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Bhut Immortals

Giampaolo Agosta

Whatever Immortal you choose, you might want to use his/her Sindhi version, for the Bhut are of Sindhi origin. There is a list of Sindhi names for the Immortals. Here are the entropic ones:

Orcus (demon of slaughter) - Auraksha
Marwdyn (necromancy) - Maravidya
Masauwu (temptation) - Mavasa
Pearl (malevolent creatures) - Chandri
Ranivorus (demon of perversion) - Yainughu
Yagrai (plagues, disease, vengeance) - Yagharya
Loki (betrayal, lies) - Lukya, also Bhajyagwan
Hel (destruction, death, reincarnation) - Kala
Alphaks (demon of violence and rage) - Athaksha
Demogorgon (demon of destruction) - Dhamurgana
Jammudaru (ogres, destruction of art) - Jammudaru

Now, as I said on the message board, I too think Loki and Orcus could be appropriate. Other appropriate Immortals from that list are Ranivorus, Masauwu, Pearl, and perhaps one between Alphaks and Demogorgon. Jammudaru is also appropriate.

If you want the Bhut to have a complex religion with a full pantheon, you could well find three Immortals who oppose in Sind the three personae of Ixion (Ayazi, Himayeti e Aksyri, that is the creator, the preserver, and the destroyer--I don't remember in which order).

The Creator would be opposed by an Immortal who perverts creation, the Preserver would be opposed by a champion of Entropy and Destruction, and the Destroyer by a master of Undeath.

Choosing among the most powerful Entropics, I'd select Loki, Demogorgon, and Hel, for this triad.

Bhajyagwan(a) Distortion of Truth, The Daytime Masquerade
Dhamurgana Destruction, The Nightly Hunt
Kala Endlessness, The Promise of Undeath

I put an (a) after Bhajyagwan because one could consider the possibility of having three female Immortals (with Loki using a female persona) in opposition to the three (male) aspects of Ixion.

The three goddesses would have generated three children,

Mavasa, the Herald of Corruption
Jammudaru, the Herald of Destruction
Maravidya, the Herald of Undeath

And each of these Children would have generated in turn one of the progenitors of the Bhut by mating with Chandri, the mother of all creatures. This could allow for different types of Bhut (differing not only in power, but also in abilities), with Sons of Jammudaru being the first met by the party, since they would be vengeful and proactive, while Sons of Mavasa would be subtle and reactive, and Sons of Maravidya would be more similar to the undead.

Each of the three Children also represents one of the aspects of the Bhut, namely the human fašade, the beast within, and the undead.

So we can have a pantheon with 7 immortals involved in the Bhut, which gives the opportunity for an articulated campaign where the Bhut are the major enemies.