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First Week

Eirmont 1, AC 1017: The Sisterhood Strikes.

Location: Waters south of Town of Puerto Morillos, Merry Pirate Seas. HW

Description: The cutter Vanity, one of many ships owned by Handlebar Emilio, is hailed by a distraught crew of women at sea. They are struggling with the sails of their brigantine, the Damsel's Revenge. The Vanity sails in to help and are greatly amused at the sight of the women sailors. Of course, they enthusiastically offer their assistance, flirting and romancing the entire time. Suddenly, the women turn on them and quickly capture their ship, showing no quarter in battle. Those who surrender are flogged and then thrown into the sea. The Vanity's captain is whipped ruthlessly by Felicia Marlinspike and then towed behind the revenge until drowned. (See Am. 27, Sv. 9; Ka. 12.)

What This Means: Felicia is putting her Sisters of the Sea into action. She has been brooding over King Emilio's reputation as a womaniser and has declared her own private war on all vessels that bear his colours. She is a vicious woman not to be trifled with. Her temper flared at the demeaning manner of the Vanity's crew, so she made them all pay with their lives. Now the sisters have another ship to assist with their cause. Felicia will begin searching for more women sailors to crew the Vanity.

Eirmont 2, AC 1017: Forget What-Whose Is It?

Location: Tower of Linden, Principality of Bergdhoven, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: After several days of sickness, Princess Juliana Vlaardoen can no longer deny the truth of her situation: she is pregnant. She is frantic and unable to decide what to do. The servants are already beginning to suspect something is wrong with her; the Black Eagle and Feldian are demanding to see her; and she cannot possibly turn to her uncle, who would be scandalised by the knowledge. She knows that she cannot keep things secret for long, but she is wracked with guilt, torn by love, and has no one to turn to. (See Fy. 16, Am. 24; Ei. 10.)

What This Means: This is an unexpected and unfortunate development. If the child is the Black Eagle's, then he has finally gained a foothold of sorts in the nobility of Glantri. If it is Feldian's, then the Black Eagle will not rest until the man is destroyed, and the knowledge is kept hidden forever.

Eirmont 2, AC 1017: Zargosian Too.

Location: Tower of Night, Milenian Empire. HW

Description: A horrified Zandor discovers that he has contracted the disease that plagues the Zargosians. He is understandably furious, and though he isn't sure yet he suspects a magical plague brought by the relic he has finally started to work on, the Book of Zargos. It will be almost impossible to get away from the Zargosians now, and his only hope is to delve even more into the Book of Zargos, as it may contain the cure to his condition.

Vix, content that Zandor is now one of them, and thus forced to keep on working for them-and this time, for the benefit of the Zargosians and not just his own-feels confident about leaving the Zargosians again to pursue her own path for a while. (See Sv. 6, Sv. 9; Ei. 12.)

What This Means: The disease is brought on by the Book of Zargos: victims become susceptible to the sun's rays, losing one hit point per round of exposure. Those afflicted by the disease also slowly change over time: their skin pales, their eyes become sunken, and their lips pull back from their teeth in a sort of parody of a grin. In the end, victims look like undead. Zandor has become vulnerable to the sun's rays, but does not yet change to look like an undead.

Eirmont 2, AC 1017: First Spade Has Been Dug.

Location: Town of Tenoboa, Kingdom of Foresthome, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Queen Kikania opens the beginning of work at the first section of the rim canal from Llyn River to Tenoboa harbour. Again it is a crew under Lord Abolon that will do the work. (See Sv. 10, Sv. 14; Ei. 17, Ka. 2.)

What This Means: Of course this is an important day for the whole canal-building project-the work on the first section has really begun now. And the project continues...

What the PCs Can Do: The foes of the project might use the day for open protest. The PCs might be hired to keep a close watch on troublemakers. This is more difficult than it sounds as the real foes are aristocrats who will hide in the background, letting hired commoners do the actual protest for them. To find out for whom a protesting servant is working could help-but perhaps not, if the initiators went to the trouble of concealing their meddling.

Eirmont 2, AC 1017: Justiciar Institute Exposed?

Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: Investigations of the so-called Justiciar Institute have produced more questions than they've answered. The foundation is based in a small but elegant, classical building in the heart of the city of Thyatis. It is run by a small but dedicated staff. The chairman of the foundation is an elven woman, a forester by the name of Aseanna Halasophora, who is well-regarded in the highest social circles of the empire and is believed to have studied for a time under the tutelage of Demetrion, the Magist of Thyatis. The foundation is supposedly governed by a body of councillors, but with the exception of Halasophora no one has been able to discover their identities or how they gained the position.

The Justiciar Institute was first registered as an institution on the Flaurmont 22, AC 1012-which happens to be the day Emperor Thincol Torion was buried. Since then, till this year, the foundation largely kept a low profile. Their official purpose is to spread and renew the ideals of Valentia the Justiciar in preparation of the millennial celebration of her famous Citizens' Proclamation. Promotional and cultural affairs seemed to be the focus of their activities. As such they were one of dozens of seemingly minor fraternal organisations in Thyatis, and a not very noteworthy one at that.

However, their recent widespread grants and endowments have indicated that they have much greater resources than originally expected. Also it is learned that over the last several years they have, usually clandestinely, sponsored adventures and other strange activities, usually with ramifications that only become fully understood in time. Most of these have somehow benefited Thyatian interests in positive ways, but others have exposed and thwarted corrupt Thyatian officials and treacherous aristocrats and traders. They have given gifts that sometimes seem at first to be beneficial to the recipients, but later some of this generosity ends up leading to ruin. The Justiciar Institute also seems to go to great lengths to hide the details of its resources, organisation and membership. (See Am. 19, Sv. 9)

What This Means: The Justiciar Institute is a seemingly innocuous organisation with a hidden agenda: it is not quite what it seems to be. It has at its disposal a number of powerful and skilled characters, in the full range of classes (fighters, mages, rogues, clerics, etc.), but few of these are politically or socially prominent. Its goals seem to be positive, but as an institution it is not opposed to using borderline methods to achieve them (i.e. engaging in the kind of activities PCs are good at). But, unlike many Thyatian persons and organisations, it avoids recourse to treachery, and is actively opposed to all sorts of corruption (especially in its own ranks).

It has a wide and mostly underground network of agents, contacts, and informants at its disposal, and usually knows a lot more about things than any group should-its information and knowledge of the goings on in Mystara is uncanny.

What the PCs Can Do: Characters might learn that some of the seemingly innocuous, independent patrons that have engaged their services in the past are actually connected somehow to the Justiciar Institute. Honourable characters might be drawn into working for the foundation, either full time or as freelance operatives, once they have uncovered enough of the truth behind the foundation's activities. Characters who are more shady in their dealings might find their plans and schemes being interfered with, subtly or more actively, by foundation agents.

Eirmont 2, AC 1017: A Joyous Sight!

Location: Village of Olmshavn (formerly Olmshaven), Kingdom of Qeodhar, Nayce. AS

Description: Norlan's ongoing offensive against the Antalian rebellion mounts to a crescendo today, as elements of the two forces-totalling 400 men in all-under his control converge on the port of Olmshavn in the hopes of linking up. The battle is fierce, as archers rain arrows down on the village, and small catapults lob boulders at the makeshift walls surrounding it. The defenders inflict their share of damage, too, as squads of skirmishers dart in and around the besieging forces in order to wreak havoc; many catapults are destroyed in this way. A heavy mist, hanging low above the ground, makes the fighting all the more vicious as assailants seem to appear out of thin air to deal death to the enemy. As the battle progresses, though, it becomes clear that Norlan's forces will soon push their way past the defences into the village.

Just as some particularly fierce fighting erupts along the southern portion of Olmshavn's wall, loud shouting is heard nearby. Norlan's officers, thinking reinforcements have arrived to hasten the village's fall, press their advantage with renewed vigour. As tense moments pass, it soon becomes clear that the newly arrived force is not, in fact, on the Qeodharan side! Clashes of steel and screams of agony and death erupt along the eastern wall, making their way southwestwards. As the Qeodharans regroup in anticipation of this new threat-surely an Antalian counterattack-they receive a rude shock, for, instead of rebel fighters, they see a large band of eager, battle-scarred Northmen, competently wielding axes and swords!

The Qeodharan response to the assault is well coordinated, but insufficient. Accustomed to the relative ease of battling the rebels, or of countering the more disciplined armies in Norwold the previous year, they are unprepared for the sheer ferocity of their new opponents. Although they manage to inflict some losses, it soon becomes apparent that the Qeodharans must quit the field, or be killed outright! Just as the Qeodharans withdraw, however, they come face-to-face with a second force of Northmen, coming southwards around the western wall of Olmshavn! Seeing that they are now the besieged, the Qeodharans surrender.

As they are being disarmed, one Northman approaches the village, and calls loudly to its defenders, saying that they need not fear the Qeodharans anymore, for Ostland has come to aid its brethren. (See Am. 10, Am. 22; Ei. 27.)

What This Means: King Finn of Ostland, after considerable deliberation, decided that the Antalians of Qeodhar should receive aid, not only because they are of the same folk; having an ally in that region of the world might prove useful. The Ostlander-Antalian victory at Olmshavn has cost Norlan considerably in terms of casualties and prisoners, and has delayed his plans to encircle the rebel forces in eastern Qeodhar. Other considerations affecting Finn's decision, however, will become apparent only with time.

What the PCs Can Do: If the PCs are Ostlanders, they could be part of the force that voyages to Qeodhar. This could serve as the springboard into a campaign against Norlan's forces.

Eirmont 2, AC 1017: From Bad to Worse.

Location: North of Town of Telsadun, Kingdom of Randel, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: General Taghist is informed that scouts have spotted Randel troops but a few hours' ride from the encampment. Meeting with his remaining officers, Taghist discusses with them the situation. It does not look very good. Though they still have a numerical superiority over the immediate Randel force, the recent raid has compromised their strengths. Taghist expects that without proper leadership, a battle could be disastrous. Even if they defeat this immediate Randel force, they may not be able to continue fighting. Taghist cites specific fears that the Randel formation nearby may be reinforced. Taghist does not want to get caught in Randel in such a compromising state.

