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Zherah Hearth Stone

by Alex Benson

The Zherah Hearth is a utility magical item used to heat and clean baths. One stone can properly maintain a bath measuring 10 ft. by 10 ft. The stone can vary the water temperature from 40 degrees (F) to 160 degrees (F). The stone continuously cleans the water.

Description: Zherah Hearth Stones are fairly common, both in Alphatian and Thyatian lands. Design and size varies based on maker, region, and owner's personal taste. Most Hearth Stones are set on pedestals in the centre of the bath pool. Decoration and adornment are often used, however most tend to be designed to melt in with the architecture of the room and bath.

Zherah Stones vary. One example includes the one used by the mage Talma. It is shaped like a silver serving bowl and permanently affixed to a pedestal in the centre of the bathing pool. The stone is activated by filling the bowl with delicacies. Therefore, the Zherah unit acts as a functional serving table for the bath users.

Historical Lore: With their various invasions of Thyatis and familiarity with the Thothians, Alphatians began to adopt the premise of the relaxing bath. Alphatian magic was used to maintain these waters, instead of the Thyatian use of aqueducts, water heater rooms, and labour intensive cleaning.

The Alphatian design was quickly adopted within Alphatian and Thothian lands. And it was not long before the Thyatians too adopted the premise.

DMs Notes: The Hearth Stones are a household utility magic item. It's for atmosphere and demonstrative of magically rich environments. The purpose is to simply maintain the waters of a bath, whatever the shape, powers and costs can easily vary.