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A short while ago I posted some Elven spells ala Colour of magic. Now I have made some Ylari spells. I based those on 2E spells but they can easily be done for other editions or use as is if a similar spell exist ( magical missile exists in all editions ). These spells, like their elven counterpart are version of spells developed and used in Ylaruam. Aside from modifications they act as the spell they are based on.

Colour of Magic - Ylari Spells

by Gilles Leblanc


Magic Missile: The missile appear as fiery red dart.

Shocking Grasp: ( Abrasive Grasp ) Called abrasive grasp, the Ylari version inflicts heat and abrasion pain upon contact. The caster's hand become yellow and hot when the spell is in effect. This heat will not burn paper or such items.

Dancing Lights: This spell has the following three options. Torch lights as per spell normal spell. The vaguely man shaped light appears a silvery colour. And finally the glowing spheres which normally resemble will-o-wisps, now resemble small translucent silvery moons.

Erase: A special version of this spell exists in Ylaruam. It was created for the express purpose of censoring certain texts. Instead of just erasing mundane or magical writing, the spell erases them but also places in large script letter this phrase on surfaces which have been erased : "Silenced by the holy will of al-Kalim". The phrase is of course in Ylari.

Hold Portal: This spell works like the normal spell of the same name except that a wizard of only 3 levels higher than the caster can dispelled the spell ( normally it is a wizard 4 level higher ). However, if the spell is cast of a door, portal, closure which is above a well ( such as wooden door to close the top of a well ) the spell is only dispelled if the caster is 5 levels higher than the caster.

Wall of Fog: ( Wall of Dust ) The appearance of the wall is that of a wall of wind and dust. It has all the same effects as the wall of fog spell.


Blindness: The victim sees only agitated sand, as if he were in a strong sand storm instead of greyness. The target does not feel any wind, sand or heat and knows he is under the effect of a some kind of magic.

Fog Cloud: The cloud appearance, in both version is that of purple smoke.

Melf's Acid Arrow: ( Oil Arrow ) The arrow appears to be made of burning black oil. It has all the same effects as a normal acid arrow.


Protection from normal Missiles: ( Protection from sandstorms ) Although Ylari wizards also have common access to protection from normal missile, they have developed another version which protects the targets from all damage to himself and his possession due to sandstorms, sand and small rocks ( including sling bullets ). The spell does not protect against axes, bolts, ballista bolts, etc. Further from protecting the caster from any adverse effects of a sandstorm, the caster movement rate and sense of orientation is also unaffected when protected by this spell. This version does not have any material components.

Sepia Snake Sigil: ( Scorpion Sigil ) Instead of a snake, substitute with a larger than normal ( but only slightly ) scorpion.

Spectral Force: ( Spectral Oasis ) This version does not have sound, smell or thermal components and can only be cast to resemble a small oasis. On the other hand it's range is 100 yards + 1 yard level and it's area of effect is 80' cube + 10' / level. Spectral force is also available in Ylaruam.

Water Breathing: ( Magical Breath ) This version allows the caster to breathe normally in an area in which smoke, vapours or gases are present as if it were normal air. This spell does not permit to breathe in the fire elemental plane but could be used in some para-elemental planes ( such as smoke, depending on whether the DM rules the para-elemental planes exists in the world of Mystara ).


Dimension Door: If the caster is in a sandy area, he appears to sink quickly into the sand before disappearing.

Enchanted Weapon: Some Ylari spellcasters have developed a version of this spell which instead of making a weapon temporarily +1, it makes the weapon +0 / + 2 against Efreet.

Ice Storm: ( Magical Sand Storm ) This spells create a magical sand storm which is either filled with flying boulders ( in which case it acts as the hail storm option ) or not ( in which case it acts as the driving sleet option ). Each version works exactly likes it's counter-part except that it is sand which blinds creatures, reduces movement and damage creature.

Rainbow Pattern: ( Captivating Mirage ) This spells create a wavy, hazy, almost swirling image of an oasis. All creatures caught in the mirage are affected as per the spell rainbow pattern

Solid Fog: ( Wall of Sand ) Instead of vapours this spell create a mass of tightly packed sand which acts as a solid fog spell.