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by Mischa E Gelman

History: Zraaz is 92 years old, having been born in the wilds of the Hinterlands long before Thyatian intrusion. He lived a typical tabi life until that time, when he was caught by a military patrol. Unfamiliar with tabis, they decided to keep him for interrogation and experimentation. He escaped from their clutches, but wound up with a sinister merchant, who dealt him to the Ierendi, placement in Safari Island. He now lives in those wilderness preserves, seeking a way home.

Personality: Zraaz is not your typical inquisitive tabi, primarily because he frankly has seen more of the world than many tabi and doesn't want any more of it. He just wants to return to his homeland jungles and live a quiet, peaceful life of hunting. His only solace is the friendship he has developed with some of the monkeys of Safari Island. He seeks any way off of the tourist heaven and his personal heck.

Appearance: Zraaz would have been a fairly typical tabi in terms of looks, but is scarred from the Thyatian experiments along the forehead. His wings were also cut, preventing him from flying. This is a crippling blow to his ego, and he dearly seeks a healer who could repair the damage.

Combat Notes: He is a Normal Monster. AC 7; hp 20; at 2 talons; D d4, d4 plus poison, save MU5; ML 11; Al C; S 10, I 12, W 9, D 11, Co 12, Ch 8. Languages: Monkey, Ape, Chaotic, Common, Thyatian, Ierendi. General Skills: Direction Sense (W), Evade (D), Knowledge (Hinterland animal life) (I), Knowledge (Safari Island geography) (I). Thief Skills: PP 40, MS 40, HS 40.

DMing Notes: Zraaz can be the PCs' introduction to the tabi race, encouraging adventures in the Hinterlands. He could try to work out a deal to get help escaping Safari Island, willing to barter his assistance for a period in return for freedom. He seeks revenge at his former Thyatian captors and can lend a claw to those who would oppose the large empire.