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Ylaruam (Emirates of)

Location: North of Thyatis, West of Rockhome and Darokin, South of Soderfjord.
Area: 54,180 sq. mi. (121,905 km2)
Population: 230,000 (believed to have dropped to 210,000 by the end of their civil war, but is as yet unconfirmed).
Languages: Ylari (also known as Alasiyan).
Coinage: Dinar (gp), dirham (sp), and fal (cp).
Taxes: 10% sales tax. Also a monthly head tax according to social rank (peasants 1 cp, townsfolk and nomads 1 sp, merchants 1 gp, nobles 10 gp). Foreigners used to pay double the monthly head tax.
Government Type: Monarchy.
Industries: Textiles, horse breeding, mining, marble quarrying, glassmaking, and the cultivation of dates.
Important Figures: Hassam "the True" al-Kalim (Sultan, human, male, F9)
Flora and Fauna: Horse, camels and cattle are by far the most common animals found, followed by sheep and goats. In the wilderness of the desert, djinn, chimeras, dragons, undead, giant lizards, sphinxes, and manscorpions are all rumoured to be present. Fiends [AD&D: tanar'ri] are also in abundance at the moment.
Further Reading: GAZ2 - The Emirates of Ylaruam, AC1010 - Poor Wizard's Almanac to AC1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac 3, and Joshuan's Almanac.

Description: by Favonius Viator

The religious fanatics known as the Ylari have closed all borders to those they consider unbelievers and infidels. This means anyone who is now a Ylari. Despite this, I believe I can give a semi-accurate, although brief description of their land and can probably guess as to the current philosophies that are being upheld in their society.

The Land

The emirates are a harsh and inhospitable land, mostly sandy deserts and rocky barrens. The Ylari manage to make a living in the few fertile lands near the various oasis that can be found within their border.

Prior to their civil war, Ylaruam was composed of six emirates, namely Abbashan, Alasiya, Dythestenia, Makistan, Nicostenia, and Nithia. Whether any of these dominions are still around is unknown to outsiders. Perhaps the new Sultan, Hassam "the True" al-Kalim, has kept them, or perhaps he has removed all former Emirs and replaced them with new ones more loyal to his claim of the throne.

There are two major oasis found in the desert. The first is where the city of Ylaruam has been built. Prior to the war, Ylaruam was the capital of the nation, although rumours claim that Hassam has moved his court to Abbashan. Abbashan is of course the site of the second major oasis.

The People

Ylari are a strange people who preach peace and politeness to others, yet can't accept foreigners or their customs among them. Also, many are warriors who constantly raid other tribes, an act they find admirable despite their constant attempts to unite themselves. Their uncooperative behaviours marks them for the barbarians they truly are.

All are devout followers of the True Way, the philosophies given to them by their Immortal, al-Kalim. Any who do not worship al-Kalim are considered infidels, a crime now punishable by death within their borders. Even worse than being an infidel is being a mage, at least according to the Ylari.

Although warriors are the heroes of the land, scholars are also well respected (just more proof to their cultural contradictions). Storytellers are also popular among them, and many a foreign bard has made a fortune travelling the Emirates - before being cast out, that is.

Recent History

In AC 1014 the World Games were held in the city of Ylaruam, who was at the time a member of the Western Defence League. That is when most Ylari had their first encounter with outsiders, and they did not like what they saw. What exactly offended them is beyond me, but it was enough to spark a civil war which overthrew Sultan Mohammed al-Kalim. The civil war lasted most of the year, with the Kin faction finally claiming victory and executing the former Sultan. Since then, all non-Ylari have been evicted from their nation and to be see within their borders is punishable by death.

This year, vague rumours still filter back to Thyatis. The Sultan has apparently moved his court to the city of Abbashan and replaced a few of the Emirs. Stories also claim that fiends are running rampant in the desert, destroying entire tribes of Ylari. The Legion believes that these fiends spilled over from the events in the Hardanger Mountains last year, but some claim there are too many to be the leftovers of the kobold summoning back in Soderfjord. Regardless of their source, the fiends have kept the Ylari forces from attacking Thyatis, and that is probably the best thing to happen to those fanatical religious barbarians in years.

Don't Miss

I really can't think of much to see or do within Ylaruam. Even if there was, there is not much of a chance of actually visiting the place. Ylaruam is a place that all non-Ylari should avoid as long as the Kin faction is in charge.