It is decided that their force will retreat back to the Randel Line. Taghist's amputated hand is healing, however he needs to get back to Bettellyn lands so that the proper spells can be cast to restore the hand. The depleted officer staff disperses through the camp and tells the men to begin preparing to retreat. As if to support the decision, it is quickly noticed that even a withdrawal is difficult to manage with the current number of officers.

As the Bettellyn forces withdraw, the Randel forces follow them, staying just within eyesight. The sight of these troops plays heavily on the fears of the troops, who are haunted and furtive. The Bettellyn officers are hard-pressed to keep the troops in some semblance of order, as many flee for their lives. The coming days will see the Randel troops following them in this manner to the Randel Line. From there, they will disperse to reinforce positions. The regular armed forces regiments will deploy to Dmireton. The Telsadun and Dmiliburg troops will return to their respective stations. (See Sv. 21, Sv. 24; Ei. 20, Ka. 6.)

Eirmont 3, AC 1017: Vestland Issues Protest.

Location: Town of Soderfjord, Kingdom of Soderfjord. OW

Description: Ambassadors from the Kingdom of Vestland issue formal protests against the recent raids by Soderfjord warriors, and demand that King Ragnar put a stop to them. If he cannot control his jarls, they contend, then Vestland will view the raids as an act of war, and bring its full forces to bear. They also keenly remind King Ragnar that Vestland is now a part of the Western Defence League, and the alliance looks unfavourably on any such threats of invasion. Ragnar tells the ambassadors to assure King Haraldson that the raids were unsanctioned, and that he will put a stop to them right away. (See Sv. 25; Ei. 20.)

What This Means: Ragnar is incensed by the independent thinking of the northern border jarls, and he is furious that he is being bullied by Vestland. He is also very aware of Vestland's alliances, and though it is unlikely the Western Defence League nations would declare war on Soderfjord for the independent actions of a few minor jarls, Ragnar cannot take that chance. He immediately sends word to the jarls that their raids are not tolerated, and that they must cease or he will have to take further action.

Eirmont 3, AC 1017: Settling in for the Winter.

Location: Kulikovo Fortress, Zuyevan Empire. WB

Description: Zuyevo has finally gathered together a large army at Sharya, which crosses the Yalu River to Kulikovo in the face of considerable resistance. This consists mostly of artillery fire, but also sudden appearances of undead from under the river, clawing their way onto the transport barges. The troops manage to fight off these attacks and reach the other shore. The undead dragons are, to their surprise, not seen. The Zuyevan forces surround the fortress, trapping Don Claudio's troops within it. They then settle in for a long siege. (See Sv. 11, Sv. 27.)

What This Means: Hostilities will continue next year.

Eirmont 5, AC 1017: Leaving Town in a Hurry.

Location: City of Slagovich, Gulf of Hule. SC

Description: The ships of the Thyatian exploratory trade expedition departs the city of Slagovich, sailing north towards Hule. They have managed to glean some useful information (including knowledge of the much-coveted maintain spell), and hired a few Torreóner mercenaries that will be of further use. But the commander received instructions to proceed on to Hule. (See Sv. 7, Sv. 13; Ei. 17, Ka. 23.)

What This Means: The expedition was on the verge of wearing out its welcome in Slagovich anyhow. Yesterday they received instructions to proceed to Hule, to try and make contact with them, find out more about the place, and attempt to negotiate some kind of settlement. They were warned not to expect a warm welcome, because of Thyatis' recent intervention in Sind.

Eirmont 5, AC 1017: Duelling Barons.

Location: City of Glantri, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: The event of the year is taking place at the Great School of Magic. Today is the day of the great three-way duel for the title of Viscount of Castelbianco. Prince Harald Haaskinz, Grand Master of the Great School, starts the match promptly at noon, and the contestants square off against one another, as well as the numerous obstacles (both magical and physical) that were specially prepared for the arena.

After brief magical exchanges to test one another's strength, Pieter Vandehaar and Vincienzo di Randazzi suddenly turn their combined magicks against Gerrid Rientha-a double team. Both men know that their best chance lays in taking out the more gifted Rientha, and then duelling it out amongst themselves with whatever spells they have left.

Not completely unprepared for such an eventuality, Gerrid bravely and competently stands his ground, countering the assaults of his opponents and even managing to fire off an attack of his own here and there. The crowd watches in entertainment as the assault continues; Prince Harald clenches his withered hand in frustration at the brutal attack on his friend. Things look bad; Randazzi and Vandehaar work well together, tossing complementary spells off at Rientha, covering for the other when one of the court dangers rears up to attack or block them.

Inevitably, Rientha's defences give out. He is hit solidly by a pair of incapacitating spells, and they bring him to his knees helpless. His paralysed lungs cannot even cry out his surrender. As Vandehaar moves in to finish off Rientha, a brace of magic missiles fly towards his exposed back; a double cross by Vincienzo di Randazzi.

Awaiting just such a betrayal (he'd have done the same), Vandehaar smiles as the magic missiles wash ineffectively off a special rear shield spell. Then Vandehaar's own backup plan goes into action. A pair of shadow mastiffs-two more of the court hazards, but specially geased by an ally of Vandehaar's prior to the match-appear from the shadows and attack, overwhelming the exhausted Randazzi.

Vandehaar turns back to Rientha, ready to do him in. He raises his hand to cast a disintegrate spell... but nothing happens. The incantation is gone from memory, just as if he'd already cast it, but there was no effect. He tries another spell, with the same effect. His magic is not working. Vandehaar glares angrily around the court. Is this Randazzi's doing? No, he's too busy trying to hold back the ripping jaws of a shadow mastiff. Rientha? Yet the old man is still paralysed, unable to move. So who?

Meanwhile the crowd is howling, calling for more. Finish it! They are shouting. Vandehaar curses, and heads towards Prince Harald's seat, preparing to call this a foul match. Someone is interfering with his magic.

At that moment, Rientha's body begins to glow blue, ever so faintly. A moan escapes his lips; his hand flexes. The paralysis has worn off. Vandehaar turns towards the sound, positive now that Rientha is indeed responsible. He charges Rientha, grabbing him by the throat. The crowd roars in disbelief-physical contact between duellists is forbidden. Harald begins to rise, to declare the match over, but then...

Vandehaar's hands slowly unclench themselves, moving reluctantly to his sides. He watches in disbelief as his body moves without his conscious volition. Rientha glares daggers at his opponent even as he controls Vandehaar's body. He raises one hand-sparks fly out and send painful shocks through the Flaemish wizard. Vandehaar falls to the ground, unconscious.

Rientha stands, shakes his head. He is confused, trying to process all that has happened. A cry of pain draws his attention. Randazzi is being badly clawed by the one shadow mastiff that he has not yet dispatched. Rientha casually disintegrates the beast.

Gerrid walks over towards Randazzi, who still lays bleeding on the floor of the court. The two men exchange a silent glance, and Randazzi shakes his head. No more, is the silent plea. Rientha extends his hand, and helps the young Caurenzan noble to his feet. The crowd bursts into manic applause. Gerrid Rientha is the new Viscount of Castelbianco. (See Sv. 12, Sv. 20.)

What This Means: Rientha is the man of the hour in Glantri; his performance in the arena will be the talk of the town for several weeks. The defeated Randazzi holds no malice towards the new viscount-just the opposite; he is grateful for Rientha's timely rescue.

Vandehaar, on the other hand, is in a bind. His magic continues to fail him. Rientha claims that he had nothing to do with it, and so does Randazzi, but Vandehaar doesn't believe them. He vows vengeance on the pair of them, and throw in that Grand Master of the Great School of Magic, Prince Harald as well. Vandehaar has to find a way to get his magic back, or else he'll be out of his baronial title.

Additionally, Vandehaar faces criminal charges for violating the terms of the duel (no physical conduct) and there will be an investigation into charges of cheating. Tampering with the nature of the Duelling Court (as happened with the geased shadow mastiffs) is strictly forbidden. Vandehaar is confident it cannot be traced to him, but he is infuriated by the scandal.

Meanwhile, Prince Harald and Gerrid Rientha are both a bit worried. They know exactly why Pieter Vandehaar cannot use his magic, even if they cannot (or will not) say: Vandehaar has been cut off from the Radiance. It is a powerful spell, one only useable by someone indoctrinated into the ways of the Radiance, but neither of them used it during the battle. Further, Rientha's sudden recovery was also a result of the Radiance's powers, but was not initiated by Rientha himself. Someone out there used the Radiance against Vandehaar, but who? A member of the Brotherhood of the Radiance? Or someone else? Is there someone else who might have secret knowledge of the Radiance? And what is their interest in the affairs of the Glantrian nobility?

Eirmont 5, AC 1017: A Talk in the Lobby.

Location: City of Andaire, Kingdom of Alphas'ar, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Lord Torn from Theranderol meets Solturnun in the lobby of the Grand Council. He asks him if the Navy of the Lakes could realise a canal project for Theranderol too. Solturnun is unsure as many funds and manpower of the navy are bound by the three ongoing projects-an important charge already. He estimates that the real work could start no earlier than in 1019. Torn asks him to send an emissary this month nevertheless, and Solturnun promises to send the request to the headquarters as soon as possible. (See Sv. 17, Sv. 21; Ei. 15, Ei. 18.)

What This Means: Theranderol has the same problems as every other coastal nation. Additionally, they see a military advantage in new waterways. Unfortunately the resources of the Navy of the Lakes are not unlimited, but the sailors will do what they can as the enlargement of waterways on the continent is a big wish of them.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs can become part of the negotiation teams.

Eirmont 7, AC 1017: Angel of Music.

Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: A new star rises in the firmament of the Thyatian theatre district when a previously unknown chorus girl is suddenly and inexplicably selected to replace the lead actress, and notorious prima donna, at the opening performance of a major opera. The actress's crystalline soprano singing voice and delicately expressive acting wins her instant acclaim and fame.

What This Means: The young star's success isn't all due to skill. A shrouded creature that haunts the building, known as the theatre ghost, threatened the opera's backers into giving her the leading role. She hopes to make her own way now on her considerable talent, but over the following months gets caught up in a bizarre and macabre love triangle.

What the PCs Can Do: Characters might be hired as ghost busters by the opera's backers and get drawn into the tale.

Second Week

Eirmont 8, AC 1017: Underway Once More.

Location: Southern Atlass Ocean. HW

Description: Having effected repairs and obtained more supplies, the group led by Friedrich von Dreiburg continues its journey, leaving the Island of Okta. (See Am. 4, Am. 24.)

