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The Feywood: the Plane of Fairie

by Håvard

Thanks to Ripvanwormer for suggesting some of the locations and names of this map in other Planes threads.

In this map, I have used some possibly controversial labels:
1) Berlota's Realm and Caer Ambryel are locations from M3. The realm described in that module is called the Green Realm. It is specifically said to be a Pocket Dimension (although that term does not exist in the BECMI cosmology, so it could mean anything). I like integrating the Green Realm into the Feywood though since it give us specific place names and specific rulers that we can use. Malusites and Swan Mays (not found elsewhere in BECMI) are also from that module.
2) The Kingdom of Ardulla (to the East) is from the novel Summerhill Hounds. Although it carried the First Quest label, that novel requires some tweaking to be adapted to the Isle of Dawn region of Mystara. Looking at my notes, Ardulla is actually one of seven Fey Cities rather than a Kingdom. Will have to change that in the next update.
3) Mab, Elphame and Castle Midsummernight are borrowed from Folklore and Shakespeare which seemed very much in line with PC1.
4) World Mountain Gate and Yak Brother Camp suggest Ethengar's Spirit World is the same as the Feywood. Controversial?
5) Other locations were created by me.

Future updates:
1) Gates to the Norse Planes (Alfheim, Vanirheim) must be added to the Northern Reaches region.
2) Dragontree and Stalkbow Magic Points must be added. Stalkbow is linked to the Woodimps.
3) Atruaghin Spirit World locations should be added. Not sure which?
4) Great Garden label added to Ylaruam region. linked to Al-Kalim's dream.

Some additional thoughts on the Feywood:
I see the Feywood as a kind of Elemental Plane, although instead of an element, everything here is illusion. Illusion magic is extremely powerful in the Feywood as illusions cannot be disbelieved. Stats for Elemental Rulers and Elemasters can be used to model extremely powerful Fey Rulers on their Home Plane.

The lack of rivers, lakes mountains etc is solely due to laziness on my part. Assume that the Feywood has all kinds of landscapes with the following modifications:
1) Woodlands will be more prevalent.
2) The Alasiyan Desert is a lush, green woodland.
3) Everything is generally either more beautiful, bright colors etc than Mystara, or dark and dramatic if close to some of the more sinister Fey such as Hags, Crones of Chaos etc.