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Immortal Schemes

by Aoz

AC2 Combat Shield and Mini-Adventure by Aoz on The Piazza [shameless self promotion] got me thinking about Immortals and at least one idea for candidates on the path to Immortality.

Here are a few resources for ideas:

Frank Mentzer on Immortals on The Piazza posted by Havard

WoTI on Wikidedia

Immortals and Faith on Vaults of Pandius

Technology of the Immortals by Aoz on The Piazza [another shameless self promotion]


IM1 The Immortal Storm

Drekk returns to the Alternate Earth [No Magic]
with the Nightshade [brought back to undead life by his superiors]

-Undead, Gold to Cash, & Conquest [through information and wealth]
-Undead Transformation [Make the World Undead/ Ihim]
-Modern technology meets Undying

The above is the simplified breakdown. Drekk and Nightshade plus a few select minions could come to this Earth. He will take over a company simply by using gold to cash: this may take time, will need an ID (Nightshade could off a mortal and Drekk take their place), accounts, and similiar things [long term plan].

Drekk could experiment with taking Earth medicines, foods, and books [Knowledge] across the dimension barrier. Anyone want a slice of Pizza on Mystara or some modern medicine. He will learn about all modern weapons and technology while here.

However, Drekk's company will make a public announcement [at least 10 to 40 years] that they discovered a Cure for Aging & "Death"!! In truth, Drekk company will be turning Humans into Undead [It does cure aging and death]. He must set up a permanent Gate to his company [bleed through from another dimension to allow minions to give the cure] but making money isnt bad [the bleed through of dimensions will allow Drekk to use magic but just at his company].

Drekk can test the bleed through effect a little over time. Could make powerful allies on this Earth by casting Raise Dead Fully [Resurrection], Restore [Restoration], and Cureall [or Regeneration].

Drekk long term goal would be to have a whole Earth turned Undead and working for his company. Spreading the Sphere of Death all across this Dimension. [If Earth fell to Drekk it would make him make him a force to be reckoned with]

Inspired By IM2 - The Wrath of Olympus

Codex Immortalis on Vaults of Pandius
The New Olympians on Vaults of Pandius

"Pluto" - A.k.a. Hades (Sphere: Entropy) as the Patron of the Dead
Any Immortal in charge of an afterlife/underworld

-More Dead in the Afterlife the stronger the Immortal can get
-Using the Souls of the Dead to "Produce" wealth and power

Pluto [whoever the group gets to play the part] may feel used in the beginning because "Hades" must deal with the afterlife of the Underworld. Pluto will start noticing He can gain a bit on power by running the underworld like a Dominion.

[BECMI] Dominion Rules Resources by Havard on The Piazza

Pluto and Underworld: like I said like a Dominion [anything made in the Underworld vanishes in the Living world] but it gives the souls purpose. Work and reward (Good souls will be reward best jobs and "wealthy" lifestyle and bad souls...must be punished first then possibly given a chance of hard work).

A few notes:

-Every 10K XP earned 1 PP [cannot earn more then 1 level per year...Pluto will invest the PP into himself]

--All souls of a Group, The New Olympians, as example 13 [including Pluto] total members worth of souls goes to Pluto.

----Pluto can always create 10K gold pieces by spending 1 Power Point.

IM3 The Best of Intentions

Codex Immortalis on Vaults of Pandius

HARROW: Patron of the Diaboli, Lord of Illusion, Patron of Dreams
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 10th (Temporal), CN, Thought


PHARAMOND: Patron of Ambition and Power
Level, Alignment, Sphere: 23rd (Empyreal), CN, Energy


Any Immortal(s) willing to bend the Rules

PHARAMOND and HARROW new plan is to show how bad the current Paths to Immortality are by "helping" all the below reach Immortality. In other words, secretly [or not so secretly but still hidden] help the soon to be Immortal complete missions, task, quest, even get artifacts for that being. This is not just to shake things up [In the minds at least].

A few for candidates on the path:
BARIMOOR: Human Wizard 36th, CE, Energy
DORIATH: Elf Lord , NG, Time
HOSADUS: Human Cleric 36th, CE, Entropy
KALADAN: Wizard 36th/Weretiger 21st, CE, Entropy
LEO VARIANTIA: Fighter 36th/ Thief 18th/ Wizard 14th/ Cleric 13th/Weretiger 36th/ Werewolf 13th/ Werebat 9th/ Werebear10th, CG, Matter
LORBELLIN MULGOR: Hin Master 32nd, CG, Thought
MYLERTHENDAL: Human Wizard 36th, CG, Energy
PSA’GH: Kobold Fighter 30th, NE, Entropy
STARWATCHER: Elf Wizard 20th, N, Energy
TRAVESTIS: Treant 34th/ Druid 10th, CE, Entropy
TYLARI III: Human Mage 36th, N, Energy or Thought
TYLION IV (TERARI): Human Mage 36th, CG, Thought

plus any Module with a PC/NPC currently looking for or is on the path of Immortality [In any sphere] or close to Immortality [The group may guide a few to the path]

PHARAMOND believes this will grant him power in the long run by exposing weaknesses in the process and unleashing vast energy into Mystara from all the newly created Immortals.

HARROW is going along with the plan because PHARAMOND is his ally but more importantly the plot will make all Immortals from all spheres have to think about the process of becoming Immortal. That thinking may lead to great change [Harrow is from the Sphere of Thought after all].

I could see ZUGZUL: Patron of Power, War, Fire, & Necromancy [Sphere of Energy] lead a hand to PHARAMOND & HARROW.

However, it would not be the way the pair are thinking. ZUGZUL has been interested in the releasing of dark energies; his experiment would be to get a few willing "candidates" or better yet beings that would never normally have a chance at Immortality. Then have them destroy a Entropy artifact and try to absorb as much of the energy as possible. There could be many apocalyptic disasters as long as ZUGZUL gets at least One to Immortality he will be very happy [may even continue secretly...all newly created Immortals indebted to ZUGZUL].