What This Means: No further mishaps were encountered on the island, but everyone is glad to leave nonetheless-the place had acquired an unsettling atmosphere once word spread of the dangerous inhabitant of the mountain.

Eirmont 8, AC 1017: Thyatian Punitive Expedition Invades Dythestenia.

Location: Emirate of Dythestenia, Emirates of Ylaruam. OW

Description: The Imperial Senate of Thyatis issues a declaration of war against Ylaruam. Immediately several thousand Thyatians, consisting of the Hespirian Tagmata, its baggage column, and several hundred Thyatian brigands, march out of the pass of Biazzan and into Dythestenia. The brigands spread out through the Emirate of Dythestenia, looting and burning, while the main Thyatian column marches to Ctesiphon and puts it under siege. (See Am. 14; Ei. 18, Ei. 21.)

What This Means: This is the beginning of the Thyatian campaign to punish Ylaruam for its previous attacks against Thyatis. The band of brigands, numbering around 300 persons, had been operating in the southern Altan Tepes for years. They were recently cornered by imperial troops and approached with a proposition-they could be killed and enslaved if they resisted, or they could move into Ylaruam to continue their thieving ways, with the support of the Thyatian army. They chose the latter.

The Thyatian forces will build a fortified camp outside Ctesiphon, set up siege artillery, and begin to batter the walls with occasional pot-shots. They do not conduct any assaults, and seem content to wait until the small town is starved into submission. Their camp is situated so as to allow easy supply and communication to and from Biazzan.

In Ylaruam, when the sultan hears of the attack, he orders his troops to march to the relief of Ctesiphon.

What the PCs Can Do: Characters can participate in the war on both sides, sabotaging the other side's efforts and attempting to advance their own cause.

Eirmont 10, AC 1017: My Dear Friend...

Location: Fenswick Keep, Principality of Fenswick, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: Princess Juliana Vlaardoen can keep silent about her pregnancy no more. Having had it confirmed by a trusted physician, she now turns to the only person she feels might understand her situation-her dear friend Dolores Hillsbury. The Princess of Fenswick is indeed consoling and compassionate, supporting Juliana through several painful days. Yet as soon as Juliana leaves, Dolores makes plans to inform her ally, the Black Eagle, of this development. (See Am. 24, Ei. 2.)

What This Means: Dolores is no friend of Juliana's. She is the one responsible for providing the Black Eagle with the enchantment that made Juliana fall in love with him. Now that she knows of the pregnancy, she will provide von Hendriks with the necessary information and resources to ensure that Feldian is destroyed, all the while attempting to convince Juliana that she must wed the Black Eagle.

Eirmont 12, AC 1017: Armies Clash.

Location: Countryside, Kingdom of Arkan, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: The armies of Stonewall clash with the Arkan and Foresthome armies. Although the new allies haven't coordinated their attack very well, the opposition is just too great and General Selcomad is eventually forced to stop his advance and retreat to the last encampment his army had set up. (See Sv. 11, Sv. 19; Ka. 15, Ka. 17.)

What This Means: The combined forces of Arkan and Foresthome have been successful-the advance of the Stonewall war machine has been halted, and General Selcomad is forced to consider his options now, which gives Arkan additional time to plan its defence with its new allies from Foresthome. In the next couple of weeks, there will be many casualties in the confrontations, but Stonewall is losing more soldiers than it expected, and is slowly forced to withdraw.

What the PCs Can Do: There is plenty of opportunity for the PCs to participate in these battles, on either side. The DM should feel free to add as many confrontations as desired.

Eirmont 12, AC 1017: Feeding Cantrips to Dogs.

Location: Tower of Night, Milenian Empire. HW

Description: Zandor, now suffering from the same curse as the Zargosians, informs them of his latest discoveries springing from his focused work on the Book of Zargos. He reports having deciphered several new spells from the book, and promises to spend some time teaching the Zargosians how to use those parts of the unholy book, while he continues his researches. (See Sv. 9, Ei. 2; Ka. 4, Ka. 11.)

What This Means: Zandor, of course, is lying about the extent of his discoveries. In reality, what he gives the Zargosians now is only the tip of the iceberg, the magics that are mere cantrips to a wizard like him and that, thanks to his former knowledge, were easy enough to crack. For the Zargosians, though, they seem like powerful magics, hitherto unknown, and thus Zandor's deception passes undetected. Zandor intends to distillate reports of his findings, thus allowing to keep a comfortable advance at all times, and in the meantime he grinds his teeth and augments his spellbook, planning his revenge.

Eirmont 12, AC 1017: Caligaris.

Location: Village of Caligaris, Great Escarpment, Isle of Dawn. SD

Description: The Thyatian archaeological expedition led by Ennius Necrekis reaches the phanaton village of Caligaris this afternoon. Caligaris is a small phanaton village located in the central forest of the Isle of Dawn. After some discussions and offerings of payment, the Thyatians convince the phanatons to give them hostel for the night. During the evening meal, Ennius asks the phanaton chief if he knows of a strange idol that looks like a cross between a wolf and a spider. The chief nods, and after a promise of more gifts and barter items, Ennius is taken to a small shrine where several weird items are collected. Although most of them are useless rubbish, Ennius and Rudolf Neuenberg, the only two allowed in the sanctuary, recognise the idol for the one that triggered their interest in the village. They also notice some art objects that seem very old, and of ancient Thyatian design. Quite puzzled by the discovery, the scholars decide to remain in the village to do further investigations, and maybe some excavation too. (See Fe. 13, Am. 7; Ka. 3, Ka. 12.)

What This Means: Ennius is searching for arcane knowledge based on his researches in ancient mystical texts, but his reasons and goals remain hidden.

Eirmont 12, AC 1017: Duel in Torreón.

Location: Town of Ciudadela de León, Baronía de Torreón. SC

Description: The two Bellaynish ambassadors of Bellayne posted to Torreón are both attending a dinner hosted by Baronesa Isabel when they get into a fiery argument about the situation in Bellayne. After a shouted exchange from each of them, mataras are drawn and they both leap into combat. Baronesa Isabel takes a dim view of this and has her guards come in and break the fight up. Both ambassadors are then thrown out the baronesa's manor and told to cool off. (See Sv. 20, Sv. 27; Ei. 25, Ei. 25.)

What This Means: It seems that certain opinionated rakasta don't know when to hold their tongues. Perhaps on reflection having both ambassadors in the same room was a bad idea anyway.

What the PCs Can Do: Characters who happen to be nearby and who have good reputations may be asked to act as seconds in the duel.

Eirmont 13, AC 1017: Reptile Knights Face Their Fate.

Location: Village of Tsya, Grand Duchy of Stygia. WB

Description: The group of adventurers and mercenaries sent by the Klagorst Confederacy and led by Andrzej Vatacek, the Master of the Adventurers' Guild of Grawyz, finally find the Reptile Knights, who are raiding the village of Tsya, in Stygia. They have taken more than one month to find them, usually arriving late, after villages have been raided; sometimes, they have met monsters unleashed by the Reptile Knights and dealt with them. Two days ago, the expedition was finally able to locate their enemy's position, and they have force-marched themselves in order to reach them in time.

The battle is long and fierce, but in the end most of the Reptile Knights are captured or killed. Andrzej and his 20 companions become heroes of the troglodyte population. (See Am. 27, Sv. 1.)

What This Means: Of the 22 remaining Reptile Knights, 14 are dead. Five have been captured, and three have managed to escape. Of the members of the expedition, 12are dead, and three are seriously injured, but the dead will be resurrected, if possible.

What the PCs Can Do: Presumably the PCs will fight, kill, cast spells, attack, defend, et cetera.

Eirmont 13, AC 1017: Welcome to the Islands.

Location: City of Seagirt, Exarchate of the Pearl Islands, Thyatian Empire. SD

Description: Julius Ambrosius' Davanian expeditionary flotilla docks in Seagirt, after surveying more of the Jungle Coast. Deciding that he ought to make use of the local amenities, he arranges for messengers to send his accumulated reports to the emperor, including accounts of encounters with hostile jungle orcs, and the discovery of the wreckage of the Stinging Bee, as well as pages of illustrations of interesting specimens of flora and fauna discovered thus far. He also arranges for those crew members who have fallen ill to various maladies over the course of the voyage to receive medical attention, and for his ships to undergo routine maintenance.

Finally, he decides that, given that the winter months can be particularly rough along the Davanian coast, he and his crew will winter in Seagirt. (See Am. 9, Sv. 2.)

What This Means: The first leg of the expedition's journey has been completed successfully. Julius and his crew have managed to map the coast stretching from Davania Inferior to the lands opposite the western reaches of the Pearl Islands. They found no sign in civilisation during their journey, though they did document several encounters with jungle orcs, noting the variations in their tribal markings and behaviour. They also charted almost 30 small islands, some little more than sandbars, others cloaked with vegetation and inhabited by seafaring jungle orcs. The fact that none of the expedition members have died so far is a testament both to luck, and to Julius' leadership abilities and preparedness.

Eirmont 14, AC 1017: Deltart's Request.

Location: City of Ionace, Ionace Island, Nayce. AS

Description: Using magic, Commander Deltart requests that the council further bolster his forces at the Torenal Site. He cites that for a facility of such importance, he has yet to be given the proper support to remove the undead threat. As he puts it, his limited resources make his attempts at quelling the threat as little more than a fox-chase, and the recent departure of Underocean's forces has not helped matters. Given the recent assault on Eagret Island he has few doubts that his charge will be next. He specifically cites his expectations that the undead will take advantage of the Day of Dread to repeat their assault on Torenal Site.

The response is quick and to the point-Torenal Site will not be reinforced. The available forces are dispersed thinly as is and reinforcements cannot be sent without totally undermining the defences of other interests. The council recommends that he continue his current patrols and security measures. As for the Day of Dread, the loss of magic will make patrolling difficult. It is advised that he pull all of his available forces into the complex and take a defensive stance. The aquatic race mercenaries can make short-ranged patrols and aid in securing the outer perimeter. (See Sv. 5, Sv. 12.)

