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Inner Circle Gaz 8: Kingdom of Zeshuita

by Giulio Caroletti

Area: 59,183 sq km

Population: 89,760 (85% rakasta, 15% humans)

Government Type: Zeshuita is a Kingdom, though it is called a "city-state", and is ruled by a King. The King is leader of the army, fixes taxes and decides how to use them; he is supported by a Council, who is the only one to have rights in the foreign policy. The Council is composed by 60 rakasta (30 elected throughout Zeshuita by the two main cities and the villages, and 30 noblemen), and 12 humans elected in the two cities.

Important Figures: King Aori IV

Description: Zeshuita was an ancient Rakastan city who managed to get a quite big territory west of Wolven and south of Selemy. It is not heavily populated: most rakasta live in small villages, who control farmlands and pastures for an area of several square kilometres each. An interesting feature of Zeshuita is the lynx farming, conducted in the mountains located in the eastern portion of the land. The lynxes are used as pet animals by many rakasta of the Inner Circle, and are fancied by the aristocracies of all Nentsun. Although lynxes are also bred in regions of the Outer Circle, it seems that the rakasta of Zeshuita are the best lynx trainers of Nentsun.
A consistent community of humans live in the nation, although they are mostly concentrated in the two cities of Mishiphura (pop. 11,300, 60% rakasta) and the capital Zeshuita (23,000, 70% rakasta).