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The Horse Breeds of Mystara

by Sheldon Morris

Something I did a long time ago for my Mystara campaigns was to do up a number of different breeds of horses with five quality levels (in the manner of the horses presented in the Golden Khan of Ethengar gazetteer). Having a variety of horses was interesting to me and my players, after all, you don't have only just two weapons to chose from do you? I'm currently upgrading them to 3.5 and will post them as I do them (hopefully!).

I started by having a kind of template or basis to build different horses with different characteristics. This is the list of horses that have been in my games for quite some time now:

Heavy Horses
Kaltstein - a strong horse bread mainly in Darokin for ploughing fields. Chestnut, bay (reddish), or roan (gold, brown or black w/ white hair).
Percherval - a large, noble looking work horse found in Glantri known for its ease of handling (which I translate as a higher WIS). Grey, or black.
Rahedan - perhaps the strongest horse on Mystara, it is found mainly in Wendar and also in Heldann, where it is often trained as a heavy war horse. Black, grey, or brown & w/ long white hair on the lower leg covering its feet.
Randellyn Bay - both strong and easily handled, it's found in Alphatia. Bay w/darker hair on back and black hair on back of its neck.
Stregger - a large horse that the Hattians have found are suited well to training as war horses. Black, brown, bay chestnut, grey.
Tilsdale - a rare breed found mostly in Klantyre, Glantri, that is very good for ploughing and pulling. Black, grey, roan (gold, brown or black w/ white hair), bay, or brown.

Medium Horse
Cayuse - one of the horses used by the Atruaghin peoples, it has good balance but is also strong and well behaved. Its origins are unknown. Almost any colour, however no white markings except for below the knees or on the face.
Elstrick - the horse in Darokin for pulling carts and carriages. It has good eyesight as well as endurance and toughness. Usually reddish but can be brown or black.
Guadalante - Common on the Savage Coast, it is prized for its mobility and trainability. grey, or bay & black.
Kerendan - the horse of the Kerendans and of much of Thyatis. It is tough and agile. Born dark coloured, gradually changing pure white by age 4-10, usually at 7 years. 1 in 200 remain brown or black.
Ythronner - a horse bread in Karameikos about a century ago using the Kerendan, but its is not quite as good, or as common. It is often used as a multi-purpose horse. Dark brown w black legs and mane to bay.

Light Horse
Akhal-Teke - this is the horse of the Ethengarian hordes and is well rounded in ability. It is very rare outside Ethengar. Distinctive metallic golden sheen overlaying a fine haired coat coloured dun (yellowish or bluish), bay, grey, or black.
Alasiyan - the high-strung horse prized greatly by the Ylari for its speed, jumping ability, and endurance in the desert. Chestnut (gold), bay (reddish), grey, or black.
Antalian Cob - found in the northern climates of Norwold, Heldann, the Reaches, and northern Isle of Dawn, it is sturdy, strong, hardy, and surprisingly agile. almost any colour except a painted pattern.
Arapaloosa - renown for its strength, balance, and climbing ability among the Savage Coast region. Leopard (white w/dark blotches over hind), snowflake (spots all over, more on hind), blanket (blotches over upper hind), marble, frost.
"Painted" - first horse to be used by the Atruaghin people, and common in Sind and the Savage Coast, it has many names; the Atruaghin's simply called it "painted". It is a good climbing horse that is (as the Atruaghins say) "always aware of what is happening around it, even before you are". Overo (solid colour w/ large uneven patches of white all over body), or tobiano (white coat w/ large uneven patches of solid colour).

Cabalsaw - used as a pack animal on the Savage Coast. Almost any colour.
Cruth Mountain - great pack animal for rugged terrain and used as mounts by hin that want to go off the trail. Found in Darokin, through the Shires, and into Karameikos. Brown, grey, chestnut, almost any.
Ostlandic - the pony believed to have been native only to the Islands of the Ostlanders. Perhaps the pony with the greatest endurance. Almost any colour or colour combination.
True Rochuin Giltirn.
Rochuin Giltirn (lesser).
Thothian - almost exclusive to the Isle of Dawn, with the exception of very wealthy citizens of Thyatis or Alphatia that purchase these diminutive ponies for their young children. In behaviour and loyalty, it is claimed to be like that of gentlest dog. Black, brown, chestnut, grey, or patchy.

As I update the stats to 3.5 I'll also give more detail, such as height, skills, and price. I'll also show what happens when a horse gets trained for use in combat (kind of like a prestige class, but for horses!)

Where the horses are commonly found by nation.