What This Means: Deltart has some very serious fears for the coming Day of Dread. He fears that the ghouls will repeat their attack while his magic pool is down. Deltart may be a lot of things, but he has no interests in losing his command or losing any prestige within Nayce. He wants his defences reinforced to bolster the base. Nayce cannot offer these reinforcements, as it does not have the resources. The ghoul threat is widespread enough for all existing Naycese forces to be on alert to protect their normal posts.

Eirmont 14, AC 1017: Kronenburg Returns to Freiburg.

Location: City of Freiburg, Territory of Heldann, Heldannic Empire. OW

Description: A small vessel, bearing the colours of Vanya's Rest, glides into Freiburg, not arousing much comment. The bound, huddled form of Heinz Kronenburg is escorted to the city goal, where he will await judgment, scheduled in three days. (See Fy. 21, Am. 15; Ei. 17.)

Eirmont 14, AC 1017: The Vengeful Nogai.

Location: Kingdom of Neatharm, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: The Nogai tribesmen living in Neatharm are quite enraged at the prospect of the Alphatians expanding their holdings within the confines of the kingdom. They had been quite content with the premise of the Alphatians living in Haldemar and even the mining town of Dogrel, because the bulk of the Alphatian populace stayed in these communities. The Neathar could avoid these settlements when they chose to and could go there when they wished to trade.

Rumours of the impending arrival of more of the Alphatians and the establishment of farmsteads outside of the existing communities has caused a lot of hostile feelings of distrust to be rekindled. Also rekindled are the memories of the eventual victory of their own warriors against those of the Alphatians. Many begin to think and plan for a new battle for freedom. They won before, they can win again. (See Sv. 14, Sv. 27.)

Third Week

Eirmont 15, AC 1017: The Burial of a Great Khan.

Location: World Mountain, Ethengar Khanates. OW

Description: Today is the day the body of the Golden Khan, Moglai, is laid to rest. His son (and would-be successor) Manghai Khan has called all the tribal and clan leaders to join him and his tribe in this ceremony, at a vast towering edifice, upon which the bodies of great khans are laid to rest, though relatively few have decided to show up. Only Temur, Khan of the Yugatais, and Batu, Khan of the Bortaks, and Ghazan, Khan of the Taijits, have presented themselves.

The ceremonial procession makes its way to the top of the World Mountain, clerics and hakomons ready to work their magicks to ward off evil spirits and madness. Their skills are not needed, however, as no undue evil comes to the procession. It is as if the spirits that live around the World Mountain sense the import of this day, and have sworn off their vengeance against the mortals who climb the mountain.

Following the burial, Manghai Khan gives a speech, affirming his claim to the legacy of his father, and intimating that the other tribal khans should swear their allegiance to him. None of the other khans respond, and the funeral procession makes its way gradually back down the mountain.

After the ceremony, unnoticed by the rest of the procession, several adventurers slip into the Spirit World. Their goal-to find the entrapped soul of Manghai Khan. (See Fy. 12, Fy. 15; Ei. 16.)

What the PCs Can Do: If they are the adventurers chosen to accompany the shaman Trungpa into the Spirit World, they will have a whole new sort of adventure ahead of them, in a place where few have ventured before.

Eirmont 15, AC 1017: First Meeting of the Planning Staff.

Location: City of Errolyn, Kingdom of Theranderol, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Admiral Clarendon and some of his staff have arrived in the capital of Theranderol. They meet with their counterparts from the kingdom. Those are led by Lady Tyrona, a well-known battle-mage. Tyrona welcomes Clarendon and the discussion begins. After a short time Tyrona learns that Clarendon is a commoner. Angrily she interrupts the meeting and storms out of the room.

Later that same day Admiral Clarendon receives the message that the talks are reported sine die (without a day being set). He leaves the city at once. (See Sv. 21, Ei. 5; Ei. 18, Ka. 13.)

What This Means: This was another example of a noble's arrogance. Lady Tyrona is not able to accept a commoner as her equal, as even though Theranderol is a fairly moderate nation the proper Alphatian order of things is respected-spellcasters lead and mundaners obey-, and she knows only that Clarendon is a commoner. The fact that the admiral has begun his career as a thief on the docks of Aasla is still unknown to her; had she known this she might have killed him on the spot out of anger and outrage.

Eirmont 15, AC 1017: An Unexpected Arrival.

Location: City of Archport, Kingdom of Eadrin, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Arriving by means of a river galley, a group of fifty troops and an assortment of adventurer types arrive in Archport bearing the war banner of the Randel army. King Idon goes to meet these newcomers. He is surprised when the leader of the Randel troops, Captain Gyashi, presents to him Princess Junna. Though obviously puzzled by her being sent to a war zone, Idon greets the daughter of Verothrics and niece of the Queen of the Randel.

Gyashi presents to Idon a letter from Karatnora, offering to the Eadrin defences these troops. She apologises about their small numbers. Karatnora places them under Idon's command, but requests that they be kept together as a unit and Gyashi retain command of them in battle. As for Junna, the letter explains that it will be beneficial for both Eadrin and Randel to have a member of the royal family partaking in the battles to come.

Idon instructs an aide to find quarters for the Randel troops and suitable rooms for Junna. However, Gyashi interjects that Karatnora would desire that Junna be treated no differently than any of the other noble troops. Idon is puzzled at this but since Junna does not object to this treatment, he obliges the request. (See Sv. 4, Sv. 9; Ei. 26, Ka. 11.)

What This Means: This is the assistance that Randel has promised. Though small in number, the unit is a well-experienced group with a good number of war mages, skilled warriors, and Randel-born adventurers. The unit is trained to work together, hence Karatnora's insistence that they be kept together. Likewise, she knows that the Randel mindset will make it difficult to place them under the command of any officer that they may deem inferior.

Junna's presence is at the behest of her aunt, who wanted to get her out of the kingdom for a time. Given her prior mistakes, her reputation has been severely harmed. Such expeditions are hoped to reinforce her hereditary militaristic traits and act as complimentary propaganda. Karatnora also hopes that the feel of battle will rekindle Junna's interests in warfare and drive home the need for a strong military. With these, Junna may someday be able to reassert her position as ruler of the Randel.

What the PCs Can Do: Randel-allied PCs may be called upon to join this expeditionary force. Though regular combat is emphasised, each will be encouraged to act as bodyguards to the princess.

Eirmont 16, AC 1017: Sneak Attack!

Location: Bortak Territories, Ethengar Khanates. OW

Description: Batu Khan and his wife Bakai (once more at full health) have barely just returned to their camp when bratak scouts arrive with dire news-Murkit tribe forces are descending upon them! Though caught by surprise, the Bortak warriors respond quickly, breaking into military formation. Before long, there is a pitched battle ongoing between the forces of Batu Khan and Manghai Khan.

After an initial skirmish, the Murkit dagams retreat from combat. Batu, suspecting a trick, orders his own men not to follow. The Murkit horsemen simply pull away several hundred yards, waiting.

Then, several dagams bearing a different banner, that of the Taijit tribe, appear on the horizon. The warriors of Ghazan Khan have evidently formed a union with Manghai's tribe. Even worse for Batu Khan is the appearance of Manghai's keshak who ride up between the Murkit and Taijit armies.

The Murkit and Taijit armies open fire, pelting the Bortaks with a deadly barrage of arrows. As the Bortak warriors scramble to avoid the onslaught, the keshak charge and slam into the enemy with devastating effect. It is all Batu Khan can do to rally his warriors to retreat.

When the day is done, several hundred Bortaks lie dead, and many more are to be put to the sword for their treachery in failing to acknowledge the new great khan, Manghai. Batu Khan and his wife have somehow escaped the Murkit clutches-hakomon assistance is suspected. (See Ei. 15.)

What This Means: Manghai has unexpectedly broken the temporary peace accord between the Bortaks and Murkits. He has secretly been planning this ever since the return of Moglai Khan's body, and deemed the burial time to be the most appropriate for his attack-the World Mountain is in Bortak territory, after all. Ghazan Khan, who had been leaning towards an alliance with Manghai, was finally persuaded to give his full assistance, after promises that Manghai would help with the Yakka tribe that constantly wars with the Taijits. The other tribal khans remain neutral, waiting to see who triumphs in the war between the Bortaks and the Murkits. For now, it looks as if Manghai Khan is that winner, and Jaku the Render is one step closer to dominating the Ethengar Steppes.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs may be able to gain advance warning of the attack, and provide this information to Batu Khan, allowing for the survival of more of the khan's men. They may also be approached by Akmad ibn Yussef, who learns of this attack only as it is declared, and be sent to safeguard Bakai and her husband, Batu Khan.

Eirmont 17, AC 1017: More Harbours To Be Reconstructed.

Location: Towns of Soctel and Igoin, Kingdom of Foresthome, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Like in Tenoboa a month prior, work on the harbours of Soctel and Igoin begins. (See Sv. 14, Ei. 2; Ka. 2, Ka. 5.)

What This Means: Queen Kikania wants to get this work finished as quickly as possible. It is a promise to the inhabitants of those cities that their lives in the future will be better. Again she trusts Lord Abolon and his staff to do the construction work.

Eirmont 17, AC 1017: Judgment.

Location: City of Freiburg, Territory of Heldann, Heldannic Empire. OW

Description: Alone in the Star Chamber with Oberherr Wulf von Klagendorf, Heinz Kronenburg listens as the charges made against him are read out. Accused of gross incompetence, and unsuitability for command, Kronenburg is asked by his superior what he can possibly say to defend himself. The accused man stands silently, his spirit crushed by the consequences of the raid, and by his confinement during his voyage to Freiburg. He looks up at the oberherr, and tells him that he only did what he thought was right for the Heldannic Order, that he was convinced that he had the power to overcome the threats faced by Vanya's Rest. He accuses his former subordinates of being politically motivated; they do not have the passion of Vanya within them-they wish only for more power, and seek to use their positions among the Heldannic Knights to further their own aims.

Herr Wulf ponders Kronenburg's statement for several long minutes. He then asks for the names of these subordinates, and notes them down. Finally, he orders the guards posted outside to come back into the chamber, and escort the prisoner back to gaol; judgment has been rendered, and will be meted out soon. (See Am. 15, Ei. 14.)

