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N5: Under Illefarn in Darokin

by Robin

This map is far from ready, yet some Mystara fans clearly desired to see the Connection between Mystara Darokin's province of Illefarn and the old AD&D1 adventure N5 Under 0 to low level adventure like I made already fusion maps of in Thyatis with its end result here of adventure N2 and Viledel Island of adventure N4

So while this map is unfinished (and will take some serious time before becoming finished....I have way too much work to do already) it will eventually be usd in the 1 mile hex maps of the 5 Shires which I will work on after I succesfully finished at least all Karameikos and Ethengar maps.

As to the adventure N5 to be merged with Darokin, a DM has to do some minor work, Exchange the military to Darokin,
1) Exchange the gods to Mystara Immortals preferrable Darokinian Faith, Elven or Shire.
2) Distances are altered making the adventure somewhat easier in travel.
3) The main road does end in Mar, yet a trail leads to Dragonspear castle ruins.
4) Several other locations were implemented without to much hussle. the Ilnefar Mounts are the canon hills of the region and are a disintegrated set of mountains.
5) History can mainly be similar to the adventure, yet perfectionists can fuse it together with Darokin History at best. in Short the region was long ago held by elves, who (mostly left) and others took over(mostly humans, Hin, Dwarves and some humanoids).
6) the Dwarven mines should in my opinion be dating from the period the dwarves held the Shires, and the Orcs as constructions of these races should be older than described in the N5 adventure ...this to fit better with Mystara chronology.
7)The Laughing Hollow, is a small location where elven Hometrees grow(derived from the N5 textual descriptions), and the area can be seen as a testing area when they were created, and unaffected by the shadow elven spell of WotI , and still controlled by elves and druids of the region, seperate of Alfheim. Maybe this did eventually contribute to the Rebirth of the Canolbarth Later as per Threshold 10
8) Oh I almost the dinosaurs and carnosaurs with Hin Monster like the; Deep Glaurant, Feywing, Nightgleet and Rockfang,
9)keep in mind Hin Masters can work their magic here as well as in the 5 Shires, as well as Hin Denial does work here also

10) illefarn is as province as of yet rather empty, the details from N5 are place more in the other areas. That said... In my Canolbarth map I already had placed a Beholder lair in the northern section of this this explains lots of the north being abandoned... other settlements will be placed in the whole region based on alll canon/fanon I can eventually find...yet I will do this much later...when having more other maps finished.