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Zuyevo (Empire of)

Location: Continent of Brun, Yalu River Basin. WB

Area: 520,000 sq. mi. (1,346,800 sq. km.).

Population: 1,656,000.

Languages: The Zuyevans speak a derivative of an ancient Antalian language that shares a 45% commonality with Heldannic with a slight hint of Ethengar influence.

Coinage: Dvina (gp), vaska (sp), kiven (cp).

Taxes: 25% tax on the income of peasants (much of which is paid in kind or through servitude) and merchants and 10% on the nobility.

Government Type: Autocratic imperial monarchy.

Industries: Agriculture, hunting, fur trading, logging, conquest, mining (gold, silver, tin, electrum, copper, iron), alcohol production.

Important Figures: Andrei III (Tsar), Vasily Stolbov (Minister of State).

Flora and Fauna: Being a northern land with rich soils, Zuyevo hosts a wide variety of plant life. Towards the south, grasslands and steppes predominate, while in the north, and towards the foothills of the Endworld Line, great forests cover the land, culminating in the immense Tunguska Forest, which is primarily coniferous. Towards the central regions of Zuyevo, the vast stands of evergreens give way to forests of maple, poplar, and aspen. Interspersed with the various mundane plants can be found grab grass (in the steppes), and strangle vines (hanging from branches in the southern forests).

Zuyevo is also home to a wide variety of animal life, including deer, mink, beavers, foxes, and wolves. Various humanoids found within Zuyevo include troglodytes, goblins, gnomes, some elves (in the Tunguska Forest), and a large number of hill and mountain giants in the Endworld Line, as well as the occasional red dragon. Some fey races have been sighted in the forests north of Archangelsk. Centaur tribes live in the south near the Yezchamenid Empire.

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Last Year's Events: The undead attack was finally broken, but the demon Joramurrak continued to terrorise Zuyevo. The tsar finally discovered and put an end to at least part of the Hulean activity in his empire, though the exact amount of Hulean infiltration of the government remains uncertain.