What This Means: Unbeknownst to many, Wulf and Kronenburg served together, briefly, many years ago. Even then, Wulf knew that Kronenburg was not exactly cut out to be a high-ranking commander, but he was loyal, and could generally be trusted to do his best. He now sees that his later decision to grant Kronenburg (who had been a loyal supporter of his for a long time) the post of Castellan of Vanya's Rest, which had beforehand been considered a "safe" posting, might have been a mistake. Nonetheless, Kronenburg has made serious errors in judgment-ones that should normally cost him his life. The oberherr has decided to strip Kronenburg of his titles, honours, and any Heldannic Order-related possessions, and exile him for life from all Heldannic lands. In some ways, this punishment is worse than death, since service to the Heldannic Order has long been the central focus of Kronenburg's life, but Wulf saw before him a broken man, aged already beyond his years due to the internal turmoil he has faced since the raid. He knew then that the man before him had already punished himself far worse than any form of slow death could accomplish, since he himself has seen what his errors in judgment have wrought.

That night, von Klagendorf will visit Kronenburg in his cell, and tell him what he has decided. The prisoner will then be given spare clothes, some money, and then be escorted to a small cargo vessel, headed for Newkirk. In the official reports, the oberherr will state that Kronenburg was executed during the night, and his body was burned to ashes.

As for the information Kronenburg provided prior to his sentencing-that will be kept by Wulf for his own purposes, in order to gauge the loyalty of the new Castellan of Vanya's Rest, and his staff.

Eirmont 17, AC 1017: Jennites Reach Skyfyr.

Location: City of Skyfyr, Province of Blackrock, Republic of Esterhold, Nayce. SK

Description: After a few initial battles, the united Jennites reach the city of Skyfyr and begin a siege. It looks like it could be a long siege, though, because the initial resistance was fierce and the people of Skyfyr seem prepared for the siege. Lyriander, the Alphatian soldier who survived the initial sieges, has also reached Skyfyr and has helped Governor Kalin stage a defence against the Jennites with the insights he has gained from previous confrontations. (See Am. 23, Sv. 2; Ka. 13.)

What This Means: Skyfyr has had plenty of time to prepare itself for the expected Jennite siege, and Governor Kalin is determined not to let his city or his province fall to the armies of his brother! Then again, if the united Jennites can take Skyfyr, they will likely break the last resistance of the Alphatians and their supporters among the Jennites, because the southern towns of Port Marlin and Rock Harbour are little more than trading posts and will probably surrender if Skyfyr falls. This seems to be the siege that will determine the outcome of the war between the Alphatians and the united Jennites, at least if the united Jennites are triumphant.

What the PCs Can Do: Fight, spy, or plan, on either side. The two brothers, Talin and Kalin, will fight hard to win here, and they will be grateful to any adventurers who can aid them.

Eirmont 17, AC 1017: Port of Danger, Port of Opportunity.

Location: Town of Boyâzka, Gulf of Hule, Kingdom of Yozgulak, Hulean Empire. SC

Description: Having made a brief stopover on Berat Island, the Thyatian exploratory trade expedition reaches Hule today. The port authorities impound their ships in dock almost at once, and inform the commander that the Master has instructed them to travel to Greatrealm to explain their presence in Great Hule. Most of the ship's crew are to stay in Boyâzka; the commander, some of his officers, and a small detail of selected men are to go upriver into Hule. (See Sv. 13, Ei. 5; Ka. 23.)

What This Means: The Master of Hule knows why the Thyatians are here, and wants to string them along a bit. Forcing them to travel to Greatrealm to conduct negotiations will put off matters for some time. They likely won't arrive until next year, because of numerous delays along the way. This will allow Hosadus to complete some preparations.

What the PCs Can Do: This is a good opportunity for characters to explore Hule, though they will be closely watched at all times. They might try to break away from the group and go off on their own, in which case the Huleans will probably let them alone (but monitor them) unless they stir up trouble. If they do, they will be declared outlaws, spies, saboteurs, and hunted down.

Eirmont 18, AC 1017: Sultan's Armies Reach Ctesiphon.

Location: Town of Ctesiphon, Emirate of Dythestenia, Emirates of Ylaruam. OW

Description: Sultan Hassam al-Kalim leads several thousand Ylari warriors marching to the relief of Ctesiphon. When they get within a few miles of the town, the Thyatian troops hastily withdraw back towards Biazzan, burning their own siege engines rather than taking the time to bring them along. The sultan leads his troops through town quickly, to the cheers of the townsfolk, and orders the Emir of Ctesiphon to have the Thyatian campsite dismantled. The sultan then leads his troops in pursuit of the retreating Thyatian forces. (See Am. 14, Ei. 8; Ei. 21, Ei. 22.)

What This Means: The Ylari have cleared the Thyatian troops from Dythestenia, but the brigands that came with them scatter into the hills. They will plague the area for some time.

Eirmont 18, AC 1017: Complaints in the Lobby.

Location: City of Andaire, Kingdom of Alphas'ar, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Lord Torn from Theranderol complains about Admiral Clarendon in a conversation with Solturnun. It is unacceptable for Lady Tyrona to have to negotiate with a simple commoner. Solturnun regrets the unpleasantness of Lady Tyrona but he feels he is not in a position to go along with the lady's whims. He explains Lord Torn that the navy simply has nobody available to replace Admiral Clarendon at the moment, adding that he is the best man for the job in the first place. If Theranderol cannot accept him as the navy's representative further talks are pointless. With that he rejects the demand for a replacement as interference with the internal affairs of the Navy of the Lakes. (See Ei. 5, Ei. 15; Ka. 13, Ka. 18.)

What This Means: Solturnun is not responsible for staffing, but he knows that Clarendon cannot be replaced by just any other sailor. Additionally he does not want to do it as this would be a precedent and could endanger the effectiveness of the navy in the future. Inept officers, who are promoted because of their noble origin only, have spoiled more than one military operation in the past, in his opinion, and that's why the navy is not organized like that. As a mercenary force the Navy of the Lakes cannot permit itself the luxury to lose battles because of incompetence.

The demand for talks originated from the other side, and so Solturnun is not very determined to press the matter further on. He can wait, it is not his loss.

Eirmont 18, AC 1017: Submersibles Do Drown.

Location: Sundsvall Maelstrom, Nayce. AS

Description: A ship patrolling near the Sundsvall Maelstrom is violently rammed by an undetected foe. The evacuating crew, expecting attacks on their lifeboats by the enemy from below, stand ready for battle against a creature from the deep, but the attack never comes. The captain finally sends a team to investigate the ship, and hopefully determine who or what breached her.

The away team is greatly surprised to find an Alphatian submersible stuck the ship. Sending in magically-equipped scouts, they find it empty, apparently adrift for an extended period. The ship and submersible cannot be saved, but take several hours to sink together. (See Fy. 16, Sv. 23.)

What This Means: Several months ago, a submersible crew, who had heard persistent rumours about the possibility of travelling to Alphatia by way of the Sundsvall Maelstrom, decided to try out and drove their ship right into the maelstrom. Unfortunately, they didn't know that some strange property of the maelstrom made it impossible for anything but individuals to pass through. In all likelihood, they remained trapped inside the maelstrom's wormhole for an undefined length of time, until the submersible was thrown back to where it came from, emptied of its crew who are either dead or lost in some unknown plane of existence.

What the PCs Can Do: If they were part of the crew of the submersible, this is a good opportunity for them to travel to unknown planes, lost Alphatian adventurers trying to get home.

Eirmont 19, AC 1017: The Vanishing.

Location: Various Kingdoms in the Alatians and on the Isle of Dawn, Nayce. SD

Description: All on the same day this morning, six renowned Alphatian heroes are discovered missing by their friends, family, and compatriots. In Feather Fall on Aeria, the wizard Wyndel fails to show up to give his morning lecture, and his quarters are found to be empty. In Crossroads on Ne'er-do-well, the famed pirate-lord Nifelrake Two-Patch has disappeared from his flagship. In Aegopoli, Esterissas, warrior-hero of the Great War, has vanished without a trace, while Sokofis, priest of Rathanos, fails to appear to lead morning meditations at his shrine in Edairo. Qeigonia the Fiery is suddenly absent in Trikelios, leaving her apprentices bewildered, and finally in Hillvale Veloril, an accomplished smuggler and former imperial spy, has suddenly evanesced as well.

While all of these people are given to sudden and mysterious comings and goings, none of their known associates were aware that they planned any trips. The six persons knew each other, but only passingly as acquaintances, so it takes awhile before a connection is made, as news travels of the disappearances and people notice they all happened simultaneously. At that point a serious investigation is begun. (See Fy. 19.)

What This Means: The vanished six have several things in common. First, they all fought with distinction on the Alphatian side in the Great War and the battles against the Thyatians that followed. Secondly, all are widely known and respected for their skills and accomplishments. And thirdly, all were involved in planning and conducting the shipment of arms to the Twaelar. Naturally, suspicion falls on the Thyatians, but proof is hard to come by. First, the investigators use divination magics to try and discover what happened to the vanished six and where they are, but the only answer they get is that none are on Mystara any longer. They try to recover or revive them with magic, but this proves impossible, and even though Wyndel had left behind material so he could be cloned if necessary, that material is also missing. With little proof, the investigation seems stymied for the moment at least.

The persons responsible were, of course, agents of Thyatis, members of the Order of the Magistranoi. When the Twaelar turned over names of some of those who were involved in shipping arms to them, the Thyatians began an espionage project. They followed the links back up the hierarchy of the Alphatian smuggling network, till they reached the level of six of the more prominent participants. Agents in disguises, identities that were never used before and will never be used again, then gathered detailed information about each person's life-then, on the same night, all six were expertly targeted and eliminated in their sleep, all within an hour of midnight, and their corpses disintegrated. Powerful magics were then used to make sure that divinatory spells would be useless in gathering information pertaining to the disappearances. Given the notorious Alphatian reliance on magical methods, and their comparative weakness in more mundane forensic investigation methods, this effectively cripples their inquiry. In addition, all the Thyatian agents involved vanished themselves from the region immediately after the mission was accomplished, leaving little if any evidence behind and thus making it very hard to uncover the truth-from within Alphatian territory. To have any chance of success, investigations are probably going to have to take place in Thyatis itself. In any case, the more jaded figure that these things are all just part of the "great game"-Alphatians assist the enemies of Thyatis, the Thyatians strike back, and the endless cycle continues.

