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Crystals near Wylon

by Robin

I named the crystal Locations to better clarify them, added some trails to/from Kassel and also the Crystals
and I ruin on top of the mountains is added that was forgotten earlier.
The ruin can be anything from an old Storm/cloud giant castle, to a border keep, or an obscure wizrd tower with its own history. The trail south goes through tunnels here and passes on to the other side.
The petrification crystals are beyond Wylon's borders but still plundered now and then and used for petrification spells, scrolls, items and major construction magic (form spells). They are Strong pillars. They do only petrify if you stay within its radius of effect for longer periods. each hour you must save vs spell or 5% of your body mass is petrified, these are mostly spots, pimple like locations. after 25% it is bothersome and painful, and may affect the creatures actions (DM). after 50% movement is no longer possble, and after 80% the character must also save vs Turn to stone or die and being petrified 5% increments per hour later. If removed it may be turned to flesh and Raised if needed.
The Crystals of Growth are also beyond Wylon's borders but still plundered now and then and used for Growth potions/items creation. They are tiny grass like shards.
Crystals of Taphnay Creek; These are within Blackhill's borders. These crystals are only a few inches in length, but are desired for their capability to store magic. Mostly they are used in the manufacture of Rods, Staves and wands, but sometimes even for other items of magic. There is some harvesting by Blackhill residents, and regular theft from Wylon. The area is dangerous to mages, as any spell cast here is sucked into the crystals, any active magic too. But trying to memorize spells can wipe the brain of a mage clean, as if he never acquired the magical knowledge, and thus must relearn them all.

One thing I did place in Wylon, is that the thieves there regularly go stealing crystals from the crystal locations in neighbouring Blackhill. it is a major income resource addition to them and in line with their thievery background.
Even the mages here are thieves.. This I based on the following spell from Glantri Kingdom of Magic
DeGras’s Pilfering Fingers
Alteration spell level 2
Range: Caster
Duration; 1 Turn per level
Effect: Caster only
Saving Throw: None
When this spell is cast, the Caster will gain a 10 % bonus to all his thieving skills(OL, FT, RT, MS, CW, PP,HiS,HN for as long as the spell lasts. This spell can’t be cast on someone else, and while in effect the caster can’t cast any other spell. Other actions are possible. When found and cast by a thief (i.e. from scroll), he gains a total of 10% to his original thieving scores for as long as the spell lasts. In fact, this spell makes it easier for “kleptomaniacal tendencies” (as with the Glantrian Mage DeGrass who invented this spell in 977 AC) or professional thieves to use the corresponding abilities. This spell doesn’t improve, nor grants, other skills often used by thieves. This spell can be used n the creation of a Ring, and though using a magical Ring Slot, it can be used in such a way that spell casting is possible. However, when a spell is cast the active pilfering fingers spell is supressed for 1 turn +1 turn for each intelligence penalty point.

I think DeGrass was a Wylon resident (or maybe still is--it was only 977 AC when he created the spell). Would he have devised Other `criminal`stuff for thieves, like items, spells etc? The AD&D2 spell Catfeet come to mind, and Spiderclimb, Wraithform just to mention a few.