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Nations of the Known World

by John Calvin

We have a few threads going on some of the nations in Mystara 2300 BC, but I wanted to create a separate thread to talk about that time period on a broader basis. Only 700 years after the Great Rain of Fire, Mystara is just starting to recover from that catastrophe enough to support growing and thriving nations once again. So far we have:

The Shimmering Lands, Empire of the Moadreg - These lands, newly uncovered by receding glaciers were settled by gnomes and dwarves (the forerunners of the Modrigswerg) in 2500 BC.

Mogreth, Empire of the Lizard Kings - A legacy from ancient times, the once servants of the carnifex now have their own empire established.

Taymora, Empire of the Dead - A dark land ruled by nosferatu kings, Taymora is stretching her fingers across the land.

Urzud - What were once the beastmen of Blackmoor's era, have migrated to the lands that were once Blackmoor (now the North Pole). They are beginning to bread true. Of all the races of the Known World, these "humanoids" have fared the best in the wake of Blackmoor's catastrophe - almost being nourished by the poisonous radiance that causes the Wasting in nearly every other race.

Azcans - To escape the Great Rain of Fire, the ancestors of the Azcans fled underground, seeking shelter in the heart of the Great Plateau on the coast of Brun south of Lake Amsorak. Now they have begun to emerge again, pushed to explore the outer world by blind leaders who have never before seen the sun.

Kopru Dominarchy - Creatures of nightmare, and dwellers in the hot and dark regions of the Sea of Dread, the kopru empire is expanding in all directions. From their capitol on the Isle of Dread, the kopru control a vast puppet kingdom from the shores of Brun to those of Davania. Remnants of many lands (troglodytes, phanatons, aranea, Oltecs, and elves) all serve these elusive masters.

Giant Kingdoms - Several of these kingdoms are scattered across Brun, many facing annihilation from outside forces. The dwarves of the Shimmering Lands and the humanoids of Urzud both make war upon them, and hordes of Antalians and Ethengarians assail them from the north.

Northern Elves - The scattered remnants of Grunland's failed colony to Blackmoor have managed to survive in these hostile lands. Beset on all sides by enemies who blame them for the Great Rain of Fire, many struggle to eke out a living from the harsh land. There are some clans however, that have embraced dark immortals. From deep beneath the earth they plot their revenge.

Vulcanian Immigrants - Led by the kings Ilsundal and Atziann, the elves on the Sylvan Migration are slowly moving up from their shattered homeland on the southern continent. Many have settled on islands off the coast of Brun and act as merchants and traders to the northern lands. Their primary goal however is to find a home for their people.

Also of interest may be the Outer World: Taymora 2300 BC, 24 miles per hex thread.

So far that's 9 possible nations that exist in the Known World in this era. Are there any others that you think should be here? What kinds of interactions do you think these nations would have. I'll post again later with a few of my ideas.