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Ylari Holidays

by Francesco Defferrari

I saw that there are no festival for the Emirates of Ylaruam, AFAIK nor canon neither un-canon.. So I came up with those holidays, using the RW Muslim calendar for Ylaruam.

In the RW the Islamic or Hijra calendar is made up of 12 lunar months. The Hijra year is therefore 354 11/30 days long, which means that it migrates through the solar year, starting about 11 days earlier each (Gregorian solar) year. But for RPG purposes I think it's better to have fixed dates, besides in PWA3 Ylaruam have an year of 12 normal solar (of Mystara sun, then 28 days) months. Anyway the name of the months (1 Muharram 30 2 Safar 29 3 Rabi' I 30 4 Rabi' II 29 5 Jumada I 30 6 Jumada II 29 7 Rajab 30 8 Sha'ban 29 9 Ramadan 30 10 Shawwal 29 11 Dhu al Qa'da 30 12 Dhu al Hijja 29/30) are the same of the RW, but in RW Muharram have a different starting each year (26/3/2001 this year), while in Mystara the first day of Muharram is always the first of Nuwmont, but the first day of the year is always the first day of Rabi al Thani (Flaurmont, April). So the holidays will be:

10 Muharram (Nuwmont) Ashura' Shi'a In Mystara could be the joyous celebration of the victory of Tameronikas in 830 AC, when Ylaruam became an independent nation. (In RW For Sunnite Muslims is the commemoration of the wonderful events traditions say occurred on this day, including: Noah's ark came to rest, the Prophet Abraham was born, the Kaaba was built. Among Shiite Muslims (Iran), it is a day of special sorrow commemorating the martyrdom of the Prophet's grandson Hussain and his followers at the battle of Kerbala in Islam's first century. It is commemorated in Shiite communities with re-enactment of these events and is a time of mourning).

1 Rabi Al-Awwal (Thaumont) In Mystara could be the conquest of the city of Ylaruam, that will be the start of the war of al-Kalim against Alphatian and Thyatians to free Ylaruam, in 825 AC. (In RW commemorates the Hijrah ("migration") of the Prophet Muhammad from Makkah to Medina, and marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar in history 622 A.D.)

1 Rabi al Thani (Flaurmont) Hijra New Year (Maybe traditional from Nithian times)

12 Jumada al Thani (Klarmont) Mawlid an Nabi Birthday of al-Kalim (in RW birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, a day that migrates each year, 4 June this year 2001). Speeches are given about the life of the Prophet in gatherings, and dinners are held.

27 Rajab (Felmont) Lailat al Miraj The Ascent of the Prophet to the heavens (obviously al-Kalim in Mystara and Muhammad in RW)

15 Sha'ban (Fyrmont) Laylat Al-Baraa has been translated as "the night of repentance." (Laylat means night). It is the night when forgiveness is granted to those who repent. Believers believe it is a night when al-Kalim is setting the coming year's course for each person. It is therefore a time when one asks for al-Kalim's blessings as well as for any specific request.

1-28 Ramadan (Ambyrmont) Month of fasting

27 Ramadan (Ambyrmont) Lailat al Qadr Evening of destiny, revelation of the Nameh (Qur'an in RW) Believers pray that al-Kalim will grant them a good destiny.

1-3 Shawwal (Sviftmont) 'Id al Fitr This feast marks the end of Ramadan. It commonly lasts 3 days. The most elaborate dishes are served at large banquets to which relatives and friends are invited. These colourful celebrations are the climax of the sense of fulfilment characterising, a month of fasting and hardships.

10-14 Dhu al Hijja (Kaldmont) 'Id al Adha Festival of sacrifice. (In RW commemorates Abraham obedience to God) The culmination of the Hajj or holy pilgrimage. Commonly a 4 day holiday. This holiday is then celebrated in much the same way as 'Id Al-Fitr - with good food, gifts for children and general merrymaking.