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Gaz F4 The Hidden Treasure of Ghyr

by JTR

part of the Idrisian Sphere in the GazF Continuity

Designers: JTR (OldDawg)
Original Release Date:

Gazetteer: Gaz F4 The Hidden Treasure of Ghyr (zipped Word)
Map: The Kingdom of Ghyr and Allies by JTR(OldDawg)
Alternate Cover Art: Gaz F4 The Hidden Treasure of Ghyr by Jeffrey Kosh

From the Back of the Book
The Hidden Treasure of Ghyr
An Unofficial Game Accessory

“Once upon a time, lay a mythic kingdom beyond the ends of the world. It was a realm of virtuous paladins and truculent enchantresses, knights and knaves – a land where each soul chose between the good and the bad. This has ever been the Kingdom of Ghyr.”

This is the fourth product in a series of unofficial Gazetteer gaming aids designed by and for enthusiasts of the world of Mystara. This work covers the Kingdom of Ghyr, a country west of the Icereach Mountains that define Norwold’s limits. It also covers the neighboring nations of Greendale and Deep Hollow.

“The Hidden Treasure of Ghyr” provides descriptions of the history, nations, races, and personalities of a land where men and women take up arms in the cause of valor and justice, where temptresses seek to pull away the righteous, and unclear hearts can destroy all that is held dear.

This product ties together the Idrisian storylines presented in the previous three gazetteers. It also provides new rules for jousting and extended guidelines for playing paladins, avengers, and knights.

Inspiration: Camelot as presented in Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur
Nations: The Kingdom of Ghyr, The Kingdom of Greendale, The Kingdom of Deep Hollow
The Idrisian Influence: As a mortal, Idris brought about the destruction of the Realm of Forenath in the Northern Wildlands, and human and elven refugees fled north to the Parthenal Hills. Early Denagothian and humanoid followers of Idris formed the Dominion of Maggorath center in the Swamp of the Beast. The expansion under Maggorath and his descendants put the Dominion in conflict with the Parthenal elves and sparked migrations among the frogfolk and Icereach giants. The predatory Dominion was ultimately defeated by the early followers of He Who Watches, but cooperative tendencies remained common between humans and humanoids. Since that time, Idrisians have served as a source of temptation to nihilism, hedonism, and other spiritual ills among the peoples of the Hill and Dale.

Primary Races: humans (Ghyrans or Deno-Essurians, Thyatians, Roags), dwarves (Buhrohur, Evefil), kobolds (Parthenal), goblins (Hooten in the Llacenvale)
Multiracial Groups: Roags (human, humanoid), Meggarans (goblinoids, frogfolk, humans in Swamp of the Beast), Hillbans (humanoids)
Minor Races or Ethnicities: humans (Averoignians, Flaems, Traladarans, Denagothians, Hagommerians, Icereach Barbarians, Parthenal), elves (Parthenal, a few dozen Lothenar, Vyalia), halflings (Leehan, Known World), gnomes (Parthenal, Deep Hollow)
Languages: Thyatian, Roag, Barkyip, Essurian, Dwarvish, Elvish (Lothenar, Vyalian, Parthenal), Gnomish, Hymsprach, Bullrip, Meggaran, Hillbanic; others used in familial settings.
Religions: The Church of Ghyr (He Who Watches), Roag Maccullan, the Cult of Idris, Stodos – Master of the Icy Wastes, Known World faiths (personal)
Legal Systems: quasi-feudalism, Trial by Combat
Nobility Oversight: Lord (none), Baron (a large settlement), Count (a company of knights), Duke (a major battlement)
Knighthood: Squire, Man-at-Arms, Knight Bachelor, Knight of Renown
Groups: The Church of Ghyr, the Greendale Riders, the Monks of Temaraire, the Sisters of Sorrow, the Poor Knights of the Watcher, the High College, the Thieves’ Guild (of Dhanakriss)
Currency: The Essurian bit system with zinc-nickel (half copper), copper, silver, electrum, and gold bits

