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Zany adventures

by Adamantyr

Had a few rather zany ideas today for Mystara adventure/campaigns, mostly related to the idea that of all the campaign worlds, Mystara seems to mirror Earth the most closely, and as a result is open to some rather humorous sidetracks....

1) The Y1K bug. Set shortly before the year 1000 AC. The players are hired by a Thyatian wizard for a rather peculiar problem. Apparently long ago, shortly before the Thyatian Revolution, the collected enchanters of Thyatis had used a particular method of enchantment upon magical items, which guaranteed their use for 1,000 years of perfect use, afterwards which they're erratic or inert. The wizard represents most of the Thyatian mages, who are worried, as the year 1000 approaches, and already some few items made are beginning to fail, causing them to try and find suitable explanations to the unamused Emperor and the noble ranks. The players are given special magical devices that can detect magical items made using this archaic enchantment method, and set off with a large list of potential owners and sources of items.

2) Java Conspiracy. Best introduced slowly into an already running campaign. The players begin to notice that a particular restaurant is showing up frequently in the ports of the Known World they frequent. They are coffee houses, nothing new to the players, but they serve an assortment of flavours and styles that are quite exotic. The company runs under a clan of Hin from the Minrothad Guilds known as the Starbucks. The players are eventually hired by any number of political groups in the city they're in to investigate the clan. The powers that be are suspicious that the normally insular Minrothad has changed their methods, are jealous of their success, suspicious of their ends, or all of the above.

Sorry, just had to get those out of my head. :)