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Gnome Realms of Mystara

by Håvard

"I don't know if we will ever meet again. This land has not been kind to us these past few years, with our cities falling one after another. We have strongholds in other lands, places were our race is flourishing. I think you know the place I mean."
- Gnome Survivor of Torkyn Falls, Dragonlord Trilogy, Book 1

Gnome Communties on Brun

Location: Rockhome
Population: Unknown (Earth Gnomes)
Source: PC2
Comment: PC2 says quite a few Gnomes live in Rockhome (p11).

Torkyn Falls (Ruins)
Location: Glantri
Population: 0 (Earth Gnome Ruins)
Source: Dragonlord Trilogy
Comments: This would be a great adventure location. What artifacts may have been left behind?

Empire of Dorfin IV
Location: Western Brun?
Population: Unknown - Earth Gnomes
Sources: Master Set Map, VotPA
Comments: Does this realm exist? If it does and Haldemar is wrong, then it is probably much smaller than shown on the Master Set Map.

Location: Karameikos
Population 5.000 gnomes (6.500 before WotI) - Mainly Earth Gnomes
Sources: Gaz1, Book of Wondrous Inventions, K:KoA

Supreme Symposium of Gnome Syndicates
Location: Ierendi
Population: Unknown, see below (Earth Gnomes and Sky Gnomes)
Sources: Gaz2
Fans have discussed that this is in fact not a community, but a gathering of gnomes from all other Gnome realms all over Mystara.

Falun Caves Auld Gnomes (Ruins)
Location: Northern Reaches
Sources: Gaz7
Comments: Some of these Gnomes may have survived going deep under ground which was the basis of the UnderYord concept (see below). These Gnomes likely had access to Blackmoor devices.

Serraine, Flying City of
Location: Above the Known World
Population: ca 2.500 gnomes (Mainly Sky gnomes, some Earth Gnomes)
Source: PC2

Northern Gnomes
Location: Unclear. LoZompatore places them just west of Norwold in (in this article)
Source: Book of Wondrous Inventions
Comments: These have ice skating technology

Hule and the Great Pass
Population: Fewer than 50.000 gnomes (My estimate is more like 10.000, still that would be a lot). Earth Gnomes, likely.
Source: PWA AC1012, X5
Comments: Possibly connected to the Black Mountians Dwarves. X5 details cursed Gnomes living in the Great Pass.

Forest Gnome Communities
Location: Norwold
Population: Unknown (Forest Gnomes)
Source: Dragon #237
Comments: These Forest Gnomes are known to have Lupin allies from the Gnomish Snoutzer Breed. Fan theory: They are also on friendly terms with local Shargughs.

Alphatian Empire

Location: Denwarf-Hurgon, Alphatia
Population: 15.000 gnomes (Earth Gnomes, likely)
Source: DotE, PWAs

Aegos Pit (Ruins)
Location: Aegos
Population: 0
Source: WotI
Comments: While some of the 500 gnomes brought to construct the Tunnel were later brought into the HW, some may have been around when the tunnel collapsed, leading to Undead Gnomes? Fabrizio suggested these Gnomes might be from Highforge, but I think Gnomes from Stoutfellow might be more likely given that this was an Alphatian operation.

New New Mistrhaven
Location: Alphatia, on the ruins of New Mistrhaven
Population: Unknown (Earth Gnomes, Water Gnomes?)
Source: Book of Wondrous Inventions
Note: Home of the creators of the first Gnome submersible. Suggested by LoZompatore that these Gnomes were the creators of the Alphatian subersible fleet at Aquas. Workshop of the Gnome inventor Winchesmira might still be found un the ruins below the city. Zompatore also suggested this unused Clockwork Realm coat of Arms from Bruce Heard's Alphatia articles could be usedd to represent the city or another Gnomish Realm.



Ice Gnomes
Location: Vulcania
Population: Unknown (Earth Gnomes, Ice Gnomes?)
Source: HW Boxed Set Map, CM4 Earthshaker,

Snartan Empire
Location: Vulcania
Population: Unknown (Earth Gnomes, Ice Gnomes?)
Source: CM4 Earthshaker, VotPA, Bruce Heard's articles on Pandius

Land of the Earthshakers
Location: Vulcania
Population: Unknown (Earth Gnomes, Ice Gnomes?)
Source: CM4 Earthshaker, Book of Wonderous Inventions, VotPA, Bruce Heard's articles on Pandius

Hollow World

Population: 20.000 gnomes (Sky Gnomes)
Source: PWAs, VotPA

Alphatian Neatharum
Location: Iciria
Population: ca 500 gnomes (Earth Gnomes)
Source: PWAs.
Comments: See Aegos Pit for more details


Fan Created Gnome Communities

Karameikos Ice Gnomes
Pedtrhart Gnomes (Davania)
UnderYord (below the Northern Reaches)
Deepreach Gazetteer, by Morphail (Undersea Gnome City)

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