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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Zilaria was born 82 years ago but is still very very young. Part of the explanation to this could be that she is not human, but rather belongs to the long-lived race of the sphinx. She has seen more of the world than most humans have but still travels a lot, wishing to see more wonders.
Personality: Zilaria is your typical inquisitive sphinx, though much rasher than an elderly sphinx is. Her parents tried to impart her with their collective knowledge but she didn't seem to grasp any of the common sense bits. Despite her age, she acts like a human teenager, thinking she knows more than she does and getting into all sorts of troubles as a result. She is a very nice soul though and tries her hardest not to appear fearsome to strangers, trying to befriend anyone. Unfortunately many see her as a rather frightening being and bolt upon seeing her. This always saddens her, as do the frequent attacks by those who see her as a menace. She would much rather flee than fight in such situations.
Appearance: Zilaria looks no different from an older sphinx, being fully grown. She can appear both menacing and majestic though she tries for neither look. She wishes there were some way for her to hide her race's features and blend into human societies so to marvel at them better.
DMing notes: Zilaria would be a very loyal friend to a party and a good source of knowledge (she has seen quite a bit of this world and was taught much by her loving parents whom she still meets every few years). She also may be targeted by big game hunters, circus managers looking for a new 'act' or other sorts of troublemakers.
Combat Notes: She is a 0-level sphinx of 2 HD (-2.9 M XP). AC 4 (skin, dexterity bonus); hp 18; at 3; D 1-2/1-2/1-6; save F4; ML 9; Al N; S 12, I 10, W 8, D 13, Co 17, Ch 12. Languages: Skycommon, Glantrian. General Skills: Storytelling (Ch), Singing (Ch), Danger Sense (W), Knowledge (Glantri) (I)