Relation to Other Areas
The native people of the Hill and Dale, the Roags and Ghyrans, originally hailed from the Denagothian Plateau, with the latter coming as part of Essuria’s colonial period. The elves and humans of the Parthenal are descended from refugees from collapsing Forenath in the Northern Wildlands. Frogfolk took advantage of the situation and migrated from the Swamp of the Beast south to the Moors of Chlyras. The expansion of the Dominion of Maggorath spurred giants and ogres to leave the Icereach and occupy the eastern Wildlands and northeastern Wendar. Jason Silverheart, first paladin of He Who Watches, died defeating the Baamor Fiends of the Wildlands. His war-bride perished during a bandit ambush in that region’s Fuin River Valley, a site that also claimed Thyatis’ Lost Legion. Ghyr is formally neutral towards the member-nations of the Western Alliance, who failed to pledge fealty to King Ganto of Ghyr and are held to be in rebellion. The Kingdoms of Greendale and Deep Hollow have trouble with the Kingdoms of 200 Knights and of Many Colors. All three nations are troubled by Hillban tribes. In addition, Ghyr is troubled by soldiers and bandits from the Kingdom of Denagoth as well as the Den Horde and various humanoids in the southern Piedmont. The kingdoms occasionally hire Hagommerian mercenaries to bolster their forces. Ghyr and the other modern nations were briefly part of the Thyatian territory Provincia Gurrania during the Empire’s colonization period a century ago. Their freedom buyout disappeared along with the Lost Legion. Ghyr’s small trade with Oceansend ended after the recent Desert War against humanoids and Denagothians. It could be replaced by trade with the halflings of Leeha.

Special Content
LJN Characters and Concepts: The majority of characters, creatures, and places associated with the LJN toy line have been adapted for use here, including Strongheart, Mercion, and Warduke. Character backgrounds have been adapted for GazF, and characters are presented as just prior to the Quest for the Heartstone.
Monsters: Prismatic Living Statue, Raptorian Hookbeast
Treasures and Magic Items: the Heartstone, Prismatic stones, the Holy Ward of Turness, the Goblin Spear, the Eagle Standard, the Silver Helm, the Arrow of Denolas
Special Rules and Topics: Cant Requirement for Magic-Users and Druids, Squire Armor Limitations, Paladins and Avengers, Personality, Optional Paladin Spell Restrictions, Knighthood, Balancing Fighter Options, Affairs of the Heart, Quests, Magi, Tourneys, Jousting, Grand Melee
Top Troublemakers: Dahnakriss the Master Thief, Tharadodus the Wizard, Idris Darkelf, the Hillbans, Ludovicus the Long, the Kingdom of Many Colors, the Kingdom of 200 Knights, Gareth (Duke of Mork), Alana (Countess of Halviss), Greendale Riders, Perindes

Supplements and Links
Regions of the Idrisian Sphere: Wendar, the Denagothian Plateau, The Northern Wildlands, Ghyr, The Western Alliance

Postscript Notes
Jason and Blue Jay: Jason Silverheart, the first paladin of He Who Watches, primarily fought against the Dominion, but he died while defeating the Baamor Fiends of the Northern Wildlands. His helmet remains at the Shrine of the Black Wing as the Haunted Helm. Those who don it are pulled towards the Fuin River Valley and the lair of Fafnimorn, where his war-bride, Blue Jay, fell in ambush during his absence.
Neighboring Standard or GazF Maps: Denagoth, the Western Alliance
Conflicts with Official Material: The only potential point of canonical contention relates to the inclusion of the LJN characters. Strongheart, Mercion, Figgen, and Paralay are mentioned in the context of Ierendi in both X10 (where the first two are presented as an elderly king and queen) and/or “color” sections of Gaz4 (but the regents are different adventurers). Some fan works interpret this to mean that the Quest for the Heartstone has already been completed by the start of the modern 1000 AC era.
Standards: The flags of Ghyr, Greendale, and Deep Hollow are included on the map the Western Alliance.
Idris Darkelf: Idris Darkelf originally appeared as an NPC in AC1, predating the use of "Idris" in Denagoth by several years.

Production History and Sources
Timelines and Descriptions

Concepts and Ideas


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