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Populating Castellan Keep

by Kilr Kowalski

I am announcing the completion of a project I have been working on quietly for the last little while.

Some time ago I was inspired, in part by the suggestions in the module itself (to draw maps of furniture in the rooms) and in part by the descriptions of the command staff of the Mountain Storm of "The Rock" in the The Central Altan Tepes MGaz by Simone Neri, to flesh out the details of Castellan Keep.

Luckily i have finished it not long before my players should arrive (unless they get killed during Horror on the Hill).

I hand drew the floor plans (mainly as I didn't have a computer during my down-time when starting this), assigned names to the soldiers and civilians and have completed a 4 week rotating roster, to make the soldiers' staffing more believable. Some of the first names were from return to the keep on the borderlands but as I disliked the 2nd Ed treatment of the keep I mostly ignored those contributions.

Hopefully the following links will work for you.

Floor plans

Keep roster

Outer bailey civilians

Let me know what you think, or if you find any errors.

You may note that I have named most of the locations, towers and streets as the inhabitants would. e.g "Fountain Square"
I have denoted elevations from the drawbridge level on each of the maps.
I have used floor numbering Ground, then First and Second etc.
Notation on the spreadsheet for floors (for instance Olivia's Tower #20) are given as 20b, 20g, 20i, 20ii, 20iii, 20iv etc (except 20r replaces 20iv as it is the roof of that building)
Occasionally when there are 2 identical structures referred to in the module text e.g #2, they are noted 2a and 2b, hopefully not confusingly.
As there are locations on top of 24, I have continued the Floor numbering as equivalents from ground floor level eg 26aii.