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My idea for Herath is assume that canon info about it is incomplete. They disguise themselves as another races and cultures (many of aranea pics shown them dressed with baronial clothes), but, at the same time, Herath has it's own culture. My idea is that was is shown about it is the truth, that only araneas know; non-araneas, however, see something else quite different...

Alternate Herath

by Átila Pires dos Santos

While Herath is a magocratic kingdom, foreigners believe it to be a magocratic confederation, much like Glantri. Also just like Glantri, each of it's Cantons have distinctive cultures and even races (but, despite this differences, there is no known form of discrimination or rivalries between different cultures or races; that's something that can only be seen at there). The official name of this nation is usually written in (old) Thyatian, since there are so many languages within it's borders: Confoederatio Herathica
There are 6 Cantons and 2 Condominia, the later being the Wildwoods and Western Herath. The Cantons are:

-Canton of Magus Rex: Capitol: Belphemon
Main Immortals: Herathian pantheon
The oldest settled canton of Herath, it's basically a dark and eerie forest. This place has the last remains of older cultures that once existed at this part of the OHP (or, in fact, cultures that the araneas mimicked), having it's own step pyramids (ziggurats) and other peculiar architecture. It's also the only place where Herathian is used freely (elsewhere, it's used only by araneas while in their natural form).

-Canton of Freguesia: Capitol: Porto Pacífico [Herathian: Viscountcy of Hethzya, Shahav (capitol)]
Main Immortals: The Ambassador (Masauwu), Valérias
Possibly the oldest canton to be inhabited by foreign cultures, such as the Otzil, Taymora and Nithia (most of the times, this was only araneas mimicking powerful cultures), and ruins of ancient step pyramids with very different designs can be seen here. It's capitol was founded more than a thousand years ago by the first LB missionaries to reach this far west. The name of their outpost, Peaceful Outpost, still survives at the modern city that grew around it (Porto Pacífico means Peaceful Port in Verdan). This cosmopolitan canton had representatives from many different cultures, including Traladarans (after c. 450 AC). After c. 950 AC, it's population became predominantly Verdan.

-Canton of Blackingham: Capitol: Amion [Herathian: Viscountcy of Berevrom]
This canton was mostly uninhabited before a large number of Traladaran colonists settled in Bellayne. Shortly before, however, a deadly plague wiped then out (sages believe that it was the Red Curse; if so, it's possible that the araneas released it over Bellayne for some reason; perhaps these Traladarans discovered their secret). The LB outpost that was the centre of the Traladaran colony in Bellayne, now known as the Malburn Castle, still lies in ruins.
Not long after that, rakastas entered Bellayne, absorbing the LB culture and language. They also entered this canton, bringing the LB culture with them. This canton also have a significant elven population, as Bellayne.

-Canton of Valdorado: Capitol: Soledo [Herathian: Duchy of Ensheya, Sorodh (capitol)]
This canton, just like Magus Rex (and different from Freguesia), retained the culture the first colonists brought to Herath longer. Step pyramids and other examples of ancient architecture can be seen at the villages far from Venon River. The modern site of Soledo was first a LB camp, erected close to a important gold mine (c. 500 AC). The LBs were expelled not long after, however, as a powerful wizard claimed this region as his own dominion (that later would become a Herathian canton). But the legend of a rich gold mine survived, being taken to other LB outposts and Traladarans settlements east of there. When the Ispans arrived at the region (c. 900 AC), they heard these legends and sought for this legendary "Valdorado", the Golden Valley. The Ispans were successful taking the city of Soledo (corrupted form of the name Sorodh), reorganising this canton with a Ispan culture (actually, after the initial surprise, the araneas began get rid of each of the conquerors, replacing them with araneas (using appropriate spells for that); it took only a few months for that, and soon after they simply stopped mimicking some of them (but still using their names as fathers and mothers for new araneas that was appointed to mimic Ispans), except for the most prominent ones (and even those had, actually, quite premature deaths, but not before having (aranea) children)). Valdorado also have a large elven population, related with the Belcadizan elves that arrived here with the Ispan conquerors (I'm using here this theory).

-Canton of Enomania: Capitol: Negreb [Herathian: County of Enom, Nezhev (capitol)]
This canton was largely ignored by the first tellers of ancient civilisations, having only a few ruins nowadays. Most of it's population arrived by the same time they did at Bellayne, leaving Slagovich because of internal problems. Many dwarves, natives of that region, also followed them here. These dwarves soon adopted the Traladaran culture, much as the city-states dwarves did.

-Canton of Nouvelle Ylourgne: Port-au-Loup [Herathian: Shavraim (capitol)]
Main Immortals: Saimpt Renard (Korotiku)
This is the youngest of the Herathians cantons, receiving it's first inhabitants only after c. 900 AC, after Clébard de Clairvault arrived at the SC with his lupin followers from Glantri. After Clébard defeated the Ispans and pistoleros lupins that defended the Baronía de Sandoval, forming the Baronie de Marmandie and joined the kingdom of Renardy, Clébard had a meteoric ascension within that nation, gaining many rivals while that, including his wizard lupin followers from Glantri. Becoming the new king of the Royaume de Renardie, he expelled these wizard rivals, that were invited by the Herathian mages to settle at there. The founded Port-au-Loup, which reflects the old, Ispan, name of Mons-en-Plécy (that was Puerto del Lobo) and joined the confederation. These colonists were later joined by native Herathians, many of them lupins (araneas disguising as lupins, in order to steal the Glantrian magical secrets).