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Yuan ti

by Demos Sachlas

Armor Class: 4/0
Hit Dice: 6-9
Move: 120' (40')/90' (30')
Attacks: 2
Damage: see below
No. Appearing: 1-4 (1-4)
Save As: Magic-User: 6-9
Morale: 10 (11)
Treasure Type: C
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: variable

Living in tropical jungles, the yuan ti are a degenerate and corrupt race of creatures who were once human. All are devout demon worshipers and have a high regard for all kinds of reptiles. Through dark and unknown practices, their blood has become fouled, thus producing monstrosities. There are three types of yuan ti: purebloods, halfbreeds, and abominations.

Purebloods are the weakest of the yuan ti, having only 6 hit dice. They are human in appearance, except for some slight difference - scaly hands, a forked tongue, or a somewhat reptilian look about them. They are able to pass as humans 80% of the time. They normally handle affairs with the outside world, and may travel far and wide doing so.

Halfbreeds are highly distinctive. Some part of their body is that of a snake, while the rest is human. Appearance may be determined by the table below (rolling once or twice), or the DM may select the changes.

  1. Snake head
  2. Torso can bend and move like a snake's
  3. No legs, ends in a snake's tail
  4. Has snakes instead of arms
  5. Body is covered by scales
  6. Snake tail is growing from backside

If any combination seems impossible or unworkable, the result should be ignored. The DM may also create other results involving snakes and humans.

In attacks, a snake-headed halfbreed will bite for 1-10 points of damage, snake-headed arms will bite for 1-6 points, and a tail will constrict for 1-4 points. Otherwise, the yuan ti will be able to handle weapons as a normal person. All snake parts will have an armor class of 0. Halfbreeds have 7-8 hit dice.

Abominations are the strongest of the yuan ti. All have 9 hit dice. In appearance they are often confused with lamaras (see AC 9 Creature Catalogue, pg 72) and other snake creatures. Abominations are either totally snake-like or only have some human feature (such as a head or arms). Their bite (unless human-headed) will do 1-10 points of damage.

All yuan ti with human legs may move 120' per turn. Those with snake bodies move 90' per turn and are able to coil around pillars and the like. Human headed yuan ti are able to cast the following spells once per day:

In addition, human headed yuan ti are able to attempt to hypnotize other creatures once per day. If the creature fails to make its saving throw vs. spells it will carry out a suggestion, immediately or deferred according to the wish of the magic-user. Self-destruction is 99% unlikely, but carefully worded suggestions can, at the referee’s option, alter this probability. Suggestions must be simple and relatively short, i.e. a sentence or two. Duration: 1 game week.

Yuan ti speak their own language. They may also speak with any snake or snake-like monster. Those with human heads also speak Chaotic and Common.