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Additional Ylaruam map geographic references

by Simone Neri

* Dar-el-Tamyya (the village featured in the short adventure "The Jade Hare"); given the presence of humanoid tribes (goblins and orcs mostly), the village should be located in the highlands bordering the Altan Tepes mountains;

Source: Dungeons & Dragons Adventure The Jade Hare, by John Nephew (TSR 9259, 1992, pages 2 and following).

* "Ennaej" region, a tag featured in Caldwell's cover image (it seems to be the area of the south-western highlands south of Makistan - BTW, I wrote a short description of some of its location for an adventure by a friend of mine, months ago).

Source: Cover art by Clyde Caldwell (1987) for GAZ2 The Emirates of Ylaruam by Ken Rolston (TSR 9194, 1987).