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Antalia - Resources

by John Calvin

Ok, here are the results of some of my early research.

From our old New Thonia thread:
Geoff had a pretty hefty timeline I initially thought we could pull from, but it looks like that starts at BC 1300. There is information on Ystmarhavn (which would be an Antalian inspired culture), but it's too far down the timeline. I need to find information closer to the range of BC 3000 to about BC 2000.

I also found an old thread on BC 2300 Alphatia which may have some info we can mine

Here are some other references I pulled from the Vaults:

References to Skandahar:
The Political Maps of Skothar - an Article Sturm did for Threshold Issue #20
The Age of Blackmoor - Age of Blackmoor by James Mishler, however this timeline stops at BC 3000.
Blackmoor Regional Maps - Blackmoor Regional Maps by Havard - this can give us some idea of where the Skandaharians started out.
Immortals of Blackmoor vs ZGG Deities - A list of Immortals of that time by Marco Dalmonte - this might help in figuring out some of the early Antalian Immortals.

References to Antalians:
Norse Pantheon of Mystara
Kingdom of Ghyr
Lost Civilizations of Thyatis and Alphatia

I'll keep looking but if anyone else has some articles that they think would be relevant I'd appreciate you sharing them!