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Adaptations to B1

by Jenni A. M. Merrifield

A while ago, someone was talking about merchant houses in Darokin and whether anyone had developed any 'minor' houses of their own. I mentioned the fact that I'd made some personal modifications to Module B1 -- In Search of The Unknown and that it had "accidentally" resulted in the development of "House Ashbridge" -- dealers in Arts, Antiquities and Rare Magic. Ray Brooks sent a message to the list indicated that this sounded interesting as he was thinking of making adaptations to this same Basic level campaign to be used with the 15lv characters in his current campaign and so I asked him, privately, if he'd like to see the documents that I had developed for my adaptations.

I shared my developments with Ray and he, apparently, rather enjoyed them. He also said the following in a message to me:

At 12:36 PM 2/9/98 -0500, Ray Brooks wrote: There are really a huge number of ways to develop these ideas you've kindly provided! I imagine that quite a few of the MML members would be interested in seeing these developments. Allow me to encourage you to post them or offer them to some of the guys who have the more extensive index-like pages. Breathing new life into an old module like this is so invigorating. Well, I'm off to brainstorm! Thanks again!

I'd like to thank Ray for his encouragement -- For some reason I was hesitating about inflicting my adaptations on the list. ;-)

Anyway, now that my trepidation has passed, I will be sending a number of messages to the list containing text only versions of the Word documents I shared with Ray. This means, of course, that some of the formatting will be lost, but such is the way of mailing lists.

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