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Player Warning - vital you stay out

After thinking about it for almost a decade, I am finally going ahead with my biggest RPG project yet; the Alternate Mystara Timeline (AMT).

I don't know if there is even a demand for or interest in such a project, but I want to create it because I never liked Wrath of the Immortals and what it did to the game world. So many cool adventure hooks from the Gazeteer series and many of the great BXCMM-adventures just don't really fit in post-WotI, so I want to create an alternate timeline from 1000 AC onwards without WotI but incorporating all the good old canon stuff - and hopefully a good bit of fanon material also!

Once the major intrigues and events shaping 1000-1030 AC are plotted, I plan to create an actual timeline and based on that start creating almanac-style documents for each year, detailing how Mystara evolves politically, socially, economically etc.

This thread will be sort of a developer's journal and an index of various parts/stages of the project. I hope that fans from the community will become intrigued along the way and will want to contribute, so this can become an actual community project and not just my little lonely corner of the web

Alternate Mystara Timeline Project

by Jesper Andersen

Key Discussions

Major events and intrigues shaping the future
Facilitating Kin Faction takeover in Ylaruam?

Work Documents

Rulers of the World (and their heirs), 1000 AC

Developer's Diary