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by AllanP

Here's my list of Guildhall buildings in Specularum that we have some information about@

Goldsmiths Guildhall (H2 - agathokles)
Merchants Guildhall (S13 - agathokles)
Moneychangers Guildhall (H1 - agathokles)
Scriveners' Guildhall (B1 - agathokles)

The Magicians' Guildhall is briefly described ion GAZ1 and K:KoA; not sure if there's been any other mentions of it.

GP's article on Guilds, Orders and Secret Societies at the Vaults, which lists the other Guilds. It has some info on the Apothecaries' and Magicians' Guilds, but does not describe the Guildhalls.

The other Guildhalls are located as:
B3 Apothecaries' Guildhall
S8 Armourers Guildhall
M10 Bakers Guildhall
NE9 Blacksmiths Guildhall
M13 Bowyers Guildhall
SE2 Brewers Guildhall
B9 Bricklayers Guildhall
M12 Butchers Guildhall
NE10 Carpenters Guildhall
M9 Cutlers Guildhall
SE3 Dyers Guildhall
NE13 Fishmongers Guildhall
O7 Grocers Guildhall
T4 Hunters Guildhall
NE14 Innholders Guildhall
O8 Leathersellers Guildhall
NE11 Loggers Guildhall
SE1 Magicians' Guildhall and Library
NE12 Mariners Guildhall
M14 Skinners Guildhal
M11 Tailors Guildhall
SE8 United Criers Guild
M8 Vintners Guildhall