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Ylaruam Campaign ideas

by John Walter Biles

Holy Thieves

Mysterious thefts are taking place; someone is stealing holy relics linked to al-Kalim. The PCs are begged by a religious scholar to help recover the relics (or hired if they're non-believers / too mercenary to do it for free). Investigation shows that DJINN are stealing the relics. This seems unusual for noble, but usually unbelieving Djinn to be doing. Further investigation eventually can lead the PCs to one of the Djinn, who will explain that their Pasha is sending them to steal the relics for one of the members of the Emir of Abbashan's court. If the PCs get in touch with the Djinn Pasha, he explains that his three favourite harem girls were kidnapped by efreet working for said courtier. The courtier is actually one of Barimoor's apprentices, who is using Efreet Bottles to control the Efreet (who actually want revenge on the courtier for using them to manipulate the Kin faction...they are actually Believers who support the Kin Faction!). The stolen harem girls are now in the Emir's harem and must be rescued. The PCs can take on the Courtier themselves (pretty dangerous) or find a way to free the Efreet, who know all his dealings and will turn him in to the Emir. The Emir does not realise that the relics were stolen and will grudgingly return them if sufficiently persuaded / threatened credibly with exposure. The PCs can learn of the Courtier's connection to Barimoor from his papers. What exactly Barimoor wants here is up to you, depending on what helps your campaign.

The Architect's Assistants

Mimar Sinan is considered the greatest of the architects in the employ of the Council of Preceptors. This has made him wealthy...and a frequent target for bandits. He hires the PCs to bodyguard him on a trip from Ylaruam City to Tameronikas, where the local Emir wishes to employ him to build a prayer centre. He has some fighting skills, but should be substantially weaker than the PCs. The PCs must escort him across the desert, fending off sandstorms, earthquakes, desert bandits, crazed cults, and other menaces to get him safely to Tameronikas.