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The Clan Domain of Zeamark

by Jacob Skytte

Zeamark is located at the centre of Noslo Island in the Kingdom of Ostland. It consists of six clear hexes. There is easy access to the waters of Zea Bay, and Zeamark lies fairly sheltered on all sides though winters can bring chill winds from the bay. Zeamark is Ostland's centre of power and the king can easily demand whatever he desires from his subjects, jarl or karl. The regular residents of Zeamark subsist on fishing and farming, the farmlands are good by Ostland standards, but crops can easily be lost to particularly harsh weather. Zeamark receives wood as "gifts" (taxes) from other domains, which the king's men sell to the inhabitants of the domain, and use for shipbuilding. Foreign traders can safely travel to Zeamark so long as they keep to the foreign compound, and don't offend the inhabitants. All Ostlanders safely visit Zeamark and will be welcomed in most households. The Royal Household does not raid, unless joining the Royal Brigades headquartered in the domain of Varmgard, but smaller local households sometimes host private raids.

Head of Domain: King Hord Dark-Eye rules this domain along with his bride Queen Yrsa the Young. Their great hall lies in the town of Zeaburg.

Population: Zeamark has a population of 20000 people. 6000 of these are thralls, 10000 are non-warrior freemen, and 4000 are warriors. 8000 people are armed and will fight if threatened. 900 of the warriors are the king's Personal Guard, an elite brigade, containing many noble heirs.


This town is the capital of Ostland. With 8000 inhabitants it is also the largest settlement of Ostland. The town is well defended by an impressive wall, and the harbour boasts hidden defences against enemy fleets. The Royal Compound itself is protected by another wall, and surrounded by barracks and the winter households of all the clans of Ostland. Zeaburg has never fallen in battle.

King Hord Dark-Eye

Neutral 28th level Fighter (Str 15, Int 12, Wis 11, Dex 15, Con 18, Cha 17, AC -1, hp 99)

Personality Traits: Modest/Proud 8/12, Peaceful/Violent 5/15

51 years old, Long grey hair and bushy beard, Green eyes

In his youth Hord was a true northman warrior. He craved only power and a good fight. The years have not treated him kindly, and he has become more of a scheming individual, wise on the world. He's still a great fighter, but he now spends most of his time on his throne watching the fights of his younger subordinates. In fact he encourages his subjects to fight among themselves, delighting in their competition.

Hord no longer cares much about the details of ruling as long as he remains in power, and so has left those details to people with a greater interest in those matters, such as his adviser Asgrim the Bowed, and his queen Yrsa Svalasdottir. Hord had a son, Alfgeir, but his bride, Stefania Torion, killed him on their wedding night. His first wife, Rhora Anlafsdottir, died in childbirth with the child lost as well 10 years ago. Hord then tried the traditional Ostland way of selecting an heir: Adopting the sons (and daughters) of his jarls into his household, but had yet to choose one as his heir, when he married Yrsa the Young, four years ago. In those four years, Yrsa has born two male children, and Hord is once again hoping to raise an heir of his own blood.

In battle Hord is clad in chain mail+5; absorption called "Freys Velsignelse" (the Blessing of Frey) and swings a battle axe+4; +7 vs. giantkind called "Jęttebane" (Giant's Bane).

Hord is married to Yrsa Svalasdottir called "the Young," and has two children by her: Finn Hordson (5) and Geir Hordson (4). Hord has many foster-brothers and -sisters.

Yrsa the Young

Neutral 8th level Cleric of Odin (Str 13, Int 16, Wis 18, Dex 11, Con 10, Cha 17, AC 2, hp 40)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 15/5, Peaceful/Violent 12/8, Courageous/Fearful 14/6, Energetic/Lazy 15/5, Dogmatic/Open-minded 5/15

25 years old, Long blond hair, Blue eyes

Yrsa was at an early age thrust into the machinations of political manoeuvring. When her mother Svala the Tall died, her half-sister Gunnhild Svalasdottir held her imprisoned to insure that she wouldn't claim the jarldom. However, even from her imprisonment Yrsa managed to reach King Hord and let him know of her devotion to him and the court. Intrigued, Hord had her brought before him, and was infatuated with her youthful vigour and beauty. Yrsa married King Hord, and quickly became pregnant with his child. Though she was the butt of many jokes at the time of her marriage, she has efficiently taken hold of the rule at court by playing the many factions against each other, and making wise alliances.

Yrsa's staunchest opponent is the king's adviser Asgrim the Bowed, who also covets the rule of the court. Yrsa has a vision that she feels will bring Ostland into the next century. One of her main concerns is that slavery be abolished, since to her it is the mark of a barbarian civilisation, a mark that she wishes to erase from Ostland. She has contacted several jarls in attempts to convince them to free their thralls, some have been receptive others have scorned her. Yrsa's half-sister has surprised her by becoming one of her strongest supports in court, and Yrsa is grateful but wary for now.

Yrsa wears an unnamed banded mail+2 at court since she has several enemies, and will defend herself with her spells if attacked. Yrsa also owns several Rune-inscribed objects, which she can use in her defence.

Asgrim the Bowed

Lawful 21st level Cleric of Odin (Str 11, Int 15, Wis 17, Dex 9, Con 12, Cha 15, AC 9, hp 59)

Personality Traits: Cautious/Rash 14/6, Reverent/Godless 16/4, Forgiving/Vengeful 3/17, Trusting/Suspicious 4/16, Dogmatic/Open-minded 18/2

41 years old, Light brown hair, Brown eyes

While Asgrim believes firmly in the traditionalist rule of Ostland, and is actually loyal to the king, he does want to be the power behind the throne. Since he became the king's closest adviser 10 years ago, he has promoted traditional values, and furthered the causes of his own priesthood. It was Asgrim who ruled when the king was absent during raiding or warfare, and he used these times to solidify his own rule. Asgrim quickly gained rank within the priesthood of Odin, and he is now the highest-ranking godi of Odin in Ostland, some say in the whole world.

While it may seem that Asgrim is mostly motivated by self-interest and greed this is not wholly the case. He truly believes that Ostland will be better off with traditional strict values and laws, and is thus a staunch opponent of Queen Yrsa's ideas of modernising Ostland. While the two are not in open conflict, both work behind the scenes to gain support, Yrsa more openly than Asgrim.

Asgrim is called "the Bowed" both because of his crippled back and because this is the position he most often assumes when near the king. Asgrim is not a fighter, but carries a mace+3 called "Hellighed" (Holiness) and can adequately defend himself with his spells should he be attacked. Besides, he has many followers that will quickly come to his aid, and he has the favour of Odin. Asgrim knows several Runes, and owns a large collection of Rune-inscribed objects.

Asgrim is not married, but treats the temple of Odin as his home and its godar as his family.