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re Nov 4 post: Each of you is in charge of caring for a yet unknown beastie at the arcane zoological institute in Glantri City.


by Thomas F Watson III

AC: -1 , 1 if surprised 5% ; surprises foes 95%
HD: 24+24* , Size: L
Move: 90' (30) Flying: 60' (20)
Attacks: 3 claws/1 bite, or 3 weapons^ & bite
Damage: 1d6+2/1d6+2/1d6+2/1d4+2 or weapon(3^)/d4+2
No. Appearing: 1d12+2
Save As: F36 , immune to Methane Gas, Vorpal weapons, & Falling damage
Morale: 8
Treasure Type: A + 3 weapons
Intelligence: 8, Strength: 16(gave), Wisdom 12,
Dexterity: 12, Constitution: 16 to 18, Charisma: 9
Alignment: Neutral

Monster Type: Monster home-brew (Frequency: Rare)
Zookeepers' notes: strange omnivorous diet for this bulky creature. Prefers fog & gassy things, Doppleganger meat, and bones as snacks. Will eat Vampires & anyone else who use Gaseous Form. +2 on reaction rolls if fed. Drinks alcohol & soda pop with no impairment; drunk on methane. Live in clans; sleep during day in shifts of 4 hours each with 2/3 of group awake.
Physical: Multicolored relative of Xorn (an AD&D monster). 6' tall barrel body of 5' diameter. Head is hemispherical swivel (as R2D2 of Star Wars), mouth toothy on front, 3 eyes equally spaced. Walks on two 2' stumpy legs. Three 7' arms each with three fingers on hand. Flies via air jets in bottom; max altitude 2460' relative to nearest solid surface. Weight 474 pounds. Lifespan 300 years; adult at 30, old at 210 years. Keen hearing. Nearly no odor. Body heat within 2F of outside temperature means hard to spot even with infravision.
Enjoy guard duty. Detect Polymorphed & gaseous creatures 67% at 90' and 90% at 10'; detect Dopplegangers 23% and 30% respectively. Dislike combat. Wield 2 medium & 1 small weapon, or a single 2-handed (e.g. Longbow or Polearm) & 1 small (e.g. Short Sword). ^innate mastery of all weapons at Skilled level. Wear rings on ears & teeth as well as on fingers, so up to 3 at any time.
Speak own language of growls & crackles, as well as 8 words of Common (go, come, yes, no, surrender + points to creature; 3 more words vary by individual Zapgrr; if converted to AD&D also speak Xorn).
Magic uses for its parts: teeth for rock pick which works twice as fast as normal picks; eyes for glasses of detecting shapechanged beings.
Terrain: air, cities & towns, ruins, & underground.