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The Torenescu area

by Ville Lähde

I made a rough draft of the Torenescu area for our scenario. I do not have an electronic version, but I placed the buildings in the blocks marked with "7" in the city map.

Here is a rough list, if you need inspiration:

* The southeastenmost block, by the main road:
- The large quest house of the Ebonovs. The ancient Sarah Ebonov lives here with her helpers and a number of assorted Ebonovs, who are in town for business.
* The next block north:
- The House of Samuil: the main manor, where Alexander and his mother live with the staff (see the coming module)
- House of Samuil, level 1 by Giampaolo Agosta
- The House of Emmet: currently houses assorted relatives of Melinda from the Azuros family
* The next block north:
- This includes a large "Torenescu Piazza" that opens the way to the other clan blocks to the west.
- On the northern side of the piazza we have the Moneychangers' Guild and The House of Samuas. The latter is under renovation and used as a guest house. Lady Magda makes periodical noises about the ownership of the house, to no avail.
* The next block west, the one acting as a bridge to the rest of the Torenescu blocks:
- A park-like piazza runs east-west through the block. The house of Gavril is on the northern side, the house of Dragos is on the southern one. Even though the relatives of the twins keep the houses in relatively good repair, they are empty. Some people claim that the shadows of the hanged twins can still be seen on the walls of the towers of the twins.
* The next block west:
- Two large buildings: House of Boris and House of Sergei (latter currently housing more distant relatives from the Dragos line).
- The block is very tightly built and includes two other buildings of clansmen from the Gavril/Dragos lines.
* The next block north:
- the opulent manor of Stephanos and the resident Draculs.
- Nichola's house, mostly empty, as she lives in the Minister's house
- Houses of assorted clansmen from the more distant family lines
* The next block west
- Simion's house
- Lord Dmitrios's house
- A large guesthouse for friends and visitors of the clan
- Houses of assorted clansmen

- You were discussing warehouses. I'd think that most of the family warehouses are situated where the action is. Still, some of them might be situated in the blocks west of the Ebonov house and the House of Emmet?