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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Patron of Tenacity and Obsession, Patron of Humanoids

Level, Alignment, Sphere: 12th (Temporal), NE, Entropy
Symbol: a black skull on a white background
Portfolio: humanoids (especially hobgoblins and orcs), obstinacy and tenacity, death and necromancy
Worshipped in: Davania (Addakia, Meghales Amosses), Known World (Ethengar, Broken Lands)
Appearance: a large yellow-skinned humanoid without well defined traits (he might be an orc or a hobgoblin), dressed in black leather armour and a helmet that has for a visor a black skull and in his hand a black broadsword.
History: Yagrai was a humanoid, even if it wasn’t written if he was a hobgoblin or a yellow orc, known by the name of Akkila-Khan. Departing together with the Great Horde of King Loark from Urzud, that was divided very soon by the supreme leader and together with his tribe headed decisively southwards, with the intension of creating a dominion complementing his. Invading the Ethengar Steppes in 1720 BC, conquering them thanks to the tenacity and the superior weapons of his people. Following the Ethengar nomads starting to rebel against the invaders, and in 1711 BC also arriving in the steppes the Horde of Loark, to which Akkila-Khan was allied for crushing the Ethengar insurrection. In 1709 BC however, Akkila-Khan betrayed King Loark conspiring with the Ethengarians in exchange for the land to the west of Dol-Anur. The Great Horde was therefore defeated in the battle of Chongor and was scattered, colonised the neighbouring western lands (not yet broken). In 1891 BC also Baka (a very influential tribal head among the Ethengarians) betrayed Akkila-Khan for usurping his position, he fled with his humanoids and finished by building a fortress on the northern border of the Broken Lands. From here he started to launch many raids against the people of the steppes, and became legendary for being revived from death numerous times and have always avenged his defeat (thanks to powerful magic items able to cure his wounds and regenerate him). Later, in 1688 BC there was no trace of him and he was believed dispersed. In truth, thanks to his indomitable tenacity and obstinacy (more than to his slight intelligence or mediocre combat ability) finally succeeding to become Immortal in the Sphere of Entropy and now acts as patron of all the humanoid races (embodying the unstoppable force of the humanoid nature), even if yellow orcs and hobgoblins have sought to monopolise the cult.
Personality: The characteristic of Yagrai is his determination. He has never been very intelligent or particularly strong, but has always achieved his objectives and is proud of this. He has an immodest vanity, and although having no particular plans, he is interested in his subjects only for receiving their admiration and praise. After his repeated deaths he has developed an obsession for necromancy and the spirits, that he has handed on to his followers.
Patron: unknown [presumed: Hel]
Allies: none
Enemies: Halav
Alignment of followers: Neutral and Chaotic
Favourite weapon: broadsword (allowed all bludgeoning weapons)
Clerics’ skills and powers: the clerics of Yagrai must have 12 death scars on the body (or must have been reduced to 1 hp at least 12 times in battle, surviving), that allows them to survive death. Indeed, if reduced to under 0 hp, must make a Wisdom test, and if successful instantly recover an amount of hp equal to the difference between their Wisdom value and the number rolled on a d20 (if this does not result in a positive number they die in 1d4 round); free resistance general skill
Avengers’ skills and powers: +1 bonus to ST vs. Ray of Death and energy drain for every 10 death scars accumulated (cumulative, max +5)
Domains: Entropy, Evil, Death, Will
Preferred weapon: broadsword
Source: GAZ10, HW, WotI