This section is intended to provide a reference list for those interested in purchasing products on the world of Mystara. The products listed here are by no means to complete list of all the material that deals with Mystara; it is limited to those products which provide a lot of background information on the world or a specific part of it.

The following material is placed in order according to the campaign history. Products that are more appropriate to recent times are described last, while stuff that talk about people or places from long ago (in the campaign setting) are near the start.

Many of these products are no longer in print, so TSR's code number is also included in [brackets] to facilitate ordering the material, if it is at all possible.


The Gazetteer series is a series of D&D source books in which each describes a particular nation of the Old World (then called the Known World) in every aspect, from political to economical, geographical to cultural. These books give a detailed history of the nation as well as the surrounding nations, ending at the year AC 1000.

[9193] Gaz1 - The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

[9194] Gaz2 - The Emirates of Ylaruam

[9208] Gaz3 - The Principalities of Glantri

[9215] Gaz4 - The Kingdom of Ierendi

[9223] Gaz5 - The Elves of Alfheim

[9227] Gaz6 - The Dwarves of Rockhome

[9230] Gaz7 - The Northern Reaches

[9232] Gaz8 - The Five Shires

[9236] Gaz9 - The Minrothad Guild

[9241] Gaz10 - The Orcs of Thar

[9250] Gaz11 - The Republic of Darokin

[9246] Gaz12 - The Golden Khan of Ethengar

[9287] Gaz13 - The Shadow Elves

[9306] Gaz14 - The Atruaghin Clans

[1037] Gaz Boxed Set - Dawn of the Emperors: Thyatis and Alphatia


These items describe the ancient lost world known as the Hollow World. It gives a complete history of both the outer and Hollow World, as well as a description of the numerous lost historical nations that are found within the Hollow World. These products all deal with events up to the year AC 1000. HWR3 - The Milenian Empire also has a small table with suggested events for the years AC 1000 to AC 1009, during the famous Wrath of the Immortals war.

[1054] Hollow World Campaign boxed set

[9332] HWR1 - The Sons of Azca

[9339] HWR2 - The Kingdom of Nithia

[9384] HWR3 - The Milenian Empire


[1082] This boxed set deals with the Immortals of the world of Mystara.

The Codex of the Immortals includes rules on how to create Immortals and even how PCs can become and play Immortals themselves.

The book entitled The Immortals' Fury deals with a major battle between two faction of Immortals which leads to a war between the two most powerful empires of Mystara. This leads to world-shattering events that transpire between the years AC 1004 to AC 1010, and is therefore an important historical reference for those playing Mystaran campaigns during or after the year AC 1010.


This series is the ancestor of the MYSTARAN ALMANAC, as it describes in a day-by-day basis the events that take place during the years AC 1010 to AC 1013, one year per volume. It also gives a complete description of Mystara's nations and major NPCs, as well as other important information on the world. The Poor Wizard's Almanacs concentrate in the areas of the Old World (Known World), the Sea of Dawn, Norwold, and the Alphatian Sea. The Hollow World is also described in the Poor Wizard's Almanacs, but not in Joshuan's Almanac.

[9372] AC1010 - Poor Wizard's Almanac: AC 1010

[9441] AC1011 - Poor Wizard's Almanac II: AC 1011

[2506] AC1012 - Poor Wizard's Almanac III: AC 1012

[2517] Joshuan's Almanac: AC 1013

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