What the PCs Can Do: Some or all of the vanished might be known to the characters if the party consists of Alphatians or has adventured extensively in the region. The DM can even replace any or all of them with close friends and associates of the characters, giving them a real stake in finding out what happened. Their investigations will be hampered by the same difficulties facing the official investigators-with magical inquiry (divinatory spells and the like) useless, and the disappearances conducted expertly, there is little evidence on the Alphatian end of things (at the scene of the crime) to be found. But it might be possible to gather information at the other end of things; since everyone knows that the Thyatians are almost certainly behind it, that would mean going to Thyatis and searching for information there. After awhile, the Naycese investigators will find more productive uses of their time and resources, so action by the friends of the vanished is the best way to go if revenge is to be achieved.

On the other side, characters with ties to Thyatis might be those engaged in the event in any number of ways. Either they could have been involved in the initial information gathering and spying leading up to the vanishings, or they could take part in the strikes themselves, or both.

Eirmont 19, AC 1017: New Appointments.

Location: City of Jaibul, Mumlyket of Jaibul. OW

Description: The Black Rajah of Jaibul appoints a new grand vizier today. His name is Mehmed Astalani, a Hulean mage who has been living in Jaibul for many years. He also appoints a new minister of acquisitions, a man named Karllag. There isn't any known connection between Mehmed, Karllag, and any outside agencies.

What This Means: Mehmed is, in fact, an agent of Hule. The black rajah knows it, but allows Mehmed to continue his work because his purpose is to watch the Thyatians. Mehmed reports everything he discovers to both Hosadus and the black rajah.

Karllag, on the other hand, is a master in the Iron Ring. Several cells of the Iron Ring have been seeking to expand their operations outside of Karameikos ever since the fall of the Black Eagle, and Karllag's cell found a home in the slaver-friendly nation of Jaibul [a cell is a semiautonomous group working within the larger Iron Ring organisation. Ed.]. Karllag hopes to use his newly attained position of influence to gain greater power for the Iron Ring, both in Karameikos and abroad.

Eirmont 20, AC 1017: Ragnar Looks for Support.

Location: Ragnar's Fort, Kingdom of Soderfjord. OW

Description: The thralls in the home of King Ragnar the Stout are keeping a low profile-Ragnar is in a foul mood. Emissaries from the various clan jarls have been visiting the king all week long, and the news isn't good. A few of the clan jarls have come out in support of his condemnation of the raids on Vestland, but most have not. Some-notably those of the northern border clans-are angry with the king's condemnation of their raids on Vestland, and refuse to step down. Others have questioned the need of a king in Soderfjord, and have suggested a return to the old days of rule by individual jarls.

Ragnar locks himself away with his most trusted advisers, and ponders his next move. (See Sv. 25, Ei. 3.)

What This Means: Guthorm Brittle-Bone has struck the first blow against Ragnar's reign. This recent bout of public disfavour towards Ragnar seems to have done its part. Guthorm hopes that the other jarls will come together to oust Ragnar, hoping to return to the old ways of rule. With his opponent out of the way, Brittle-Bone will then step in with his armies and several powerful allies among the jarls and declare himself the new king of Soderfjord.

For his part, Ragnar finds that he has few allies in Soderfjord itself, and it seems he might have to look elsewhere for help in backing up his rule.

Eirmont 20, AC 1017: And End of Hostilities.

Location: City of Citadel, Kingdom of Bettellyn, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: With General Taghist's ignominious retreat back into Bettellyn and the inability for the rest of the invasion force to take even one of the fortresses of the Randel Line, Queen Llynara orders her invasion to cease. She does what she can to prevent the order from being seen as a defeat. Therefore she makes no offerings of peace towards the Randel. Instead she has her forces deploy to reinforce Bettellyn's own border defences as she expects that the Randel will offer a retaliatory invasion once their situation stabilises. Of course, it is realised that many of these troops will be demobilised to lessen the strain on the kingdom's economy. (See Sv. 24, Ei. 2; Ka. 6.)

What This Means: Bettellyn's invasion effort has failed utterly and miserably. The Bettellyn forces were prepared as far as men and materials were concerned. However, their tactics were based on flawed assumptions, miscalculations, and bad judgment. The customary battles that the Bettellyn had counted on had never really developed. Had Randel been up to proper military strength the whole invasion would have been disastrous as well as ignominious, with Taghist's forces destroyed and Randel troops marching on Bettellyn soil. As it turned out, though, the war becomes known as The Phoney War throughout Alphatia, because of the lack of any notable fighting.

The Randel High Command will not pursue any counterattacks into Bettellyn lands, though, as they lack the resources to do so. They are quite content to re-establish the old guarded border that is the Randel and Bettellyn Lines, at least for now.

Eirmont 20, AC 1017: "Steal from the Arcaners, Give to the Mundaners."

Location: Duchy of Taterhill, Principalities of Glantri. OW

Description: As the newly confirmed Duke of Taterhill, Lord Alasdair McAllister hires the Mover's Guild to transfer his worldly possessions to his new dominion. En route, the caravan is attacked by a group of magically-armed bandits, led by one Robin Moorkroft, who claims descent from the legendary Moorkrofts of Fenswick and long-time enemies of the McGregors of Klantyre. Robin Moorkroft and his Mundaner Men steal much treasure from the movers, especially valuable magical items and laboratory equipment, claiming they shall distribute them to the poor mundaners of Glantri. (See Sv. 12; Ka. 14, Ka. 19.)

What This Means: Alasdair McAllister is furious at the theft. He appears at the parliament to protest this heinous crime against the magocracy, and accuses Lord John Beaumarys-Moorkroft, Archduke of Westheath and another descendant of the Moorkroft line, of involvement in the plot, possibly as vengeance for his recent losses over Taterhill. The Mover's Guild sets forth its own investigation, anxious to remove any suspicions that it might have been an inside job.

What the PCs Can Do: The PCs may be hired the Glantrian Constabulary, by the Mover's Guild, or any of the involved parties to investigate this Robin Moorkroft and bring him to justice.

Eirmont 20, AC 1017: Milenians Arrive in Hattias.

Location: Town of Pilion, Duchy of Hattias, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: The collection of Thyatian vessels ferrying the Milenian refugees arrives in Pilion. The newcomers, upon disembarking with their few possessions, are greeted by a small number of Kastelian merchants residing in the town, who help the local port authorities take down their names and other relevant information such as age, number of children, profession, and so on. Each family or individual is then informed as to where they have been allotted land or housing, depending upon their profession. Once this matter has been dealt with, the migrants are told to board designated carts with their families and possessions, and from there they will be sent to their new homes. (See Sv. 17, Ei. 20.)

What This Means: This is the first such voyage; more will follow in the coming weeks and months, until the refugee crisis in the Hinterlands is deemed to be over. The voyage from the Hinterlands was no worse than could be expected; the vast majority of the migrants survived. Now that they have arrived in Hattias, the Milenians have been allotted farmland if they indicated that they were farmers, or a place in a village, town, or city if they told the Kastelians (who were hired as translators) that they practiced a profession.

Aside from this, however, they will not be treated any differently from native Thyatians-they will be expected to pay taxes, and otherwise be productive members of society. They will also be expected to pledge allegiance to the empire, and become full citizens. Time will tell whether or not the newcomers integrate very well in Thyatian society, but for now, at least, the Milenians are happy to be away from their troubled home continent, and are grateful to the Thyatian Empire for allowing them to find new homes.

What the PCs Can Do: Low-level PCs from the Milenian city-states can be introduced to Thyatis in this manner; they could begin their adventuring careers as young immigrants eager to carve out a place for themselves in the world. Otherwise, Thyatian PCs entrusted with the task of safeguarding the refugees will find their task at an end-either they will be instructed to return to Davania to pick up another group of Milenians, or they can go about their business.

Eirmont 21, AC 1017: Ylari Enter Biazzan Again... Almost.

Location: Fort Nicos, County of Biazzan, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: The Ylari forces pursuing the retreating Thyatians enter the pass of Biazzan. As the vanguard approaches Fort Nicos, rock-fall traps are activated, raining down on the main column of Ylari troops. Several dozen are crushed to death, and the Ylari vanguard is trapped on the Thyatian side of the blockage, separated from the main body, which is cut off on the other side. While they are milling about, several thousand Thyatian troops-members of the Hespirian Tagmata regiment and the garrison of Nicos, begin to advance towards the Ylari vanguard. Some Ylari attempt to escape back over the rubble blocking the pass, while others try to spur their mounts up the rocky slopes on both sides of the valley, hoping to escape. Others attempt to sell their lives as dearly as possible, while still more simply recognise the futility of the situation and surrender.

At the north side of the blockage the sultan is told it will take a day or longer to clear the rubble sufficiently to allow his armies to get through to the other side. Clerics and mages with the Ylari forces use their abilities to speed up the process some. Several clerics cast conjure earth elemental, while wizards cast move earth, but it is still nightfall before they are able to break through to the other side. By then, the battle (such as it was) is already over on the other side of the pass. The sultan's engineers also notice there are several more such rock traps lining the canyon walls, and that advancing under these conditions would be dangerous. Hassam orders his forces to withdraw a mile up the pass and encamp for the night, while he and his council discuss what to do.

The next morning they receive word, via magical sending, that Tameronikas has been attacked. (See Ei. 8, Ei. 18; Ei. 22, Ei. 24.)

What This Means: The Thyatian forces at Fort Nicos are more prepared and alert than they were when the Ylari raiders attacked during the Great War. Full use is made of the rock traps, which the Ylari did not suspect existed all the more because they weren't utilised on that previous occasion.

The sultan's forces have been caught out of position by the Thyatian attack on Tameronikas, and now the sultan will have to decide whether to abandon the pass and attempt to relieve Tameronikas, or to press forward. After considering the situation and consulting with his advisers, Hassam decides to return to Ylaruam and have his troops march as swiftly as possible. He hopes to be able to reach Tameronikas before it falls. He does leave a blocking force in the Ylari side of the pass of Biazzan, however. They build up a palisade across the valley, and guard it to prevent the Thyatians from marching back into Dythestenia.

Fourth Week

Eirmont 22, AC 1017: Thyatis Attacks Tameronikas.

