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Zackigpfeil II*

by John Hare

Type: Light warbird, Waffenadler class
Date of Commission: AC 1013, refitted in AC 1015
Port of Call: Hockstein

Service Record: Built to replace the original ship, which was lost in AC 1012 in the Hollow World against the Alphatian armada. As so many ships were built at this time it was somewhat poorly assembled. As such until it was refitted in AC 1015 doors would come off hinges, floor boards would break, and some rooms couldn't be reached. Currently it is assigned to patrol around the city of Hockstein looking for activity of renegade forces.

While this duty is somewhat repetitive they have engaged small bands of renegades with some loss of life. Surprisingly those lost are some of the new crewmembers assigned and almost never members who have been on board for more than a year.

This ship is fully under the control of the Fist and one of the first things they do is purge undesirables out of the crew. In a cooperative effort with one of the knights from Hockstein who leads out patrols also members of the Fist the undesirables are given a mission lead by one of the ship's knights to uncover the renegades and are lead into the patrol's ambush. Do give it proper flavour it general happens around a small farmstead which is supposedly hiding the rebel forces. This gives the Order a body count of rebels and alas some knights fell in battle. Luftkapitän Gustav von Heldring is a brutal old knight, and is more concerned with removing those unworthy to be in the Order than in keeping his ship in fighting form. Brother Chaplain Heinrich von Schuenbreg supports Gustav completely and while would prefer the ship be in better fighting condition agrees that ridding the Order of the unworthy is more important than fighting invaders.

The Zackigpfiel is suffering from constant disrepair from unmended sails to warped ballistae bolts. Those who appear worthy are asked to join the Fist to remove other undesirables in the Order.

One of the noticeable differences is that the older crew members are all of Hattian descent. Currently the number of replacement personnel is about normal, what is not normal is that Gustav hasn't rotated senior crew members around.

Combat notes: Because of its current state of disrepair its movement rate is 330'/110' and its ballistae have half the normal range. It requires about 3 weeks of hard work to bring it back up to fighting form, not counting the constant drilling of the crew that would be required.

*unless I've screwed up the translation it should be close to Jagged Arrow