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International Organisations

by Giampaolo Agosta

There are no truly worldwide organisations in Mystara, since the various continents and regions have very different attitudes and natures.
There are, however, some international organisations, generally active within a given region (the Known World, the Savage Coast, and so on), including the following:

Savage Coast

Hollow World
The Lighthouse is probably the only international organisation in this area, due to the conservative attitudes of most cultures in the Hollow World. It is a secret centre of learning, whose agents operate covertly to gather and preserve knowledge.

Known World
Most organisations here are nation-based, though some tend to have operatives in other nations, including the Darokin Diplomatic Corps and the Minrothaddan Thieves' Guild, since the first is a diplomatic corps and the second basically an intelligence service. Other nations likely have similar intelligence groups that operate in other nations, including the Empire of Thyatis, the Shadow Elven Territories and the Principalities of Glantri.
Another organisation that has members from many nations is the Adventurers' Guild of Ierendi -- but it is mostly a gentlemen club for adventurers.
Some Thieves' Guilds are also multi-national, but usually span only across a few nations.