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Adlerturm, Barony of

by micky

392 square miles


Adlerturm (1020) is a bustling small town and centre of the Barony and home to the Baron of Adlerturm.

Schmeltsdab (150) is a thriving community of fishermen on the Southeast border of the Barony.
Nahendorf (130) is a farming community at the centre of the Barony.
Hochstberg (110) is a sheepherding community near the Northeastern border.

Ethnic groups:
Aalbanese 75%, Kaelics 15%, Flaems 10%

Aalbanese, Flaemish, Kaelic, Thyatian

Julian Steurt (born 974, M12, 3rd Circle Alchemist, Al-Lawful)


A sheriff in assigned to every major village, and is in charge of keeping the order. The Baron also maintains the Wilderlands Wardens (30 F3, studded leather, spear and short sword or hand axe, with additional weapons fitting the tastes of individual wardens; heavier armor, plate, is used by Wardens on duty at the Barons tower.

Additional weapons, the Adlerturm tower has 4 heavy ballistae built in on its four sides.

Adlerturm is also occasionally visited by patrols from Fort Nordling

Surplus. Food is exported to Nordling FP (Skipferry village) via Schmeltsdab village, to Black Mountains FP (Falkenberg-Habichthügel) via Adlerturm and to the Principality of Aalban.

Graustrail, the trail connecting the Barony to other dominions, actually refers to the whole road network. It’s divided in Northern, to the hills of the Barony of Uigmuir and the village of Glen Dhubh. The Eastern, to the Free Province of Nordling (and the village of Skipferry, then the town of Vorstadt). The Southern to the Principality of Aalban (and the town of Leenz) and the Western to the Black Mountains Free Province (and the villages of Falkenberg and Habichthügel).

Garrisons of the Aalbanese Armed Militia and Fort Nordling deployment heavily patrol the Western part, since it seems the Western Free Province is home to few groups of rebels. It is told the trails once held an enchantment, which caused them to be practicable, even in the harsher atmospheric conditions. However, nowadays, the trail is to be considered a fair one, and the Western trail a poor one.

Due to good geographical location Adlerturm is undoubtedly the richest Glantrian Barony, even better than most fiefs granting higher titles. Fishing and sheep herding (actually in decline) provides the Barony with a fair amount of exportable goods. Over the last decade there has been an attempt to convert some farming zones into woods, something that could result in the sharp decrease of the food surplus.

Main resource: 2 Animal
4 hexes: hills, river; rural; pop. 1680; tax 168 dc
3 hexes: hills; rural; pop; 840; tax 84 dc
Town: suburban; pop. 1020; tax 306 dc
villages: rural; pop. 390; tax 39 dc
Total Population: 3930 village/rural

Tax Income: 597 dc
Resource Income: 2388 dc
Standard Income: 3552 dc
Council Tax: 1307.4 dc
Net Cash: 1677.6 dc
Overhead (50%): 838.8 dc
Available Cash: 838.8 dc With 35,820 XP/year, in 10 years Julian Steurt would gain 358,200 XP, rising from M12 to M14 not including independent research and adventuring.


Barons of Adlerturm

Otto von Graustein 801-805
Heinz von Graustein 805-826
Mina von Graustein 829-862
Johann von Graustein 862-872
Kasper von Graustein 872-906
Harald von Graustein 906-933
Wilhelm von Graustein 933-951
Edward Hillsbury 951-956
Fernando de Casanegra 956-981
John Beaumarys-Moorkroft 981-984
Haak Krollnar 984-990
Rowena Krollnar 990-992
Fritz Lowenroth 992-997
Franz Lowenroth 997-1006
Walter von Lienitz 1006-1010
Julian Steurt 1010-

The Barony of Adlerturm was formed out of the ashes of the 40 Years War. Originally settled by the Flaem for centuries it was heavily and bloodily contested during the war when the Hattians settled the eastern slopes of the Black Mountains and pushed the Flaem out. The region that is now Adlerturm was prime territory given to the Von Graustein family and were given the title of Baron. They were given these prime lands since they willingly had given up prime lands (Silverston) in the south to the Hattians allies, the Alphatians. When the war ended and the Republic of Glantri was being drawn up, the Von Grausteins were given the area and the noble title of Baron to go with their lands.

For 150 years family Von Grausteins ruled Adlerturm, named after the frequent sights of raptors flying about the Tower built by von Grausteins. It took them little effort to have the community thriving: the abundance of water provided fishes for people and rich pastures for grazing herds. All the dominion needed was a good safe trail to connect it to the trading centre of Leenz; the building of Fort Nordling meant protection and another market to export its food surplus. In the years that followed the Barony grew to be one of the richest and most prosperous of all the lesser dominions.

The Von Graustein ruled Adlerturm until 951, when Wilhelm von Graustein reluctantly agreed to move to the Viscounty of Blofeld, where recently discovered iron veins could help the Principality of Aalban to replace the recent decrease of iron supply. After the hundred and fifty years of stable rule the von Graustein provided the people of Adlerturm the next decades saw a revolving door of Barons sitting upon the throne of Adlerturm. The richness of the Barony proved to be the best protection against the repeated assaults to its treasury brought by power-seeking Barons like Edward Hillsbury and John Beaumarys-Moorkroft, or uninterested barons like the Krollnar.

The traitorous Lowenroth family finally was able to overcome it’s black family history and made it back into the circles of Glantrian nobility in 992 and the joyous population of Adlerturm celebrated having a Hattian noble rule over them again. The Lowenroth ruled Adlerturm capably for a decade and a half before Franz Lowenroth won the new Viscounty of Ylourgne which was created in 1006 under the program of new dominion creations spearheaded by the Council of Princes. A old Hattian wizard ruled for 4 years before dying heirless opening the Barony to an Awards Festival yet again. A Kaelic military wizard, Julian Steurt, won the Awards Festival for the rich prize of Adlerturm in 1010 besting two opponents in a duel at the Great School. He has proved to be a careful, wise, and frugal ruler and is considered a good ruler by the people of Adlerturm. Even if he is not a Hattian, they recognize his service in the Glantrian Army and know him to be a gifted leader. He has also proven to be a talented administrator of his dominion as well.

Notable sites:
Franz's Hunting Reserve is a wooded area Franz was artificially repopulating with suited herbivore species. The Wilderness Wardens heavily patrol the area, and hunting or damaging the environment anyhow is considered a major crime. The new Baron, Julian Steurt, in honour of his predecessor and agreeing that more land should be converted to forest for economic benefit has kept the park and left it in Franz’s name.

Coat of Arms:

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