Location: Town of Tameronikas, Emirate of Nicostenia, Emirates of Ylaruam. OW

Description: When he learned from his commander at Ctesiphon that the Ylari were pursuing them, Eusebius personally led the main Thyatian forces up the coast to Tameronikas. There are over 4,500 troops with this force (consisting of the Hetaereia Augustiana, the Anatolic Tagmatic Regiment, the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, and the 6th Imperial Battle Fleet). With them also are a few hundred unenthusiastic Ylari volunteers, under the command of a fringe member of the Preceptor faction who happens to be a prominent native of Tameronikas.

When the Thyatians arrive, the land troops construct a fortified camp outside the walls of Tameronikas while the ships bombard the town from the sea. The Ylari garrison and townsfolk attempt to hastily repair the seaward defences of the town to prevent it from being captured immediately. (See Ei. 18, Ei. 21; Ei. 24, Ei. 28.)

What This Means: These are the steel jaws of Eusebius' trap snapping shut on Ylaruam. With the sultan's main army far to the west, the Thyatians can attack Tameronikas with relative impunity. It will be a few days at least until the sultan's forces can arrive. By then, Eusebius hopes to have Tameronikas under Thyatian control.

The Ylari troops accompanying the Thyatians consist of some of the men captured by Thyatis last year and this year, plus some Ylari sellswords, all of whom are more or less supporters of the cause of the Preceptors-but none of which are enthusiastic about fighting on behalf of Thyatis.

Eirmont 24, AC 1017: Preceptor Defects!

Location: Town of Tameronikas, Emirate of Nicostenia, Emirates of Ylaruam. OW

Description: The Thyatian forces wake up to discover the banner of Farouk al-Joffer, the Preceptor who had been commanding their Ylari auxiliaries, flying over the gatehouse of Tameronikas. The Ylari volunteers had set up camp north of the main Thyatian camp, and it is now abandoned-all of them appear to have joined the defenders of Tameronikas. (See Ei. 21, Ei. 22; Ei. 28, Ka. 5.)

What This Means: The Ylari sneaked out in the dead of night, having made contact with the troops within the walls and convinced them of their desire to abandon the Thyatians-if the town would declare its support for the Preceptor faction and reject the rule of Sultan Hassam. Somewhat out of desperation, they agreed.

Farouk al-Joffer is a distant cousin of the former Preceptor sultan, and has spent many of his years as an adventurer, wandering especially through Darokin and Thyatis under the assumed name of Hark of Alasiya. He is an open-minded and charismatic leader, and he has vowed to purge Ylaruam of the Kin... and this is the first step in doing so.

What the PCs can do: If they are Ylari, they can help their fellows to reach Tameronikas. If they are Thyatians, they could discover what is going on during the night and try and stop it.

Eirmont 25, AC 1017: Oldsbury Fortified.

Location: Ruins of Oldsbury, Viscountcy of Furfield, Kingdom of Bellayne. SC

Description: Edgwinton has held onto Bromstow for some time, but hearing rumours of more parliamentarians being raised in the south, and fearing a potential sally by the Coldstream Guards at Norchester, he decides to pull back to the Blythe River and dig in around the ruins of Oldsbury, while awaiting reinforcements sufficient to isolate either Norchester or Leominster and lay siege to one of the two parliamentary strongholds. (See Sv. 27, Ei. 12; Ei. 25, Ei. 28.)

What This Means: The royalist army is in a bit of a bind. It doesn't have the numbers to besiege both Norchester and Leominster, and cannot easily isolate the two. Any siege attempt would be fraught with peril, as a relieving parliamentary army could trap the royalists between city and army. Unwilling to risk annihilation quite yet, Edgwinton intends to wait until the forces promised him by the king arrive.

Eirmont 25, AC 1017: Elves Split Forces.

Location: Enoreth Shrine, Forest of Geffron, Kingdom of Denagoth. NW

Description: After many weeks passed waiting hopelessly for skirmishes between Shadow Lord loyalists and Idris' troops, the elves finally decide to make their next move. On Christopher Dove's suggestion, Durifern and Beasthunter agree that in order to turn the war in favour of the elven crusaders they must deal a significant blow to Idris' forces. For this reason the elven commanders organise two separate expeditions that send one tenth of the soldiers currently mustered at Enoreth Shrine towards different destinations. The first one (100 Long Runners led by Beasthunter) has to reach Lothenar Forest, following the border of the Denagothian Plateau in order to avoid the sentinels that patrol the Avien Plains. The second one (100 Genalleth led by Christopher Dove) heads north, in search of the Nameless Tower. (See Fe. 10, Fe. 18; Ka. 22, Ka. 24.)

What This Means: Durifern now knows the battle he was hoping for between the Shadow Lord and Idris' soldiers will never take place, although he ignores why. He is also quite sure that Sylarion has quit the field, and once General Grumman realises this as well, he will send out troops and the deadly Elf Skull Units to hunt them down. For this reason he realised it is time to make the next move before the enemy does.

On his part, Dove managed to convince the elves they need to investigate the Nameless Tower and volunteered to guide them there, since he is the only one who knows its whereabouts. Beasthunter also insisted in dealing a serious blow at the heart of Idris' seat of power, and suggested going to Lothenar to destroy the dragon knight's hatching cave and free the poor elves held prisoners. The two elven generals, knowing the magical wards placed to protect both locations, have decided to stage these missions when the chances of success are highest: during the Day of Dread. For this reason the two squadrons begin their march across Denagoth, slowed by the newly-fallen winter snow, to reach their destinations in time.

What the PCs Can Do: If they participate in the elven crusade, they may volunteer to either brave the northern wilds to reach the Nameless Tower or to travel to the heart of the enemy to crush the feared dragon knights.

Eirmont 25, AC 1017: Stockley Manor Burned.

Location: Village of Stockley, Forest Marches of Wyndham, Kingdom of Bellayne. SC

Description: Lord Richard of Stockley has long been known for his liberal views, but when the draft arrives in Stockley under Sir William Carisbrooke, trouble flares. The local militiamen resist the efforts of Carisbrooke's soldiers to press the locals into the royalist army, and soon Stockley himself comes out to reason with Carisbrooke. Unfortunately he is not in a reasonable mood, and Stockley is seized by the king's men. Stockley resists, and there is a running sword fight. Stockley escapes into the forest, and in revenge Carisbrooke confiscates all of Stockley's possessions in his manor, and then burns it to the ground before impressing several dozen locals and taking them back to Theeds to join the royalist ranks. (See Ei. 12, Ei. 25; Ei. 28, Ka. 2.)

What This Means: Richard Stockley, needless to say, no longer thinks very highly of the king. While he is a long way from the action out in the Marches of Wyndham, he vows this day to do something to fight the king's autocratic rule.

Eirmont 26, AC 1017: The Mincer Is Caught.

Location: City of Thyatis, Duchy of Thyatis, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: Wanting to taunt the investigators with their failure to capture him, the Mincer sneaks into the home of one of the lead investigators, Ornella Mutinopanus, intending to kill her in the same manner in which he has killed his other victims. He attacks her in her bed with his cleaver, but he has misjudged his prey this time and is surprised when she fights back effectively. She knocks the cleaver out of his hand and they struggle violently hand-to-hand till Ornella manages to knock the Mincer unconscious. She shackles him and takes him into custody. (See Sv. 4; Ka. 11.)

What This Means: The infamous Mincer murders have been solved, apparently, and the Mincer, one Iacobus Tanopularus, will soon be brought to trial.

What the PCs Can Do: A female PC (the Mincer only attacks women, preferably ones with a notorious sexual history) might be attacked by the Mincer, and she could be the one to bring him into custody-or kill him. Like many Thyatians, the Mincer tends to underestimate the fighting abilities of women, but he is a strong, vicious, and relentless combatant.

Eirmont 26, AC 1017: Like a Brick Wall.

Location: Near the City of Archport, Kingdom of Eadrin, Floating Continent of Alphatia, Alphatian Empire. HW

Description: Marching on Archport, Arogansan scouts report a group of entrenched Eadrin troops. The Arogansan commander orders his column to form up for an assault on these entrenched soldiers to clear the way to Archport to lay siege to the capital city. However, the fortunes of war shine on the side of the Eadrin.

The Arogansan troops charge the prepared entrenchment. Instead of a quick victory, a barrage of missile fire that wreaks havoc among their ranks meets them solidly and stalls their advance. Pressed on by their officers, they continue their charge. Wading through the raining of arrows and crossbow bolts, the Arogansans reach the entrenchment. Eadrin infantry rise from behind their makeshift battlements to meet the attackers.

The battle is going against the Arogansans, but their commanders feel that their greater numbers should win them the field of battle. As they watch the battle from behind the lines they see their forces suddenly turn and run away from the battle. Cursing their cowardice, the officers move to rally their forces to renew the assault. However, as they stop group after group of fleeing troops they hear cries of Randel troops being among the Eadrin lines.

In disbelief at this revelation, several officers take up positions where they can get a better vantage point of the lines. Using spyglasses, they scan the Eadrin lines. Sure enough there is a Randel war banner flying above a portion of the entrenchment, and several individuals in Randel uniforms can be seen walking among the lines. At first, they think that this is just a ruse. However, one officer spots one individual and positively identifies her as being Princess Junna.

With heavy casualties and the very real possibility of Randel forces entering the war, the Arogansan commander decides to pull back his forces to await the arrival of other Arogansan units. Reinforced, they can make a concerted attack on the obstacles and head onto Archport and prepare their siege. Later, he discovers that his retreat is warranted, as many of his troops do not assemble; these are presumed dead or taken prisoner. Scouts report seeing a rather large body of Arogansan troops being marched off from the battlefield. There is no way that they could have continued the fight.

Another surprise manifests itself that night, however, when Princess Junna enters the Arogansan camp, surrendering to them. She tells the Arogansan commander that she is outraged at her "illegal and unacceptable" deposition as Queen of Randel, and requests asylum. He is happy to grant it. (See Sv. 9, Ei. 15; Ka. 11, Ka. 20.)

What This Means: This battle is solid defeat for the Arogansan forces. However, the result is not unexpected. These Arogansan troops had been part of a thrust towards the Eadrin capital to lay siege to Archport. Varying marching rates, terrain, and troop fatigue had broken up the thrusting body. The Arogansan troops that arrived on scene were but a portion of the entire group. The Arogansan commander had been lulled by tepid resistance and decided to press on.

Their Eadrin opposition had all of the benefits. These troops are fresh and rested Eadrin regulars. Though slightly numerically inferior to the opposing Arogansan force, they are fighting from prepared defences and have had time to assess the battlefield and mark the various ranges for their archers.

