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Yezchamenid Empire

Location: Continent of Brun, northern Arm of the Immortals, between the Yalu Bay and the Sea of Brun. WB

Area: 508,500 sq. miles (1,317,015 sq. km.).

Population: 1,632,000 (80% humans, 10% pegataurs, 5% dwarves, some elves and demi-ogres).

Language: Dars, Hatti, Yivj, Mebir, Churan, Pegataur, Midannite and Dremen.

Coinage: Talen (pp), darik (gp), sicles (sp), sabzi (cp).

Taxes: 10% property tax, assessed every Fy. 1 (sometimes this is paid with produce or crafted goods, in the case of farmers or artisans); once every five years, on Nu. 1, a special army tax is levied, for 5% of a person's net worth (calculated based on property taxes paid the previous year).

Government Type: Hereditary monarchy. Divided into nine Zatrapies, each headed by an hereditary family or relative of the shah-an-shah (emperor).

Industries: Trade, textiles, silk, spice, herding (sheep, ox, goats), fishing, rare woods, oil, mining (gold, copper, iron), arts and literature, magic.

Important Figures: Quymer Yezcham (Imperial Regent), Parsan Zhemenieh (Zatrap of Darsi), Gulbuddin Marzik (Zatrap of Uvaraz), Mursillis Labinitas (Zatrap of Zrakan), Azartan Cemirtus (Zatrap of Hattas), Zholodeer Yemilcataur (Zatrap of Yivja), Nisir Suun (Zatrap of Pazarkan), Eratkar Kasusu (Zatrap of Mebirush), Odarit Muztasir (Zatrap of Chura), Djomel Tirruk (Zatrap of Midan).

Flora and Fauna: The Yezchamenid Empire is a large and geographically diverse nation. In its central regions, much of which are occupied by the Endworld Line, the hilly and mountainous country is covered by a blanket of lush deciduous growth, including redwoods, sequoias, as well as sturdy stands of oak and birch. Further inland, towards the mountain range itself, the trees begin to give way to dense shrubbery, though the occasional pine tree juts above the surrounding vegetation-particularly in the higher elevations. In the many coastal river valleys, however, is where one will find the most lush plant life. Amidst farmland one will see carefully tended stands of mahogany and teak, as well as vast tracts of various spices. The more exotic plant life includes strangle vines and whip weed (deep in the forests), and some open fields are known to host grab grass.

The empire's animal life is just as varied. In the uplands can be found many species of mountain goat, preyed upon by the occasional wolf. Towards sea level, in the forests, can be found wolves, bears, wild cats of various sizes (including reclusive tigers), deer, assorted rodents, and many species of bird. The forests are also home to humanoids of various types (primarily orcs and hobgoblins), as well as owlbears, decapuses, araneas, and displacer beasts. The mountains are known to house a number of hill and mountain giants, as well as griffons.

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Last Year's Events: Zhoher was assassinated, with the blame put on his chief vizier and captain of the guard and the Vasi rebels, causing grave tensions within the empire.