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Ylari Immortals before al-Kalim

by Aleksei Andrievski


Somehow I couldn't believe that Ylari didn't worship any Immortals before al-Kalim (he's only been around for 100 years). So, I made a short list of possible Immortals whom the Ylari could have honoured. This also means that some of these Immortals are mightily p***ed off with al-Kalim for 'stealing' their worshippers. Here's the list:

Ylari Immortals before al-Kalim

Ashtiru (Asterius) - mover of the moon, protector of travellers and caravans. Not really opposed to al-Kalim's takeover, since all merchants (and thieves) worship him indirectly anyway.

Al-Fakish (Alphaks) - lord of evil and violence; had human sacrifices. Not a widely followed Immortal, but he helped the Ylari against Alphatian oppressors. Bitter enemy of al-Kalim; he still tries to influence the Emirates through his secret idol-worshippers.

Balsam (Chardastes) - patron of healing. The word 'balm' comes from his name. He is fairly neutral to al-Kalim, since he wanted to devote his attention mostly to Traladara. His name is still sometimes invoked by wise women who heal illnesses.

Farath (Protius) - old man of the sea, lord of water. He was the patron of al-Kalim. He was happy to allow al-Kalim take over the Emirates, since he is only interested in the seas.

Hilawi (Halav) - patron of warfare. He protects the Ylari against monstrous enemies. He accepted al-Kalim's takeover in good spirits, since he had a large follower base anyway, and wanted to give a novice Immortal a fair chance.

Jurwash (Zirchev) - patron of vegetation and desert creatures. He is neutral to al-Kalim, since he's still worshipped by many intelligent desert creatures!

Qayjar (Kagyar) - patron of smiths and other craftsmen. Remains friendly with al-Kalim, as dwarves and Ylari are allies.

Rushtam (Rathanos) - lord of flame and destruction. Honoured by efreet and Magian Fire Worshippers. Not exactly on the best of terms with al-Kalim, but then again, only efreet and Ylari flame wizards ever worshipped him (and they still do).

Shams (Ixion) - father sun, banisher of darkness. Once again, his follower base is so large that he wasn't affected by loss of Ylaruam.

'Udnan (Odin) - lord of thunder, lightning, and winds. Many djinn Honor him. Again, he has a lot of followers, so no problem.