Though there are Randel troops present, they only number about two score that had been sent to the battlefield to act as a reserve force attached to the Eadrin field commander. Except for moving to meet a few breaks in the lines, they contribute very little in the actual victory. However, the sighting of their battle standard does send a shock through the Arogansan ranks, on up to Detteria herself. The premise of Randel entering the conflict on the Eadrin side is something they did not want and had hoped to avoid.

The defeat is of little consequence, as it should not alter the overall scheme of the invasion. Though the losses are heavy for this unit, the troops can be easily replaced (they were mostly commoners). However, one thing that is undermining is the number of Arogansans that are taken prisoner. Most of these captured troops choose to surrender to the Eadrin instead of fleeing and rejoining their forces to continue fighting. The truth is that many are tired from the rigours of the march and from the general treatment they have received from their officers.

Junna has come to loathe and despise her sister and her supporters, and the treatment she received at their hands, and is only too glad to escape. This is a propaganda coup for the Arogansans, the only good thing to come out of the battle for them.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs attached to either the Eadrin, Randel or Arogansan units may find themselves embroiled in a small yet heated battle.

Eirmont 27, AC 1017: Assault on Icehop Island.

Location: Icehop Island, Kingdom of Qeodhar, Nayce. AS

Description: The seamen and soldiers stationed at the Icewatch Naval Base are surprised to see, early in the morning, five longships approaching from the west. As troops are hurriedly mustered to meet the assault, they are surprised to encounter 100 Ostlander reavers already entering the base from the north! While soldiers are diverted to hold off the secondary threat, those ships that successfully cast off to meet the longships find their sails burned by flaming arrows. Crippled, some of the Qeodharan ships are boarded, while one ship on loan from Nayce changes course and sails southwards.

In the fortified base, once news spreads of the assault, able-bodied Antalian slaves revolt, managing to kill some of their guards in the process. Faced with chaos within and without, the base's commanders realise that they cannot hold out for long. Quickly, they decide to approach the Ostlanders with an offer of surrender, which is accepted. Tension pervades the base for the rest of the day as the surviving Qeodharan soldiers and sailors hand over their weapons, and are escorted to the same cells in which they kept their former Antalian prisoners.

Surrounded by his warriors and a mass of grateful Antalians, Torvald Magnusson, leader of the Ostlander raiding party, pronounces Icehop Island free of Qeodharan control. (See Am. 22, Ei. 2.)

What This Means: This is a nasty setback for Norlan's plans. Thinking that the rebels were safely contained on the Qeodharan mainland without any outside aid, the token military forces stationed here allowed themselves to grow somewhat lax. The Ostlander attack (a two-pronged assault consisting of the main sea-based force, and a secondary land-based raiding party which landed on the island a few miles to the north) took them completely by surprise. With the fall of the base, Norlan no longer has a base of operations from which to coordinate and resupply the eastern forces. This defeat, and the liberation of almost 300 Antalian prisoners-who will no doubt have a score to settle with the Qeodharans-, could spell further trouble for Norlan in the future.

For their own part, the Ostlanders fared rather well, though they did lose two longships and 42 men. In compensation, they managed to capture one intact Qeodharan warship, and sink four more. This, in addition to the 40 captives and small stores of wealth present at the base, make up for the losses somewhat. Perhaps the greatest reward of all is the gratitude of the rescued prisoners, who will likely be very supportive of future Ostlander endeavours in the region.

What the PCs Can Do: PCs stationed at the base will have a tough fight on their hands-survival, as opposed to defeating the raiders, might be a pressing matter. Unless they are exceedingly powerful, however, it is unlikely that the PCs can prevent the Ostlander victory, though they could delay it somewhat in order to allow some soldiers to escape. If the PCs are captured, a series of adventures could be staged in which they try to escape. If the PCs are with the Ostlanders, there will be plenty of opportunity for combat! Afterwards, they may be kept busy trying to hunt down those Qeodharans who escaped into the wilderness of Icehop Island.

Eirmont 28, AC 1017: Thyatis Recognises Emirate of Tameronikas.

Location: Town of Tameronikas, Emirate of Nicostenia, Emirates of Ylaruam. OW

Description: Eusebius agrees to meet with the Ylari leader within Tameronikas under a flag of truce. After several hours of negotiating, the emperor signs an agreement, recognising Tameronikas and the region around it as the sovereign Emirate of Tameronikas, and Farouk al-Joffer, the leader of the Preceptors, as its emir. He pledges Thyatian support in protecting the Emirate of Tameronikas from attempts by other authorities to control it. In exchange the representatives of Tameronikas agree to cede the small border region east of Fort Zendrol, running from below the hill escarpment due east to the coast, to the Empire of Thyatis. (See Ei. 22, Ei. 24; Ka. 5)

What This Means: Eusebius would have preferred to conquer Tameronikas outright and add it (or, in his words, recover it) to the Thyatian Empire. But he is very satisfied with the idea of creating a small client-state, dependent upon Thyatis, as a buffer between Ylaruam and the empire. The Emirate of Tameronikas covers the southern half of the former Emirate of Nicostenia, with its northern frontier roughly half way between Cubia and Tameronikas, and its southern and western frontiers ending at the border with Thyatis.

Ylari living in the region ceded to Thyatis will be allowed to move into Ylari territories (either Tameronikas or even Ylaruam proper), while Eusebius will settle some Thyatians (from Kerendas or the Duchy of Thyatis) in that border area to better control it, including making some military land grants. Thyatian advisers, representatives, and attachés will be very prominent within Tameronikas, and its government will be largely dependent upon Thyatis for its existence, though this will be kept as hidden as possible from the Ylari people.

The Preceptor faction as a whole will be of two minds regarding the Emirate of Tameronikas. On the one hand, they do not want to be perceived as being the pawns of Thyatis, but on the other hand the Preceptor-led emirate will be too convenient a gathering point for them to pass up. So the opposition to the Kin regime will gather here. This will both help them, but will also undermine their popularity somewhat and thus further entrench Kin rule of Ylaruam. This, too, fits within Eusebius' plan, because Tameronikas is only likely to remain a Thyatian client-state so long as the Preceptors are out of power in Ylaruam as a whole, and keeping the Kin faction in power is in the empire's interest, because it keeps Ylaruam isolated internationally.

Sultan Hassam will not be pleased when he learns of this.

Eirmont 28, AC 1017: Northington Raided.

Location: Village of Northington, Viscountcy of Furfield, Kingdom of Bellayne. SC

Description: A sizeable force of goblinoids hits the garrison at Northington, having managed to sneak through the forests from the Yazak Steppes. The attack is completely unexpected, and the rakasta of the Royal Furfield Dragoons are peppered with arrows from the tree line. Fortunately they are disciplined enough to hold, and quickly move out to sweep the goblinoids from the forest. However, it turns out that the attack was nothing more than a feint. As the dragoons ride into the forest, another force of goblinoids appears and quickly sacks the village. The dragoons turn about face, but by the time they return the goblinoids have melted away into the woods.

Orders are sent to reinforce the area around Northington and Wickerton with the bulk of the royal dragoons. (See Ei. 25, Ei. 25; Ka. 2, Ka. 4.)

What This Means: The goblinoids are still out there, and Bellayne still needs to be defended from external as well as internal threats. The raid on Northington influences Lady Meghan Parringstoke, Viscountess of Furfield, to resist badgering from Edgwinton and the king to divert her dragoons to Oldsbury with the rest of the royalists.

Eirmont 28, AC 1017: Resettlements.

Location: Various areas of the Thyatian mainland, Thyatian Empire. OW

Description: After the harvests have been completed, Emperor Eusebius orders the initiation of several resettlements. Some Kerendans and Hattians whose families were complicit in the Crown Rebellion, but who themselves are considered loyal to the empire, are relocated to the border area east of Fort Zendrol recently acquired from Ylaruam, and given lands there. Some of the freedmen, Thyatian slaves freed during and in the immediate aftermath of the Crown War, are granted lands to farm in Hattias, Kerendas, and some of the still sparsely inhabited additions to Retebius and Biazzan. In their place, about 5,000 Milenian refugees settle in the city of Thyatis (with many more due to arrive by the end of the year), while the remainder are settled throughout Hattias, but with a large number in Hattias City, which they begin to refer to as Attiopolis. Still more settlements by freedmen are made along the east bank of the Rugalov River and the Lake of Lost Dreams, though these settlements are done carefully in consultation with the Vyalia elves so as to not disturb the elven forests. Additional settlers also move to Terentias.

Work is also begun on constructing the Kinship Bridge across the Rugalov River. The Thyatians also begin building a citadel along the new border up where the Rugalov River drains out of Haven Lake, with the help of elven and forester artisans and surveyors from Foreston and Greenheight, to insure it is properly sited and built in a way that won't disturb the forests of the Vyalia elves. (See Th. 5.)

What This Means: The empire needs to insure that its lands are under proper cultivation to feed everyone, and it also needs to secure its frontiers. The new settlements are well supplied, with the settlers given the entire winter to establish their homes before planting season begins. Also, by shifting the populations as he has, Eusebius hopes to keep each area more directly loyal to the empire.

The Duchy of Hattias will become the main centre for the settlement of Milenian refugees from Davania, with nearly 70,000 of them settling there in the coming months, they will make up over 20% of the population of that duchy. With the population shifts (some Hattians re-settled elsewhere in Thyatis, some emigrating, and freedmen from other parts of Thyatis being settled in their place), the non-Hattian proportion of the population is approximately a third. Eusebius hopes that this, coupled with the defeat of the Storm Soldier ideology in the Crown War, will both erode Hattian insularity and solidify the duchy's loyalty to the rest of Thyatis. Time will tell whether this succeeds or fails.

The new fortification, which will be called Haven Citadel, will protect the northern part of the border, just as Blackpoint Citadel defends the southern frontier. Haven Citadel is built on a small peninsula jutting into eastern Lake Haven near where the Rugalov River drains it, and thus will be difficult to assault but fairly easy to re-supply by shallow draft ship and river barge.

What the PCs Can Do: Help with resettlement by clearing out monster-infested areas intended to become the homes of new settlers, or exploring the area where the fortress is to be built, which might be seated on an old ruin that must be cleared out before building can commence.