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by Keith Allatt

Written in Java as a student project, released under the Open Software Licence. Sample map using Thorfinn Tait's map icons. If there is anyone with a tech background who would like to test the software please drop me a line. Save files as PNG to continue working on them in a paint program to add titles, rivers, etc.

Since there is potentially lots of interest in testing this project here is the link below. Step 1: download both resources, Step 2 unzip tile set, Step 3 run program (you'll need JVM installed), Step 4 drag the uncompressed tile folder into the side-bar tile menu (this will install the tiles), Step 5 draw a small map 15,25 tiles - larger maps may make the program very slow and unresponsive. Step 6 export as PNG file. Step 7 add ".png" to that file and load into your favourite paint program to add rivers, titles, roads etc. IMPORTANT (please leave Daniel Reid feedback for his student on the Mystara Reborn Facebook group :) Good luck!

Hex Mapper jar file
Thorfinn Tait's Tile Set