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Ylari Science at Work

by Christopher Cherrington

Just what good can come out of the Ylaruam University? Here are a few examples...

Sweet Lotus

This fragrant desert flower only grows in water. Once rare in the Emirates, it now grows readily in the aqueducts and pools to help shade the sun's evaporation. The plant grows tubers that can be utilised like a potato and the stalks are highly prized for making a very fine and fragrant paper.

Desert Rose

Once a very hardy and simplistic plant, the scholarly types of Ylaruam and Abbashan have debated for years on the better of the varieties. This decade's long, and sometimes deadly competition, has caused many varieties to have been developed over the course of time. Many adventurers have been rewarded handsomely for bringing back a new rose variety to be added and bred in one of the cities prized gardens. Besides their beauty, many oils, perfumes, and dyes have been developed for the markets. Both cities have created their own market in Rose Water. Water blended with rose petals to create a flavourful drink rumoured to stimulate the mind and increase the libido.

Taigai Fish

This magically bred fish was developed in the aquariums of the Ylari University. The fish was developed to help recycle waste water from sewers and runoff from irrigating farms. This waste water is placed in large open tanks that produce a large amount of algae that helps in cleaning the water. The fish then eat the algae and filters the water from the algae. The waste settles to the bottom to be collected and used as rich topsoil in farming, the fish can be salted and exported to be eaten, and the water is then returned to the farm for irrigating.

The Prophet's Box

Not made by the prophet, but a clever advertising name, this is a large box made of unglazed ceramic tiles on one side. These unique 8 inch tiles have nipples and dimples in them. Water is slowly poured over the tiles at a rate that there is no need to collect any at the bottom. The evaporating effect of the water from the tiles cools the air in the box by 15 to 20 degrees. This only works in areas of low humidity (Thyatians are constantly complaining of it not working, back at home).