War remains and returned with a large war bounty. Opened a shop in shells, pearls and other sea-jewelry and tools in Mirros with a profit of 125gp/month. Your resentment against the merrow grew due your discovery of the battlesite.

Suparjo (Suparjo Minithia of Machetos, Teacher in Sea monsters in the Karameikan School of Magecraft of Krakatos)
M8 ST9, IN18, WI12, CO 9, DX 11, CH11 AL CN, redhaired (long)female. HD8, 24hp
Languages; Thyatian (common), Skotharian(Neutral), Medusa, Pearl Islander, Traladaran
Skills; Non-Human Cultures (Malpheggi; including Harpies &Giants=Bromdinag(cloud giant) &Bratak(Hill Giant)), Navigation, Nature Lore. extra skill slots; +1(base=4)+3 (Intelligence)+1 (level5)=+5
Robes of Flying, Dagger+1, Dagger +3, Wizard staff (11 charges left-Detect Magic, or detect Disease or Detect Curse once a day no charge, made from Hydra bone), Hydra Cap(AC+3 to called shots to the head--reactions to Dragons/Hydra -1--) The teaching in Krakatos earns you a hefty 4000GP, yet your research devours 90% of this. hence you also have a small market stand once a week in Krakatos and once a week in Mirros selling dragon/hydra bones, scales, blood, etc to help ends meet.
This and the strange languages he speaks and the fact he was searching for a hydra could indicate he is from Skothar and maybe studied in Alphatia or Thyatis. She was a female from Yasuko tribal lands, bought as a slave by a Thyatian wizard, freed by him and now heir of his wealth and researches.

Krag Skraddle Son of Merry
T9/ Minrothad Merchant 3, 9HD, 33 hp ALCG
ST9, IN14, WI11, DX14(due training and magic), CO10, CH9, Male
Languages; Thyatian (common), Minrothaddan (Chaotic), Medusa (rarely used so declining in understanding and speaking), Thieves Cantina (recently acquired and still learning)
Skills; Boating, Helmsman/Captain, Ship Building.. extra skill slots; +1(base=4)+1 (Intelligence)+2 ( Level5&9)=+4
Leatherarmor of blinking(3x day), Sword+2 of Detect Evil, and any nonmagical common weapon
Arrived from Minrothad in search of the treasures of dead pirates, Krag, who has a talking parrot named Paco, has become a sort of provider of everything on the island, through carefully cultivated relations with everyone, particularly Medusas. He also proposes treasure hunts on this and other islands. Your treasure finds have brought you enough money to release you from poverty (as being a street orphan), current resident of the town of Hideout in Pirate's Rock; you now own a small shop in 2nd hand weapons, thus far the Thievesguild accepted you not being aligned with them, as you saved some important figures from the Iron Ring, yet you know you have to be careful not stepping on their toes...especially the iron Ring, but also the Thieves guild.You have a monthly earning of 75GP